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I’m asking the designers if my RSS will move with me — the thing that notifies you I’ve written a new blog. Just know one thing, this is so much more complicated than someone like me can understand. Right now I don’t know the answer.

When I get to Substack, I intend to do a lot more writing. And I am also writing a book, A Nightmare Made in Heaven, (working title) in which I will teach you to recognize a negative person from their astrology chart. Don’t forget that Xtrology warned you about Anthony Fauci, Megan Markle and Johnny Depp long before their true personas were public knowledge. We all have that boyfriend/girlfriend that we wish we knew was toxic!

And I will have in-person classes on my book at my office in Hollywood!!!

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I used to brag that I was the most liberal person on earth. In high school, my best friend was gay and my family didn’t like it at all. In fact, it may have had a totally negative impact on my relationship with my father who once asked me if I was becoming gay — as though I was being indoctrinated — and behind that insinuation so much more that went unsaid. This is the same family where not a racist word was not allowed. Where I could have brought home a person of color without consequence and quite the opposite, it would have been applauded. But gay, never.

We’re heading into some really scary territory. I cannot comprehend the current liberal censorship thinking. Elon calls it, “the woke mind virus.” Also are there only two sexes? Pick a lane. And how about an open conversation about the vaccine? Because while my values weren’t appreciated growing up, I was allowed to have them even at great cost to me. Twitter, which Elon just purchased, is a “liberal authoritarian bullying hellscape.” This according to Dan Wooten in Daily Mail. Today is a crucial day in getting our American values back via the richest man in the world. An oxymoron? That part makes me smile, because billionaires are quite into telling us what to do.

Elon Musk may be the earth’s savior. He is Cancer with Mercury there also. Not surprisingly he has a Grand Air Trine. And you pretty much will not find a person interested in the success of our planet without a little Aquarius. His is his Mars and in the 8th House of Scorpio. His Moon is in Virgo in the 3rd House of Gemini conjunct Pluto. He has Gemini rising. His focal planets are the Moon and Pluto.

I’m surprised there is so much emotion in the chart of this unusual Cancer man with a Scorpio Mars and Moon. Don’t mess with Elon. He is mean enough to take it and, kind enough to care. But most of all, smart enough to see through the bullshit. I’m not positive he is the man for the job, but I am sure he just might be.

Currently, Elon has his predictive Venus sextiling his natal Venus which happens for all people around his age. But it’s still positive and loving. Not much xtrologically on the horizon. Blue skies ahead…

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I don’t know why I am so disappointed that Prince Harry has taken a charmed life & trashed it on every level. Perhaps it’s because he and Meghan Markle were both in Jupiter, very unusual for two people to have it at the same time, when they got married in a $45 million wedding with the next King of England walking her down the aisle — at the urging of the next Queen, Camilla. It was a magic moment. A real life fairy tale.

Here’s what I do know. Capricorn rising is a bitch of a rising sign. Not one person who has this had a good childhood. We all thought Diana was an attention seeking emotionally damaged victim, but didn’t we believe that she was a wonderful mother? Harry tells us through his behavior that the answer to that is a big no. Diana was so busy with her own interior drama that she virtually ignored her children. So what we have in Harry is a classic narcissist. Fantasies of unlimited success with little or no actual skill set. A belief in being superior/entitlement. A desperate need for attention. A perception that everything is a threat. This happens to emotionally sensitive children that don’t feel loved. They are not picked up and held when they need to be. So they re-wire their little brains to no longer have needs. They are all powerful. Amazing. Perfect. Brilliant. They now need no one. And, shockingly, they have zero compassion for others.

I wish there was one marker in astrology for narcissism. But no such thing exists. You need to look for the same negative traits that create all negative behavior. And there are many. In Harry’s case, though, not that many. He started out as the person he wants you to believe he is: Mars in Sagittarius, fair and truthful. Uranus conjunct Mars and Mars in the 11th House (Aquarius), a universal need for world betterment. Mars conjunct Neptune (Pisces), compassion for his fellow man. His Moon is exalted in Taurus. Venus is in its rulership, And Mercury is conjunct his Virgo Sun which would normally be very self critical. No focal planets. Is there hope for Harry? Maybe, because with this level of ego love you would expect a worse chart. But the near future is bleak.

By August, he will be coming off a Jupiter high. And here’s what lies before him. His predictive Sun will conjunct Pluto, the destroyer. The masquerade is over. People will now be on to him and his complete fabrication that he is making a difference in anyone’s life — especially the Queen who he believes he has a special relationship with where she tells him things she tells no one else. Okay? Get it? He’s claiming to be her protector when actually he is the worst thing that has happened to the monarchy since his mother, Diana. Yes, there’s Andrew. But he isn’t trying to take others down.

The negative power of Capricorn is what you see in rising signs. So to understand the Capricorn mind, ruling the 10th House of Career, you need to understand their mindset. They must get ahead. They must succeed. They can be incredibly charming as we have seen so often from Harry, but bottom line, it’s a need for status and position at any cost. You might say, he was born a prince, isn’t that enough? No. Not if you are constantly reminded that you will never succeed higher than your brother who will one day be king. Where is the respect? Why isn’t it you? A desire to be just as important and just as admired turns into a lifelong obsession. But you’re cute. Right? Tell these people that don’t understand you and never will, goodby. Why not try Hollywood?

Harry and Meghan, after their successful trip to Africa, could have lived there and worked there and done exactly what they claim to want to do — accomplished big things and really made a difference. They would have been world famous admired and protected. But narcissism is a mental illness. It undermines virtually everything you do. And Jupiter is over. So the pass he’s been getting is also over.

This is a sad story of how innocent ignored children get personality disorders. But once they have them, that brain wiring is very hard to decode. And just when you think at least he has his American family, and exactly at the same time he is getting the Pluto aspect, his predictive Venus is squaring his Mercury. And that will be the loss of love due to loss of reputation, bad decisions, disappointment, his standing in the community. Yes, it may very well mean the exit of his wife who didn’t sign on for the critical world scrutiny she is being subjected to. She’s not a savior. She’s an opportunist.

Will Charles, who may be king by that time, take him back with open arms? Harry may go back. And he may take his children because he can. But Pluto is going to take him to the ground before it builds him back up. The very people he is trashing now are the only people that can save him.

The big question. Is Harry happy? Currently, he thinks he is. Narcissists live a life of self-promoting lies. Is he capable of turning on Meghan and his children if his made up world is threatened? Yes. Totally. It isn’t his fault. Remember all powerful.

And he’s losing his hair. Pardon me if I laugh. Don’t mess with Mother Nature! She’s the real queen!

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At the Oscars in Hollywood last night, Will Smith got upset at what he perceived to be a smear against his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, when Chris Rock said her hair looked like G.I. Jane II. It was an insensitive remark since she has been very honest that she is having a problem with alopecia. I don’t know if Rock knew this or not. I doubt he did this on purpose. But Will Smith handled it by going onstage and slapping Chris and then yelling at him from the audience. What’s really going on here?

Will Smith is a Libra with Gemini Rising which means he makes up his life as he goes along. And then there is a Scorpio Moon which at the very least gives him an exaggerated sense of jealousy. It is conjunct Neptune and in the 6th House. He has no focal planets. His Mars is also conjunct Pluto — more Scorpio.

Right now Will has his predictive Sun conjunct predictive Neptune. That’s drugs. His predictive Uranus is conjunct his natal Sun. That’s unusual activity — out-of-the blue. And he just got over a predictive Mars squaring his Venus — another dose of jealousy — which he doesn’t need because he has a lot natally. This is a negative chart full of negative energy.

This outburst was prompted by drugs. And I’m really suspicious, what drug? Because a lot of strange things are happening in the Universe right now. There is hitting and pushing. And killing? I read about another incident every day. Hollywood is playing this off as though it was staged or just not that big a deal. Will Smith wanted to apologize and cry while accepting his Oscar in an unhinged speech? No, this was real. There was no rehearsal that included this.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Listen to yourself. Watch what you are doing and if you are doing things that are not normal for you, look to the only real help there is. Watch what you are putting in your body. That includes toxic food, all toxins especially prescription pills. And stay away from toxic people.

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UPDATE: 4/7/22 From Dr. Mercola’s newsletter, “Pfizer, Novartis, Eli Lilly, Incyte and Exact Sciences sponsored the 2022 Academy Awards…

Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia areata… Isn’t it amazing, then, that Pfizer, a primary sponsor of this year’s Oscars, is working on an alopecia drug?

…it would put a whole new spin on the concept of subliminal advertising.”


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Actually two. My dear friend, Dick, who lived in my building, and who died just before the pandemic at the age of 90, would always leave me a Valentine’s Day card. And Dick loved Hershey’s candy. So always a big bar of candy. One year I found the card above and left it for him. I don’t know where I got it. It was just in a box of cards that I kept. Dick told me I should have saved that card in case I met someone named Dick. I told him, “You don’t understand. They’re all dicks…” He liked that.

Here’s a true story for all of you who don’t believe Mr./Ms. Right will ever show up. My cat, Munster, loved, loved, loved the girls. He hit on every cat that came into our home. He started with my long time cat, Esmeralda. No, she wasn’t interested. He tried Samantha, who came through an open window for a brief visit. And Endora, a cat I rescued from a crack addicted friend. He wanted a girlfriend so badly. But he was now an indoor cat with no claws. He was never going out again.

One day at work, a co-worker asked me if I could take a kitten for the weekend. He had dogs and the people that were supposed to take her couldn’t. So I said yes. Sure. The weekend. I was familiar with this cat because I was also asked to take one of the kittens in the litter. But I was adamant that three cats was enough for me. It was a little black and white kitten. So cute. But I said, “No!” If I were to take any one of the cats, it would be the little black runt of the litter.

So the cat I brought home to babysit was the little black cat. She was so tiny that that night I wouldn’t let any of the cats near her. But the next morning, Munster fell in love. And, much to my surprise, so did the little piece of fluff. They were inseparable. They were a couple. But to stay, she had to have the permission of my grumpy, old, Persian girl. She went on a PR campaign to end all campaigns. Good luck. You have two days. I wasn’t worried. Esmeralda didn’t like anyone.

I named her Tabitha. She was Munster’s companion for the rest of his life.

So moral of this story. You can be a cat locked in an apartment, and still attract the love of your life. Whoever you are, whatever you look like, whatever your circumstances are, you can attract a partner. It won’t be your timing. It will be when the Universe sees fit. But never, ever imagine there isn’t someone out there for you. You are unique. It takes a moment to find you your perfect partner.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY from Melanie. Esmeralda, Endora, Munster and Tabitha have all passed on. But I believe there is another little ball of fur out there just meant for me!!!

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I would like to think I explained Adele in my recently published blog. But then a lightning bolt! Two things will cancel out your Jupiter high. Drugs and toxic people. I wouldn’t exactly call her cancelled, no, maybe I would. Does Caesar’s Palace want her back and what about her fans? Apparently she has been talking to a high powered sports agent, Rich Paul, who encouraged her to act like a diva with out-of-control demands. He’s also her boyfriend and the agent for LeBron James — a heavy hitter no doubt. But one that has no knowledge of the entertainment industry. His relationship with LeBron appears to be born more out of friendship than anything else.

No one is luckier than Sagittarius ruled by benefic Jupiter. Rich Paul has Sun/Mercury/Neptune in Sadge. His Venus is in cold Aquarius. And his Mars is in Libra, the passive/aggressive placement conjunct Saturn/ambition and Pluto/anger/jealousy/passion. No focal planets.

Adele, stay away from people with Mars in Libra. At least don’t take advice from them. They are not always on your side. They get a perverse pleasure from messing you up. Apparently Rich Paul caused the NCAA to try to enforce the “Rich Paul Rule” where agents would be required to hold a Bachelor’s Degree. The requirement was later dropped after he threatened to sue.

Surprisingly the only aspect at work in Rich’s chart currently is predictive Sun conjunct Venus. I hate to say it, but it looks like he’s in love with Adele? I’m still suspicious as to what that means.

Jupiter will try to protect Adele, but even Jupiter has limits. Adele needs someone around her that can bring her back to earth. I almost didn’t publish the Adele blog. I wrote it while she was at the Griffith Observatory concert. I couldn’t explain the weird Morticia Addams outfit and her clackity clack fingernails in the Oprah interview. It didn’t mesh with her chart. Where did the down-to-earth Adele go? For her, the worst thing right now is to try to be someone she is not. Fame is not all about talent. It’s also about star quality. And real star quality is authenticity.

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Whoopie Goldberg wasn’t wrong. She wasn’t right, but she wasn’t wrong. I’ve looked up race in the dictionary and nowhere did I find Jews as a race although it fits the definition. And Nazi Germany called it a race. She also didn’t minimize the horror of it. She was just talking semantics.

But I also am so completely over the Whoopie Reign of Terror. So Goldberg’s two week suspension is not making me mad. My body is none of her business. How can a Pro Choice woman pimp the vax? Which by the way is illegal under the Nuremberg Code. Normally, I like Whoopie Goldberg. She’s outspoken on The View — she’s your crazy auntie that everyone loves. But lately she’s shown her true colors as a tool for Big Pharma. While she never stops talking about the discrimination suffered by her people, she doesn’t want to recognize the jab as a violation of human rights. Isn’t that what slavery was? A violation of human rights and human decency? This is about Whoopie’s weakness, money. Isn’t it always? Fun fact. Slavery was about money, too.

You may have noticed the truth is slowly making it to MSM. There’s Joe Rogan who is now the point man for fair journalism. And has 11 million viewers to prove it. I even heard Ted Cruz say that it isn’t proper to appoint a Supreme Court Justice based on the color of their skin or gender. And, of course, it isn’t. It should be based on merit. Although these women look totally qualified. Actually, it was a political bribe to get Biden elected. What excites me is that we’re getting real. The censorship surrounding the pandemic is causing people to open their eyes.

Joe Rogan pointed out that the hospitals make money on Covid diagnoses. That’s not misinformation. A new review led by a professor from Johns Hopkins says lockdowns caused ‘enormous economic and social costs’ and concluded they were ‘ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument’ going forward. This was not peer reviewed. But you get my drift. What is being called misinformation was information that needed to be considered. And when do we start recognizing natural immunity? What is misinformation is calling it misinformation.

Whoopie Goldberg has a Scorpio stellium. Her Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Moon. Very Scorpio. And here’s the big news, she has Moon in Capricorn, too, due to Saturn conjunct her Moon. You don’t see this very often and you would expect a really nasty person. I don’t think Whoopie fits this description at all. She also has Mars in Libra. So she’s passive/aggressive. This is a woman who should be commended for taking a really challenging chart and overcoming most of the obstacles. With high minded Aquarius rising — that helps.

Currently Whoopie has predictive Mercury (your reputation) squaring the Moon (your feelings). And her predictive Sun (herself) square Neptune (lies). She’s getting killed. It isn’t about fair and unfair. It’s about your Xtrology chart. You can get away with murder if you are in the right aspects. And then the negative aspects come along and you get skewered for a relatively minor infraction.

Whoopie will survive this. Aspects change. Hopefully the Universe got her attention. This will last for the next two years. But she’s handling it like the classy woman she is. She’s saying nothing. We’re all out there doing the best we can. We’re all biased towards our own interests. But if we can stop that. If we really treat others the way we want to be treated. Blah. Blah. Blah. You get where I’m going…

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UPDATE: 02/22/22 Whoopie said on The View this morning that some people choose to have the vax and some people don’t — that she tried to get people to get it, but now it’s up to them. They get it or they don’t. You’ve got to admit, this woman is smart. She knows when it’s time to STFU.


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Kaiser, the main bitch, who writes for Celebitchy is the most racist person on the internet right now. It’s very easy to know how she’s going to feel about something — is the person white? Yup. That’s the criteria. Apparently she is Indian and a rageaholic. Someone or more than one person made her feel less than because, according to her, she is ethnic. And she’s out to get white people. Must have been a white person, you think? Here’s the bottom line on that. Whatever evilness is reigned down upon you, you bring to yourself. It’s because you hate you. I had an Indian friend, Amin. He looked like a terrorist. For real. Swarthy times one thousand. But he had such a gentle spirit that he could walk through an airport and never got a sideways glance. He knew it. He laughed about it. First you have to like yourself.

Kaiser is a Virgo and has the perfect job for someones who likes to criticize. I started reading this blog to keep abreast of what celebrities are doing. She is an amazing writer with one of the best vocabularies out there — all the latest words and she knows how to use them when I still can’t pronounce them. And then The Meghan Thing came along — Meghan Markle. And and I’ve talked about this before, some people sit in wait (we call them opportunists) and then their turn comes i.e. Donald Trump, i.e. Meghan Markle. You never knew the level of venom swirling churning and burning, and then comes THE OPPORTUNITY to unleash it.

So this became Kaiser’s cause celeb. She went ballistic defending Meghan. I think we all know by now that Xtrology got that one right. Meghan is a minefield of hate. She colluded to ruin her husband’s relationship with his family much in the same way she destroyed her own. She recognized an angry Harry and fueled that fire to become royalty. With a Moon in both Scorpio and Capricorn, she knew the way in. And not for a moment did she ever consider what the way out would look like. (Donald got impeached twice!) Or did she ever consider that these people that she claimed treated her so badly paid for a $45 million wedding with the whole world watching. Yeah, they really hated her??? I’m waiting for Harry to walk away. A little known fact. Those kids belong to the Queen. She says they return to England and buh bye.

Today Kaiser is bashing Aaron Rodgers for choosing not to put an experimental vaccine in his body. Biden has called it The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated. Clearly if you want the vaccine, you do it for you. People that have it can get the virus and can give the virus. Unless you want this country to turn into a totalitarian state, you have to allow people to make their own choices about their bodies. Your body, your choice. But Aaron is white, right?

And let me just say, the MSM (Mainstream Media) is censoring everything. No one is allowed to say that being unvaxxed is better. There is one argument which is that Covid symptoms are lessened in the vaxxed. But I highly doubt that is actually true. And the herd immunity theory? So many people in Los Angeles are not vaxxed. But you don’t know that because of the across-the-board censorship. Most of my clients, who are intelligent people, are unvaxxed. We talk about it all the time.

We’re waiting for the virtue signaling to end. And by the way, Robert Kennedy is not wrong. This is the phenomena that propels ugliness. It’s a way for your overweight McDonald’s eating girlfriend to feel she is in a superior position to your avocado toast eating thin self. We’re a country/world desperate to feel better about ourselves. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. People overlooked what they knew was going on because the Jews controlled the money. So they stuck their heads in the sand. Same thing with McCarthyism. Friends turned on friends over the possibility of communist sympathy. Why? Because it made them feel like they had a leg up. Superior. This in the name of righteousness. When in fact Jews have the right to make money and live as they please and people have the right to believe in communism or any religion they please. And let’s not forget AIDS. Do you remember how we cast out gay men? This nastiness is called SELF-HATRED. People who won’t allow others to live their lives without interference are themselves self-hating.

I had dinner last night with the country’s most sought after decorator/architect, a client and a friend, at Yamashiro. Clearly, suffering for my choices. He’s helping me with a full on campaign to bring Xtrology to the public forum — and with it a lifestyle which is completely centered on nature and returning to the mind/body connection. What you think goes in and what you see in the mirror is the manifestation. Simple. And yet outrageous in our current environment that looks to Big Pharma for solutions.

So back to the little people — the haters. Kaiser and the blog, Celebitchy, spew racist venom and don’t encourage opinions. If you disagree, you’re toast. Not of the avocado kind. Or is it? Let people be who they are — until they are enlightened and change. Or not. We’re all on a journey. Celebrate your freedom and your ability to make an independent decision. Until you no longer have that freedom.

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I didn’t believe a minute of Adele’s Oprah interview — much like the Harry and Megan interview, her friends and neighbors, by the way. Adele’s weight loss looks very much like barometric surgery. And yet she tells Oprah, it’s just working out in the gym, she isn’t concerned what her weight. I don’t believe it. You don’t waddle out in a sewn-in drag queen mermaid dress from another era at skyhigh Griffith Observatory, with serious hair and makeup, without some previous thought about how others will perceive you. I’m not even going into the matching outfits during the interview — her and Oprah and the clickety clack of the dueling fingernails. What message that was sending!?!?!

And then there was the main subject of the interview, her divorce. It turns out she was only married a few months — although she was with this man a lot longer. But how does this not smack of narcissism? It is all about her. She complains he is lazy. But she knew that going in. It’s almost like she married him so she could write another divorce album. All about her. And if she is really primarily concerned about her child, why is her child in the background of her album at all? That’s exploitive. Oprah asks her, so is this a divorce album? And she answers, yes, a divorce from myself.

Adele is a Taurus Sun with Jupiter conjunct — the most favorable combination in all of Xtrology. With this, the native gets extra privileges all her life. Clearly it didn’t keep her father from walking out when she was a child, but there wasn’t too much struggle in her mammoth success. Taurus overall is one of the most stable of all the signs. It rules the voice. Obviously. Her Moon is in truthful Sagittarius. Obviously. It has been part of her appeal But her Mercury is in lying Gemini. No questions answered directly. Always talking in a circle. No real answers to what part she contributed in her failed marriage. Adele’s focal planet is fixed Mars which is a stubborn resistance to anything but her way.

All-in-all, Adele’s chart says she is someone you can like even though right now she looks like the biggest narcissist on the planet. She would be a great girlfriend. She’s not a liar, but there’s a level of deception. She’s down-to-earth, but she’s caving to Hollywood’s superficial standards. Maybe it’s her Cancer rising. Not the easiest of rising signs. I find always they are envious of other people with a unique ability to feel the world makes it easier for others than it does for them — regardless of the facts.

Currently Adele is still on a Jupiter high which started in 2016. Another question as to how this marriage is so emotionally draining. A man you marry in Jupiter is the man you’ve waited all your life for. And why on earth would Adele, at the height of her career, compromise? Because one thing we know about her is that she knows how to ask for what she wants. Also during this time, predictive Mars is trining natal/predictive Neptune. This aspect can make you feel like you are floating through the Universe on a cloud of dreams. And yet, Adele disclosed to friends, she wasn’t happy. My question: Adele, what does make you happy?

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UPDATE: January 21, 2022, Adele cancelled opening night at Caesar’s Palace minutes before she was to perform. Her fans are cynical regarding the excuse she is using. Some think it’s stagefright. Again she has Jupiter conjunct Sun natally. She is in predictive Jupiter. Even transiting Jupiter is conjunct her Mars. She is an enormous international success. Can I be honest? I don’t get her as a songwriter. Great voice, yes. But there’s the one good song and the rest all sound the same to me??? Only someone with balls of steel can stand before a large crowd and sing ten songs that sound alike?

UPDATE2: With the Trump catastrophe, the Covid mind fuck, and global warming, I’m now seeing charts of what used to be normal people acting like off-the-chart divas. I had a carpet layer stand in the middle of my apartment on the day of my appointment and announce, he doesn’t move furniture. He was paid $600 extra to just move the furniture. It was also the wrong carpet?!?!? I told him he couldn’t cancel. He told me he could. And he did.

UPDATE3: The world really is coming to an end. I wish the world had an Xtrology chart. But the world doesn’t have a birthday. Please watch Don’t Look Up and take it seriously.


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I am an addict. A Sex and the City addict. I’ve watched every episode 20 times? I also first watched it as a motivator to get back out and date again. I am Carrie and equally in love with Mr. Big — a false god. So much so, I attracted a narcissistic demand avoidant man in Big’s likeness just after finishing the series. Yes, you can manifest.

Chris Noth has been accused of rape with two unconnected girls way too young for him. Also a famous model, Beverly Johnson, accused him of vicious threats to disfigure her. I would have predicted a Scorpio Moon but better yet a Scorpio Sun with Capricorn (Saturn conjunct)/Libra (Venus conjunct)/Gemini (in the 3rd House). His Moon is in Gemini with Capricorn (10th House).

I want to stop for a minute and explain to those of you who are interested in Xtrology, that Scorpio is the bad water sign. Gemini is the bad air sign. Capricorn is the bad earth sign and Aries is the bad fire sign. Combinations of these produce bad people.

Chris Noth is a Scorpio/Capricorn/Gemini Sun with a Gemini/Capricorn Moon. He also has a Scorpio stellium, Sun/Scorpio, Mercury/Scorpio, Venus/Scorpio and Saturn/Scorpio. And his Moon is in the debilitated sign of Capricorn. All those rules you learn mean something.

He can’t be a nice person. He was born for badness and few, if any, people rise above their astrological beginnings. They could. It’s not a death sentence. You have free will. What kind of person could use the genuine admiration of legions of women and be a creepy, predatory, gross imitation of the characters he plays?

Currently he has his predictive Sun opposition Jupiter/Uranus — your social position/the law and out-of-the-blue events. His predictive Mercury (communication) is square Saturn (restrictions) in the 3rd House of Communication. Chris Noth is over. The Universe has spoken.

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