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My, my, you do wonder what men see in those things? The organ that makes you a man if not manly. Jeffrey Toobin was doing Zoom calls and in between he whipped out his dick. Now really, don’t you wonder why he would even consider taking a chance like that? Well, that’s exactly what astrology is for — answering these pressing questions.

Mr. Tobin is a Gemini Sun with Mercury conjunct. His Venus is in Taurus, one of its rulers — not the real one. But nevertheless a good placement. His Mars is in its rulership Aries with Moon conjunct. His focal planet is Uranus and that works — a penchant for the unusual. Overall not a bad chart. But even normal people can have bad days. This is what we are dealing with here — a momentary lapse in judgement.

Currently Jeffrey has his predictive Mars sitting on top of his natal Venus. Mars equals anger. Venus equals your love life. And the two together are your sexuality. Always watch for Mars as this planet causes nothing but trouble in predictive work. No, the definition is not that you expose yourself, but it does have to do with anger in these areas. And in the case of this man, this is how is played itself out. Is he mad at his wife? Is he frustrated sexually? Only he knows. Does he want to fuck someone outside his marriage? He will probably never tell us. Is his career over? I sort of doubt it. He works for The New York Times and CNN. It doesn’t get bigger than that. He’s at the top of his career. Most men would show up for work drunk. This is self-destructive behavior and we all have done it at one time or another.

For now, he’s fried. But this aspect will pass and so will this incident. I say in time he will be back. Maybe not where he is now, but back. I recommend he high tail it to a sexual treatment center — claim sexual addiction. We will forgive him.

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I haven’t made it a secret that my favorite people are Aquarius. Look in any astrology book and you will find very little negativity regarding this sign. Aquarius is the sign of humanity. They want to make the world a better place. While Aries is out tilting at windmills, Taurus is counting their money, Gemini is figuring out a complicated problem, Cancer is baking a cake, Leo is strutting their stuff, Virgo is cleaning out their closet, Libra is flirting with the pharmacist, Scorpio is retaliating against a minor slight, Sagittarius is talking, Capricorn is bragging about an accomplishment and Pisces isn’t sure what they are doing as they have once again changed their minds, Aquarius is helping a little old lady across the street.

Amy Coney Barrett is an Aquarius Sun. Her Mercury is in Capricorn, Moon in its rulership in Cancer along with Mars in its rulership in Aries, Venus is exalted in Pisces. Are you loving this woman? Well not just yet. She has five focal planets: The Moon making her highly emotional, Mars making her bulldozer determined, Mercury giving her a harsh manner of speaking, Uranus ponying up an odd way of processing information and a love of the unusual and Pluto, this one really fits, it’s all about right and wrong. But five focal planets is too many. It makes people a little too invested in calming down their excessive needs with little time to focus on the task at hand.

Amy wants what she wants. She doesn’t mind voicing her opinion, and I don’t mean the opinion of the law, I mean her own opinion which is often influenced by her extreme emotions. I would not pick this as the astrology chart of an academic. This woman is dynamic. Behind the scenes? These focal personalities are large. They want expression. Her biggest downfall will be creating drama just so the limelight is back on her. She eats that stuff up. If she is forced to stay quiet, there will be negative internal juices looking for expression. Perhaps, she can do this in her private life and leave her work life unscathed? But it will be a constant challenge. She’s not evil in the normal sense but her neediness looms big.

As far as her chart tells us, she has two outer planets in a trine which only happens when one of them is at an extremely high or low degree at birth. That would be her Saturn at 29 degrees which has moved to the sign of Gemini and now is trining Pluto. Because this is an unusual event, it is entirely possible she will be confirmed. And as these are two generational planets, she may make a mark many women will have to live with far into the future. This could easily be history in the making.

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I’m starting a series on evil accountability, because as a society we’re just getting too comfortable doing bad things. It’s the Trump Effect. If our POTUS can do the things he does, too many to mention, then why can’t the rest of us? Well, no one can. Ever. Treat people as less. Even if it is just your employees. Just your employees! Ha! Are we kidding. This is where it starts. You can’t ask people for kindness if you aren’t practicing it yourself.

So just how evil is Ellen Degeneres? Let’s take a look. She has an Aquarius Sun/Venus. And here begins a problem. Venus does not like being in the coldest sign in the zodiac. So it operates badly here. Ellen is very afraid of connecting. She holds back when it comes to the most basic of relationships. She trusts no one. I think there are two kinds of Aquarians. The ones with Aquarius in Venus and the ones with Aquarius in Pisces. The first being scary people as they are prone to dismiss you. The second being the highest form of humanity — the two most kind signs — Aquarius Sun, Pisces Venus where it is exalted. Ellen is of the former. So she can cut a bitch. However, she has Pisces rising which means despite her tendency to ignore rather than engage, you can reach her. You can appeal to her ability to be compassionate. It’s in there.

Is she evil? No. She’s just got her own set of problems and with that comes her amazing level of power which is difficult for anyone to navigate. Looks like she could have done a better job. But back to the victim thing. If you don’t like working for her? Leave. If you get sexually harassed or don’t like a toxic workplace? File a complaint. Then leave. You’re the boss of you.

Ellen currently has predictive Mars (the Mean Guy) sitting on her natal Venus. I would have predicted it was trouble with her long-time companion, Portia de Rossi. But there you have it. Astrology tells you to beware, but can’t give you the exact circumstances all the time. Clearly, something was going south. That could have been predicted. And it happened. She needs to deal with it. I’m happy she’s not caving in to the pressure. Things go wrong, you fix them. Ellen will be okay and she will learn from the experience. The Universe isn’t mean, but it does exploit your weakness.

I give Ellen a -3 on The Evil Scale. She gets credit for The Ellen Fund that supports global conservation efforts for endangered species. And she gives away large sums of money to people that need it. We’ll see if she deserves this number after we see what happens at her workplace. Minus 5 is the highest number.

Have an un-evil day. You have free will. Make the right choice.

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If you could give your child an astrological gift, it would be Jupiter conjunct the Sun as it bestows luck for an entire lifetime. The second thing would be, maybe, Venus conjunct the Sun as it gives beauty. Megan Kelly has both in the same sign as her Sun, Scorpio. And that’s where you might rethink your choices. Scorpio is the most difficult of all the signs. It rules anger, jealousy, control issues, revenge and many more. Her Moon is in showbiz Leo and her Mercury in loudmouth, Sagittarius. Finally there is her Mars in the debilitated sign of Libra. She will disappoint. She lives to disappoint. Brian Austin Green was doomed from the beginning. Loving Meghan is full of heartache.

Machine Gun Kelly is a Taurus Sun/Mercury. This is a very good combination with Scorpio as it makes a sextile aspect. I like sextiles because they are harmonious and different at the same time. Meghan talks about his Pisces Moon being something she likes for US Magazine, “I went deep right away. I knew before I even did his chart, I said to him, he has a Pisces moon. I could tell by his energy.” Her little Scorpio radar went off that he has a vulnerable side. Pisces Moons are as compassionate as you will find. They are susceptible to thoughts & wishes from their partners especially anything like the theory Meghan is espousing regarding their Twin Fame status. “…a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended into a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So we’re actually two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately because I felt it right away.” Setting him up. Reeling him in. He also has a Pisces Venus where it is exalted and Mars where it isn’t. It leaves the native a little vulnerable to being played on both counts.

Meghan currently has her predictive Venus conjunct natal Neptune. She’s in love for real, the hormones are flowing, but Neptune is a malefic planet and she will be eventually disappointed. She doesn’t really know this guy. Although from his chart, he isn’t a bad person. He just won’t be able to stand up to her.

Kelly currently has what I think of as the worst aspect ever when predictive Sun squares your natal Mars. It’s bad because it messes with your ego and how you think about yourself. You question it. And you question it again. Having a temptress in your midst doesn’t help. You are going to fall and it will be hard and with it your self confidence. He’ll survive it because he has predictive Mercury trine his Uranus. The public will see through this. In one year, that same Mercury will sextile predictive Jupiter. He’s stung but still alive.

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The Blame Game. You’re in charge of your life. You can’t change it without being in charge of it. Sometimes it gives you cancer. Sometimes you’re born a slave. Accept it. Accept your challenge with grace and dignity. Don’t rail against it. Embrace it. Because you have a better chance of surviving it if you do. Because this is how the Universe works.

I watched STREET FOOD ASIA the other night about women selling vendor food in the street. Woman that were given nothing in the true sense of nothing. Women that are revered by the people that patronize their food stalls. And I was struck by their happiness, contentment and feelings of making a contribution that changed the lives of others. But most of all, their dignity in the face of challenges that break most of us. Not one of them, with the only time probably in their entire lives when someone wanted their opinion, not one complained. They talked of their hardships and of wanting to give up. They talked of the difficulties, the despair and the lack of a future. But not once did they say that it was someone else’s fault. Many stories. Same conclusion. They overcame difficulties, and it made them happy every single day. Each one said, they would work until they no longer could. Working towards their goal gave meaning to their life — empowerment. They felt, wait for it, blessed.

I’m watching President Obama giving a eulogy for Congressman John Lewis — two of the most respected men in our history.

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Isn’t it interesting how our thoughts can become reality? I think Prince Harry never felt royal if we are to believe that his father is not Prince Charles. Princess Di wasn’t smart but she was clever. The first child had to be of royal lineage. But the second one? I’ll bet by that time, she wasn’t having sex with Charles. She was pissed, and she did what she pleased with no thought to how it might impact her child, Harry, leaving him without a drop of royal blood and a father that isn’t his father and who will be king one day. That’s a head trip for anyone.

Here’s how it went. Harry, looking to defy the The Firm, he isn’t going to be king and he’s constantly reminded of that, brings home a black American actress. In the shadows no more. But the Queen in all her brilliance realized that Meghan was an asset to the monarchy. Because in so many ways she could have been. You’re wrong if you think that Queen Elizabeth isn’t sharp. She runs her kingdom like a military operation. And does it with dignity and class. She welcomed Meghan. That must have been disappointing if you’re trying to be rebellious. So what could a man/child that thinks that he’s not getting his share of the limelight, whose ambition has been on hold until this moment, possibly do to rock the world?

Prince Harry is a Virgo Sun/Mercury. His Moon is in exalted Taurus. Venus is in its sign Libra. Mars is in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune (Pisces), conjunct Uranus (Aquarius). It squares his Sun/Mercury. Temper. Temper. He’s a good guy, if boring. No focal planets. But wait, he has Capricorn rising. Please remember the signs work badly in the ascendant position. So here we go: Cap equals ambition. And where does this lucky fellow take his desire to be important. Harry was always a grown up — old before his time. There is a lack of security inherent in his personality with no lack of deserving to be noticed. And would you believe in this definition there is a dread of entering the world — a resistance to his birth and the conditions that surround it, and wouldn’t you know it, we’re back at the not-so-royal thing — the whiny little bitch thing. Because Harry was born into a life most can’t imagine. But it wasn’t enough. Not for Harry.

Capricorn rising is born with a sense they are meant for something great. But Harry also sees himself as a William’s doormat. A Capricorn wall went up. When Cap can’t deal, they ignore. He found a person who matched his need to rebel — another person who had her own birth issues coming from a black mother and a white father. No one else could understand him — to be born into a family where you’re different. And with both people in astrologically blessed Jupiter, it really was a match made in short-lived heaven.

Now, living in a loaned house in California, recently having given up their Sussex Royal brand, allowing Harry to fulfill his subconscious desire to give the finger to the monarchy for a birth event only his mother could have staged, these two are floundering. Interesting that they wanted to walk away from the Royal Family but also wanted to make a living off it. This is a plan devised by a bratty, privileged child. Not a well thought out plan by a mature adult. To date, they have earned no income. They are surviving on favors from friends.

The book, “Finding Freedom”, which is clearly written with their permission, is playing on the Nelson Mandela autobiography, “Long Walk To Freedom”. Seriously? Piers Morgan, “Tone deaf, hypocritical, narcissistic, deluded, whiny brats.” Privileged by birth. Privileged by astrology.

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Nick Cannon. This is privilege. Astrological privilege. Nick Cannon is in the enviable position of having his predictive Sun and predictive Uranus sextiling natal Jupiter. And he’s feeling it. He feels like he can get away with anything. Only a truly demented person would spew hatred in these circumstances. Watch out for Nick Cannon. He’s dangerous.

Recently on his podcast, he made anti-semetic and anti-white remarks, “people without melanin are savages and animals.” We’re in the fight of our collective lives to bring this country together. We have an insane president, an out-of-control coronavirus, riots in the streets for the rights of the black culture and crazy weather that threatens people’s homes. Nick is piling on, because this is his joy. During a Jupiter period, you have the opportunity be happy. You get married, you get a better job, you start your own business, you get the opportunity of your life. Only a sick person would choose to attack.

Nick Cannon is a Libra with Sun/Moon/Saturn/Pluto. That gives him both a Capricorn Moon (Saturn conjunct Sun) and a Scorpio Moon (Pluto conjunct Moon). It’s difficult to explain how conjunct planets affect each other. Each causes the sign they represent to influence the planet they are next to. Very complicated. But bottom line, Nick has the two worst placements for a Moon position. And in the entirety of astrology, two of the most twisted aspects. Nick is scary. And with Mars in Scorpio, dangerous and potentially violent. Debbi Kempton Smith on Mars in Scorpio, “can carry out the kill with frightening detachment.”

Nick’s predictive Sun is conjunct Uranus (a malefic planet) sextile Jupiter. He also has predictive Mars square Jupiter. It too too good and very very bad. Keep an eye on Nick.

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It wasn’t even me that originally looked up Dr. Fauci’s chart. It was a friend who got very suspicious about his level of “sainthood” while watching him stand next to the Orange Cheeto. And she was right. A little astrology knowledge and you become an amateur detective.

Dr. Fauci is a Capricorn with Mercury in Sagittarius which is in it’s detriment. You would think that truthful Sadge would be a good placement for Mercury but Gemini rules it so it’s opposite sign is debilitated there – probably meaning Sadge’s don’t shut up & say too much. His Venus is also in Sadge. Okay. Mars and the Moon are in Scorpio — the latter being in it’s fall. Fall or detriment — both debilitated meaning they don’t operate well in those signs because the qualities of the planet don’t match the qualities of the sign. But the Moon placement is especially heinous. Walk away from these people. Up to no good. First of all they have exaggerated sexual inclinations. They go low. Then knowing how far they went, they do penance. Besides Moon in Scorpio, he also has Mars conjunct the Moon. There is just no way he isn’t very, very angry. The best he could possibly do is hide it as Scorpio is very good at that. Anger equals up to no good especially if it is hidden.

So do you still believe that Fauci is a saint? I promise you that is simply not possible. Currently he is in the enviable favorable Jupiter period as his predictive Venus is sextile his predictive Jupiter. So he is untouchable just as his pal, Trump is. Together they are laughing at our inability to decipher the pleasure they get out of destroying us. This is a Scorpio quality especially for Moons and negative Scorpio Mars aspects (conjunctions are negative when the planet is malefic). Scopes says that Fauci in his position with the NIH (National Institute of Health) helped finance the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That would make him responsible for the very virus he is railing against. Just would be nice if he mentioned that while he’s telling us today, that the virus is his “worst nightmare” and warning us that it “isn’t over yet.” Hypocritical much?

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Where have I been the few months? Killing myself on Twitter tweeting and building my followers base. I hit 8,000 in 6 months, and it was nothing but work. Also understanding the culture and cult of Twitter. How to write the tweet itself? To answer comments (many of which are hatefully negative)? How often to tweet? How many times to tweet? Unlike Instagram and Facebook, I began to really appreciate this forum and seemed to understand it immediately. I’ve been in a Twitter coma. And then two days ago, I was suspended for the tweet pictured above– defending Jimmy Kimmel.

I’m not paranoid so I believe I might just have used the word “racist” and a celebrities name together and triggered off the algorithm. But even if that is true and my account will be reactivated, it’s not just my personal account which is (melanieofhollywood @mmofhollywood), it’s my business also on Twitter, Xtrology. I will have been on Twitter with eleven years July 4, 2020. So I’m pissed, but not defeated.

I’m am concerned that we are being censored — that Black Lives Matter and the coronavirus are being turned into an opportunity to silence us. There may be no place left where our voice can be heard without adhering to someone’s corporate agenda. But I still have my blog. And while I’ve been hesitant to be political, I think we no longer have a choice. We’re fighting for the survival of the United States as we know it. If our 1st Amendment rights are taken away from us, that will leave us in the unfortunate position of being a 3rd World Country. Think it can’t happen? It is happening right now.

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As I struggle with personal problems this weekend, a friend “betrayed me” on a small but significant level, I learned that Kelly Preston died at the same age as my mother, 57. And it made me think about the good people and the bad people. How many people do I really respect? And it’s way too few. How many people in my life, that I’ve known personally, would I aspire to be like? One of them was my mother who never hurt anyone. She was beautiful and gentle, the nicest, kindest person I’ve ever known, but with all that she didn’t fulfill her potential. She hung on my father like he was the Holy Grail, much like Kelly did with her husband, John Travolta, and consequently never had a voice of her own. Kelly and my mother both died way too young? Is there any connection with their choices and being the ones left behind?

Both died of a broken heart. Kelly and my mother died from putting other people first. They loved but not themselves, not enough. It wasn’t Kelly’s body that wasn’t healthy, it was her mind. Same with my mother. Kelly was a Libra Sun/Mercury with an Aries Moon. We don’t know her rising sign, but her Mars was in Leo, the show biz sign. She had no focal planets that, while they are negative, move us forward. The weakest point in her chart was her Venus — how she loved people was in its detriment in Scorpio. Scorpio Venus people love all the way with no in betweens. It isn’t healthy to give so much to a partner. This all or nothing Scorpio thing can mean, illness — your life blood drained with nothing left for you. Does one have a sense of this? Yes, of course. It slowly and insidiously is killing your soul. Does your partner have a sense of this? Yes, but your partner is too involved with their own needs to notice. But, then, you picked your partner.

In Hollywood, Travolta has a giant reputation as being a good guy. That’s right, my father was the same. A really good guy. I don’t remember ever hearing anyone say anything bad about him, and he was a car dealer so imagine that. And at home, too, my father never raised his voice. He and my mother didn’t fight. We were the “perfect” family. But no surprise, we weren’t. The same would have to be said for the Travolta’s. They were not what they looked like. It’s pretty well known in Hollywood that John has relationships as a gay man. And my Dad was a serial cheater. Two dysfunctional families. Both women sexually and emotionally unfilled.

At the time of her death, Kelly had her predictive Venus conjunct Neptune. Look for Neptune when there’s Cancer involved even though the Moon/Cancer/the 4th House represents Cancer, the disease. Neptune is things that are unseen and because it first touched her natal Neptune and then her predictive, it was there for years — hiding.

So being good can kill you. Being the person everyone else goes to doesn’t allow you to become the best person you could be. But then, neither does being the person who betrays their friends. Someone told me a long long time ago, it’s balance. Getting ahead and living a fulfilled life takes balance. Sending love to Kelly’s family and friends. She will be missed. But also wishing her more. Next time.

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