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I loved Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming. It really helps you understand who she is. And you’re going to like her. If you have a person with a lot of squares, too many focal planets or too many planets that are debilitated or in their fall, you get drama. Want to guess? Michelle doesn’t have these. (These bad aspect people aren’t hopeless, just challenged.) It’s easy for Michelle to be Michelle. She’s effortless.

Michelle is a Capricorn Sun/Mercury. Her Moon is in the compassionate sign of Pisces along with her Venus where it is exalted. Her Mars is in the other humanitarian sign of Aquarius conjunct Saturn — which gives it the qualities of Saturn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn/Saturn. No focal planets. Not that many squares. (We all have some squares. Too many planets not to.) Again just a nice person. Classy. Lots of that forgotten trait of integrity. No hint of personality disorders that you see in so many famous people.

Currently, not much going on in her chart. Her predictive Sun/Mercury are conjunct. Both are positive planets. Her predictive Mars is trine Neptune. Predictive Venus is trine Uranus. Very creative, loving and energizing. She can do whatever she wants right now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michelle! Thanks for being such an icon.

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This is a reblog from October 5, 2018 just after the Kavanaugh vote. I was really pissed off to see a woman not support another woman. Today she is criticizing The House saying they did “an incomplete job” as the Lev Parnas evidence for Trump’s impeachment will be on Rachel Maddow tonight. Watching Nancy Pelosi brought tears to my eyes. “He crossed the threshold. He gave us no choice.” This is a sad day.

“In today’s world, you would not say that Susan Collins is old. However based on her astrology chart and her 45 minute give-me-a-break-boring speech, she is likely not well. Today Susan Collins, Senator from Maine, made the deciding vote that predator and probably still drunk, Brett Kavanaugh, will sit on the Supreme Court. I’ll bet some of the latest pervs, Louis C.K., Les Moonves & his complicit wife Julie Chen, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, etc. do not agree with her. Pervs don’t necessarily hang together. But here is the problem. Once you go down the dark path, you line up with them like it or not. You’re cut from the same evil cloth. Nobody wants to hear from you.

Susan Collins is a Sagittarius so her speech today sounded thoughtful and truthful. However, her astrology chart shows us something else is up. We can’t know exactly what. I can guess (predict) but so can you once I tell you what it says. Her predictive Sun is opposition her predictive and natal Pluto (because it moves so slowly). Pluto is the underworld. Pluto rules evil — not in all instances because there are good aspects to it, but always keep your eye on Pluto/Scorpio/the 8th House. We don’t know the houses because we don’t have the time. Her Mercury is going to change signs and square her natal Mercury. This may not be over. There may be more “gossip” regarding her. She still may have more to account for or as mentioned in the opening, she may be sick. She’s not that old at 65, but she acts like she’s carved from stone. I know that posture, it’s illness. She’s not flexible. I was recently sick. I know the signals she’s sending out. She can’t move — as it was for me when I was not feeling well. I could talk. I could carry on, but I wasn’t doing any dancing around. When I say old hag, I mean that’s how she feels and looks. And just wondering, did that have any influence on her decision?

I hate to say it, because I’m not that young myself, but let’s get rid of these old fossils in congress. We need a breath of fresh air. I would feel so much better about this decision if I knew that someone who had the will to fight had made it. Susan Collins looks to me like she’s given up. And that’s how you feel when you’re ill. Old. Tired. Over it.

Vote in November for people that have the desire to carry on the fight. Get rid of this has-been congress. Fresh air. We’re suffocating.”

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These are the people you want to be. Meghan Markel, as we know her, is in a double Jupiter period with her predictive Mars sextile natal Jupiter and predictive Mercury conjunct predictive Jupiter. It’s double Jupiter. Prince Harry’s Jupiter is over but as no other negative aspect has replaced it, it’s still going strong. Let’s just call them Prince and Princess Charming. And all the talk about how hard it all has been for them? Not at all. Not even.

Harry and Meghan are walking on air. The most wonderful time in your life, when you can’t do anything wrong, is when you have Jupiter in a positive aspect. All this talk about them being pushed out of the monarchy. Bullshit. This is about money. Lots of it. The Sussexes have ascertained that they can make waaaaaaay more of it independent of the Queen. And they simply don’t care what the fallout is. They are blessed right now and taking advantage of every inch of it. And you can’t blame them. So many of us have these mega-cycles, and we do nothing. First, most of us don’t recognize them. And second, we don’t know what we want. Harry and Meghan know what they want — to be crazy rich. That measly $2 million allowance. Forget it!

Harry is a Virgo Sun/Mercury. His Moon is in the exalted sign of Taurus. He’s centered. Venus is in its rulership in the sign of Libra, and Mars is in the wanderlust sign of Sagittarius. He has no focal planets. In many ways, he’s a simple guy, however that gives him a lot of squares. So he has a temper.

Meghan, on the other hand, is beyond complicated. Her Sun is in the money loving sign of Leo along with her Mercury. Her Moon is in the charming sign of Libra. But here’s where it gets messy. Conjunct her Moon is Saturn (Capricorn), Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Pluto (Scorpio). So are you catching that she has a Capricorn Moon (as Saturn conjuncts it) and a Scorpio Moon (as Pluto conjuncts it) — the two most difficult placements for a Moon. Meghan has both of them and Libra and Sagittarius, too. Complex? I would say so. Deep? Yes. Difficult? Very. Venus in Virgo conjunct Harry’s Sun — sexy. Her Mars, though, is in Cancer in its fall. Therefore it doesn’t allow her energy and focus to operate well in this position.

What you must understand about Megan is with a Moon that complicated, emotionally she is never really happy. There will always be an enemy. When there isn’t, she will create one. Currently Harry is all in with her fanning the flames of his obsession with the media causing his mother’s death (which they didn’t). She is also encouraging him to rebel against his family. At the moment he quite likes her approach. He’s in Jupiter and this all feels good to him. And it is. For now. What he doesn’t know and can’t know is that this is Meghan’s calling card. She’s likes trouble. You have only to look at her relationship with her own family to get a preview of how she will deal with his family. And the warning about Jupiter is that you tend to overdo. Jupiter is excessive even in a good aspect.

But now, they’re hot. Super on fire. If you think Jupiter is a great place to be, try being in Jupiter with someone else. It’s magical. No one is running them out of town. They have their track shoes on. They’re taking advantage of a great opportunity. And again, because of Jupiter, they may be handling it with the best possible results. Jealous? How can you not be? But just one caution. It doesn’t last forever. It just feels like it is going to.

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UPDATE: I’m not the biggest fan of Piers Morgan, but he summed this up today, January 20, 2020, “Spare me your patriotic crocodile tears, Harry, you didn’t have to quit. You chose to ditch the Queen, the monarchy, your military comrades and your country… to become a royal Kardashian and keep Meghan happy.”

UPDATE2: Meghan Market, the Duchess of Sussex, filed a Cease and Desist today (January 21, 2020) against several media outlets for taking pictures of her while she walked in a park. This is Meghan at her best — never happy — always looking to blame.


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I got the birthday of the Iranian general Trump just assassinated. And I took a look at this man who is characterized as a terrorist who has killed countless Americans. I think you’re going to be as surprised as I am at what I found.

Qasem Soleimani is a Pisces Sun/Moon and Mercury. Pisces is a water sign known for their compassion. His Moon is in its rulership in the sign of Cancer. And his Mars is solidly placed in Taurus. So there must be something else that makes him evil. His focal planets are all outer planets: Saturn making him highly ambitious, Uranus making him think outside the box and subject to erratic behavior and Pluto who sees things very black and white, right and wrong. So there must be something else? He has a Grand Water Trine giving him great powers of intuition. I don’t have his time so I don’t know his rising sign. But even with Scorpio rising (ruled by Pluto and its potential for violence), this is not necessarily an evil person. This is a person who loves his country and is willing to fight for it. Even willing to die for it. He is missing air signs, but that only tells us he doesn’t overthink things. He operates mostly from his heart (water).

Is it possible that this man is a savior in his country despite the fact that we see him as the devil? And even more important, can his death help organize Iranian citizens against America? I say the answer to that question is yes. Killing Soleimani has great potential to create an international enemy that wants revenge for their hero’s death.

Soleimani had, on the day of his death, a positive Jupiter trine from predictive Jupiter to predictive Sun. He was in the blessed Jupiter period. Should he have died? No. You would not expect him to die under these influences — that is unless he wanted to die — unless he knew what the political fallout of his death would be. He will be elevated to martyrdom. He will be further worshipped. His death will have consequences for The United States — possibly deadly ones.

We have a narcissistic president who has told us a sure way to win an election is to start a war with Iran. He was talking about Obama, but really that’s how he thinks. Are you buying this as a coincidence? Why can’t we just invoke the 25th Amendment of the Constitution and remove him — before he starts WWIII? Why isn’t our government taking this more seriously? Why aren’t you?

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Everyone has their day. But you hope that you’ve just accomplished something noteworthy when your Jupiter kicks in. This is happening to Charlize Theron. She just finished a movie, “Bombshell” where she plays Megyn Kelly in and around the Roger Ailes and especially Fox News culture of sexual harassment. And word is, she’s fabulous. So will she win all the awards starting with tonight’s Golden Globe?

Charlize is a triple Leo with her Sun/Mercury/Moon there. Her Venus is in Virgo and Mars in Taurus. Focal planet is the ever ambitious Saturn. Virgo rising.

Looks like the answer is yes. This is Charlize’ year (without doing everyone else’s chart). She will undoubtedly win some of the awards and really it’s time for her to win them all as her predictive Venus is trine her natal Jupiter. It’s Jupiter time. We all get it sooner or later in our lives. But if you are prepared for greatness, it pays off even bigger.

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UPDATE: Charlize Theron didn’t win the Golden Globe, Renee Zellweger did. So how do I explain this? I can actually. I haven’t seen the movie and I was listening to several of my readers talk about it. They influenced me. They were raving. Big mistake. The answer may be that this isn’t a great movie and Charlize isn’t a great actress (in this movie). It could be that Jupiter got her a nomination for a substandard performance. That’s the Jupiter effect. Or it could be that she will still win awards going forward. I recommend that in the future I see the movie before I write a blog.


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Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter, is dating Pete Davidson, the lothario/probable drug addict from Saturday Night Live that seems to be having the time of his life squiring beautiful women including Ariana Grande, Margaret Qualley and Kate Beckinsale. So what is it about this guy? Could it be his unusual astrology chart? Or a good publicist? We do know this.

Pete Davidson has five planets in Scorpio — Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. He embodies all the characteristics of that sign to the max. He’s sexy, dominating, jealous, and secretive. With a Capricorn Moon, he’s also charming and deadly. His predictive Mars is currently sextiling Saturn, not a bad aspect. So chances are he’s not going to do anything to anyone as he has himself to deal with first. He’s just enjoying the moment(s) and battling his own issues.

Cindy Crawford is a super Pisces with five planets — Sun/Mercury/Moon/Mars/Saturn. It really is the battle of Virgo vs. Scorpio. Water vs. Water. But how much of a fight is this going to be? It’s how do you feel? No, how do you feel? Cindy is the world’s bleeding heart with so much Pisces so she isn’t trying to keep Pete away from her daughter for any superficial reason. With her predictive Mars squaring her natal Venus, she is genuinely worried her daughter is in over her head.

But everyone calm down. Cindy is just beginning a Jupiter period with predictive Sun sextile Jupiter. And Pete has no negative predictive planets. Kaia is so young her chart really hasn’t started to move yet. These people are okay. For now.

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I just read where Michael Moore is predicting that Trump will win the 2020 election if the Democrats don’t get a candidate that people are excited about. Astrology, using the Xtrology method, totally agrees. The cycle Trump is currently in and will be in November 2020 is the best energy one could have. His predictive Mercury is trine to natal Jupiter and trine to natal Pluto creating a Grand Fire Jupiter Trine. Some of the other Jupiter possibilities are Kamala Harris (who recently dropped out), Tom Steyer (who isn’t catching on), and Oprah and Hillary (who aren’t running). And my choice, Gavin Newsom who also isn’t running. But there is another possibility that I’m a little excited about.

Andrew Yang is a Capricorn with his Moon/Mercury/Venus in Aquarius. His Mars is in Sagittarius and he has Capricorn rising. He also has a Grand Water Trine which makes his intuition extremely accurate. The only focal planet is right and wrong Pluto. No red flags for this guy. He’s not a nut. And Capricorns are extremely good at running things.

Andrew Yang doesn’t currently have the preferred Jupiter aspect, but he had it recently — two years ago. And the only negative since is an inconjunct which is not a hard aspect. Therefore the energy of Jupiter is still his. And transiting Pluto/Saturn are sitting right on his Sun. That’s power. He can debate Trump, he can stir up the millennials and, most importantly, he can create enough excitement to win.

We either wake up or we risk Donald Trump getting a second term. This guy is a narcissist. Of all the personality disorders, there are only two that can’t learn from their mistakes — sociopaths/psychopaths and narcissists. They have no conscience. They do not see the world the same way normal people see it. Trump doesn’t recognize when he is doing something illegal. He believes he has the right to do it. People like him because he doesn’t follow the rules. But he’s not a rulebreaker. He’s insane.

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Justin Timberlake fucked up. He got caught touching Alisha Wainwright in public (get your own guy. This one is taken) while also being noticeable inebriated. Remember he is married to the beautiful Jessica Biel. So not a good look for him. And let’s make this clear, it’s beyond disrespectful. It’s one thing to cheat on your wife. But in public? That’s just another layer of painful. Well, he did, finally as this story was dying, apologize to her. Late. But better late than never. But what’s really going on?

Justin is an Aquarius Sun/Mars. His Moon is in Sagittarius so he can be very outspoken although he isn’t known for that. Conjuncted to his Moon is Neptune so his Moon has a Pisces vibe. And this is important because Jessica is Pisces. It’s a connection they have. His Mercury is also in Pisces so he definitely has some compassion. But as Pisces rules alcohol and drugs, it can indicate a problem with substances.

Jessica is Pisces Sun. Her Venus/Mercury are in Aquarius. So you can see they two are connected. Her Moon is in Gemini. And her Mars in the debilitated sign of Libra. They are evenly matched.

Currently Justin has a banging chart with no negative aspects. His predictive Venus is sextile Mars. And his predictive Mercury is trine Pluto. He’s planning for nothing to come of this. It barely shows up on his radar.

But is that how Jessica registers it? No. Not exactly. She has her predictive Venus squaring Uranus. That’s love in a negative aspect to the most unpredictable planet — sudden, deadly and quick. So while this incident is over, with her predictive Moon on Jupiter, is there more trouble ahead? Could be. Probably depends on how much Justin partakes. Keep in mind, no one is more understanding than Pisces. But is this relationship vulnerable. Justin would be smart to cool it. But is Justin smart?

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Is Taylor Swift just flexing her muscle in her fight with Big Machine or is she genuinely feeling oppressed by forces bigger than herself? She’s going around telling everyone that they won’t let her sing her songs at the American Music Awards except apparently that little snag has been worked out. We all identify with our Sun signs so strongly that we don’t notice when there is such a stack up of another sign, it completely overwhelms. In Taylor’s case, it is Capricorn where her Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Neptune are positioned. And it is also her rising sign. So that Sadge gets pretty lost. And Capricorn is nobody’s fool.

Sagittarius can be a little naive and trusting as it is a positive fire sign. They want everything to be happy in their Universe. But Cap? No way. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. If it isn’t broken, they will break it. No Mr. Nice Guy. So that saucy, bouncy little girl Taylor pretends to be? Get out of her way. And as far as most business deals are concerned, she’s there first and she wrote the playbook. So can we be relatively sure it was all just a publicity hoax. Fine. It’s just Taylor’s brand to play the victim and rile up her base — the Snake Army that does her bidding.

Currently Taylor’s chart is quite tame. Transiting Pluto just crossed her Capricorn planets and is heading toward her predictive Sun. So she’s been thinking. Wonder if it is getting closer to the time she is going to reveal herself? What I want to know is what happens when the public catches on to these publicity machines? What happens when you can’t fool us anymore? We have the Me Too movement, the pedaphile thing and have you noticed? There is a lot of attention being paid to animal rights. The glitz and glitter is getting lost to the truth. Now that’s an interesting concept.

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I’m actually going to be relatively nice about this person. He just isn’t that bad. But he does lie and he isn’t smart. And he’s in a position he shouldn’t be in. Nobody should be listening to a thing he says. Today he was on The View. And, again, his answers were stupid and evasive. And he couldn’t be there alone. He had to drag along his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle. What was that conversation like? “No mommie. You have to go with me. I can’t go alone.”

Donald Trump Jr. is a Capricorn Sun/Venus. His Mercury is in Sagittarius where it’s in its detriment with Neptune conjunct. That’s the definition of a liar. Look no further. His Moon is in Virgo — not a bad position. And Mars is in the attention loving sign of Leo. No focal planets that while negative do make one interesting.

Not much is going on in his chart. He’s nobody. He’s unimportant. He isn’t even interesting. Why have him on a talk show? Possibly to show what the Trump administration is using for brain power. You couldn’t fuel an ant farm.

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UPDATE: He wrote a book, Triggered. I can’t stop laughing.