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So The Monarchy asked the new entrant to their family not to talk to the press — not to talk to Oprah Winfrey? Are they abusing her? Are they crushing her identity? Is this racist? No, none of the above. This is a woman, Meghan Markle, that has a fundamental need to make trouble. While other children were playing with dolls, this woman was planning a coup — all her life. She sat by quietly. She did what it took to be acceptable to society so when the time was right — when she was in a position of power, she could strike.

Not at all dissimilar to Donald Trump. It’s called the long con. Think about it. We all kind of liked him. He didn’t seem like such a bad guy, and then wham! Once he had power, he abused it in every way his twisted brain could think of. Meghan like Trump is a polarizing figure. With a Capricorn Moon and a Scorpio Moon, Meghan is a destroyer. No question about it. And it makes for great TV. Deep down we all love the drama she brings, but look what happened to The United States under The Donald. Admit it. That was fun for awhile. But he took down a country. Meghan is taking down an empire. Harry is little more than Melania in this scenario.

We have a lot of work to do in this world, but it is time we look at damaged people and stop encouraging them! I should say charming and damaged people. It’s a lesson I learned the hard way. Watch out for the entertainers. In fact the more you instantly like someone, the more you are becoming vulnerable to them. Why do they need you to like them? Why are they trying so hard? What’s in it for them?

There are many personality disorders. But they operate the same. The brain is not functioning the way it is supposed to. Compassion, integrity, the fundamental idea of right and wrong — missing. People whose brain has been disturbed have one mission — their own survival. And to add to the problem, their perception is off. They can’t rightly assess the situation. It truly is a nail that thinks the world is full of hammers. So Meghan Markle walks into the Queen’s palace and she sees danger — even when there is no danger present. No one could help her. No one could make her feel safe and comfortable. It would take years of therapy for that — and even then…

I seriously say to you that if you’re always dealing with someone who is never happy, or someone who is constantly screwing up, or someone who is always hurting themselves, this is harsh, walk away. You will find that there is no fixing it. A mentally disturbed person needs fresh meat every single day. It’s an ongoing battle to feed their troubled souls. They hurt themselves or they hurt others.

I’m still wondering what Meghan Markle is complaining about? Who did what to her? People weren’t there enough for her? No one defended her? And may I ask, defended her against what? Entering The Royal Family comes with criticism. No one could have removed all the criticism for her. You need to know this going in. Why do you think Harry looked so long for a woman willing to deal with the pressure of being royal? He was looking for someone with relentless ambition and the same lack of coping skills his mother had. Because we, the public, made Diana into a saint instead of realizing that she, too, had some big emotional issues. The first thing she did upon entering The Firm was throw up. The Palace knew Diana was binging. They supplied her with food. They knew literally from day one, it wasn’t going to end well. Harry wanted someone as screwed up as his mother so he could save her. And we all do that — try to fix the problems we grew up with — Meghan Markle must have looked like a glass of water in the desert. Harry fixes Meghan and in doing so, he fixes his beloved mother.

Except that is not going to happen. Give it time. He will pack his bags and head back to his family — the people who do genuinely love him. He can’t win this battle. He’s going to realize he can’t make the mother of his children happy — just like his own mother was never happy. Pattern successfully repeated. And, you know, it’s not his job. He was just a child, and he still is. There is still that child in all of us that wants to make it better. In time, he will concentrate on his own children. It’s only the future we can fix.

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UPDATE: Just saw the Oprah interview March 7, 2021. Yes, the Firm should have assigned a full time psychiatrist to Meghan. The tabloids were cruel but expected. There is more that could have been done. But I stand by my blog. Moving to California didn’t change anything. However, now that the relationship with The Royal Family is severely broken, all is magically well. The fairy tale is back on track. And if you buy this story, I have a bridge in Brooklyn.

UPDATE2: Piers Morgan lost his job for saying that Meghan Markle is not speaking the truth. It’s his opinion. But the race card is getting played. Don’t stand by and allow our 1st Amendment to be challenged. Our country was founded on this premise. We need dissenters. It must be a two-way conversation or we’re living under a dictatorship. You may not like what he said but fight for his right to say it.

UPDATE3: Caitlin Flanagan in The Atlantic called Harry a rescue chicken. Now that’s funny!


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Didn’t her husband die last July in a very well documented and tragic example of the Covid-19 pandemic? We all watched Nick Cordero fight a very public battle with the deadly virus. Public because his wife, Amanda Kloots, documented every step of his struggle. Within six months, Amanda took that insta-fame and turned it into a job on The Talk. Don’t you need a little more time mourning the tragedy of a lifetime? Or is she just so well-adjusted she can bounce right back?

Amanda Kloots is a Pisces with Mercury conjunct. Her Moon is in the challenging sign of Capricorn — a relationship warning by itself. Her Venus is in the chilly sign of Aquarius. And here is the kicker: Her Mars is in debilitated Libra conjunct two malefic planets Saturn and Pluto. No focal planets. We often talk about bad boys. Well, let’s be fair. This is a bad girl.

What tipped me off to take a look at Amanda was her jumping the line for a Covid vaccine at the healthy age of 38. She has an elaborate explanation of how she managed this by waiting in line to see if there were any “leftover” vaccine. But now, I’m guessing, she has an appointment for the 2nd shot. Rationalize taking that from someone over 65, compromised or an essential worker? And she posted it on Instagram. Thirsty much?

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Prepare to be shocked. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s Senior Counselor, is not a nice person. I watched her on Bill Maher’s, Real Time, where she admitted the insurrection at the Capitol was wrong, but couldn’t bring herself to actually admit Trump and his Clown College Administration was wrong. Lately she has been bickering with her daughter, Claudia Conway, who claimed today that her mother posted a picture of her naked on Twitter. How could a mother do that do her daughter? Would Kellyanne do a thing like that?

Kellyanne is a Capricorn Sun. My first guess. Gloriously complimenting her ruthlessly ambitious Sun is her Mercury and Venus in chilly Aquarius. No sentimentality here. Her Moon is in the exalted planet of Taurus giving her a very calm demeanor. Hard to knock her off balance. Her final personal planet, Mars, is in red flag super negative Libra. Her focal planets are: Sun, the world spins around me; Mercury, I use my words as weapons; Venus, nobody loves me. So that means debilitated Mars is also a focal planet. Could Kellyanne post a naked pic of her daughter? She could. That Mars makes her want her way, everyday, all the time.

Currently, Kellyanne has her predictive Mars just leaving a square to Mercury explaining her current situation — bad publicity. However her Sun is trine Jupiter. With this super positive aspect, I’m surprised she is experiencing such negative press. But trust this, she’ll survive it. Already her daughter is recanting — most likely after a talk with her father, George Conway, who is the only one still on social media. He posted her take back. If Kellyanne did post the underage pic, she could go to jail. Not going to happen. Thank you, Jupiter.

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She shows up and suddenly everything that was running well, runs badly. This is what personality disorders are. It’s why they are called mental illnesses — meaning not healthy although they should be called emotional illness. It is emotional dysfunction that has been embedded into the synapses of the brain of a otherwise healthy person. This is a child who was born sensitive and then was not nurtured. Now this person is on a mission — to make others as unhappy as they are. You know one. We all have them in our family. You’ve dated one. The person that doesn’t call you back. The person that like to cheat. The person that makes you feel like you’re not enough. Guess who is not enough? Ever. And they’re out to prove they are — at your expense.

Meghan Markle is Leo Sun/Mercury. Her Moon is in the every-so-charming sign of Libra but along with Saturn conjunct which gives her the toxic Capricorn Moon. But also conjunct Pluto adding the curse of the second most run-as-fast-as-you-can aspect in a chart — the dreadful Scorpio Moon. Mars is in it’s fall in Cancer — not good. The negative side of Cancer is that they are envious. Her Venus is in Virgo. They’re earth. Can be sexy.

Today Meghan is in the best cycle she will probably ever see in her life. And she’s using it to its fullest. She’s destroying her husband, Prince Harry. She’s ruining his relationship with his royal family. He is choosing her just as she planned. Predictive Mars is sextile native Jupiter. And predictive Mercury is conjunct predictive Jupiter. This is a sad scenario to watch. But this information is available at Xtrology. Don’t get married without taking a look at your prospective partner.

Prince Charming did not meet his princess. He met a woman he will spend the rest of his life trying to understand. He won’t believe she is destructive even though it will be right in front of his eyes. His wise grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, wants nothing more than for him to be happy. And she, with all her power, is helpless. Harry lost all his patronages today. Stripped of his identity.

You have someone like this in your life. Wake up. Smell the coffee. All you can do is walk away.

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There is this guy, Colin Kaepernick, that started a fuss by first sitting during the national anthem and then kneeling, instead of traditionally standing, as a protest against racial injustice, police brutality and systematic oppression. Not everyone agreed with this method. The people he was working for at the time, the San Francisco 49er’s weren’t too impressed. They fired him. So who is this guy? Is he a good guy trying to highlight a national problem or is he a self-centered opportunist trying to get a little attention for himself?

Colin is a Scorpio Sun with Pluto conjunct — sort of a double Scorpio. His Venus is there also. His Moon is in the confrontational sign of Aries ruled by the planet Mars. His Mercury is in Libra and so is his natal Mars. Libra here is in it’s fall, and it is a red flag in an astrology chart. Mars in Libra people are passive/aggressive. This an another way of saying passive anger. They have secret hostility, and they find a way to make themselves the good guy while stirring up others. This is as good an example of that as you are going to find. Passive/aggressive people can also misplace their anger and are willing to hurt themselves in pursuit of it. His focal planet in Neptune means that he doesn’t always see things clearly.

Colin’s black father abandoned him before he was born and his white mother gave him up for adoption to white parents with two white children. Therein lies the seed of his discontent. Chances are, he was never the victim of white privilege and most likely benefited from it as he grew up in a white household.

This is a person who spent most of his life seething quietly inside. (Know any Scorpios?) Until something triggered him. His predictive Mars (the meanest, baddest of the planets in predictive work) is conjunct (sitting right on top) of Pluto. Both Mars and Pluto (Aries and Scorpio) are all about revenge. Anyone else would be planning a coup, but this man is passive. You have to admit he’s done a good job of riling people up — getting people to argue among themselves about an issue that by itself is non negotiable. You don’t mess with the national anthem or the flag.

What does the future hold? The above aspect does not go away for some time — years – which is to say the anger only grows. And in the meantime, predictive Mars conjuncts his Sun — usually a crisis of identity. And would that be a surprise based on his childhood? We can stay stuck on making him a saint for kneeling when he should have been standing or we can send him healing, because his problems and the reason behind his protests lie largely with himself. He has a lot to work through. The aspects he is experiencing are frightening. Mars is violence. Pluto is death. Neither of which has to happen. Either of which can happen. Both are transformational.

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You would think wouldn’t you that Sun conjunct another person’s Moon would mean compatibility. And it does. But not as much as it tends to fool people into believing it does. This is happening with Jason Sudeikis, a Pisces Moon, and Olivia Wilde, a Pisces Sun. They met. It was like looking into a mirror and voila! They got married and had children. But there is whole lot more going on here.

Jason is a Virgo Sun with a Grand Earth square. This means he has more than the three focal planets — at least four which is too many. His, Sun, he’s the center of the Universe, his Mars, things need to be his way, his Moon, he is ultra-sensitive and you must take notice, and his Neptune, it could be this way or that depending on how he wants it to be. So he’s complicated. And, thus, hard to be in a relationship with. His Sun is Virgo, Venus in Leo, Mercury in Libra and Mars in Gemini. That in itself is not that bad. Just watch out for Grand Square people.

Olivia is a Pisces Sun and Mercury. Her Venus is in the cold sign of Aquarius, Moon in chilly but smart, Gemini. And then there’s this. When Mars conjuncts three outer malefic planets, watch out. Hers only conjuncts two Saturn and Pluto, but still. Care must be used. Can she be mean? Her focal planets are the Sun and Mercury, words can be used cruelly.

These are two difficult people despite Virgo and Pisces being quite compatible and the Sun/Moon connection. They both would be better off with people who also aren’t so demanding. But not that bad either. There’s a lot to work on here, but they have children, I wouldn’t give up this marriage for a man, we’re talking the Harry Styles rumor, who probably is just looking for publicity as his hetero status is up for grabs.

I predict Jason and Olivia will get back together. And they should. The publicity is great and not impossible that it’s planned. These two could torture each other well into the future and will — married or not.

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Way to start the New Year! Hilaria Baldwin is a perfect example of everything that is right about astrology. As Alex Baldwin’s wife and mother to his five children, she had a perfect opportunity to be a social media influencer. And as many people in the public eye do, she hedged a little about her background — ostensibly to make herself more interesting. It’s a little lie about her heritage as a Spaniard when she actually has no Spanish origins at all. Apparently New Yorkers were aware of this slight exaggeration and just ignored it — that is until someone decided to out her. And here is where Xtrology comes in. This could have been avoided along with the embarrassment and name calling. Grifter? Oy. I’ll show you why.

Hilaria Baldwin (her real name is Hilary) is a Capricorn with her Mercury there also — which is interesting because Alex is an Aries and these marriages almost never happen. There is no attraction. This is a square angle. Getting interesting? Alex also has a natal Grand Square consisting of his Mercury (verbal abuse), Venus in the super cold sign of Aquarius (nobody loves me), Mars (my way or the highway) and Neptune (it is what I think it is). And two of these planets Venus/Mars which are our “love” planets are conjunct. I don’t know where to start about the craziness this creates. One thing, these people are often gay. But when not, they have a very weird idea about sexual love from not needing it really at all to attracting strange situations. So you can guess which one this is. Alex likes his exaggerating wife and way too many children for a man his age. It distracts from what he isn’t. Which is a super mess.

For Alex, the attention being focused on Hilaria is just what the doctor ordered. He attracts unstable women (his first wife is Kim Basinger) so the spotlight doesn’t get focused on his problems — which are vast. Her media empire leaves him to what he does best. He’s a very talented actor/host. He doesn’t have to really participate at home — since it has a life of its own. He just has to show up.

But here’s where I would have warned Alex. Hilaria has the dreaded Mars in Libra. She will pull the rug out from under — even at her own expense. And that is where we are today. Xtrology could have warned her that this was coming. She currently has predictive Mars conjunct predictive Saturn. The old definition of ruination I still like, because that’s what happens. She would have gotten away with this forever (New Yorkers don’t care) but for this. And it’s just starting. Two more years. Could have been avoided.

To Alex, I would say, your faux marriage is crumbling and won’t last under this pressure. And now you have five children to take care of — not that you don’t love them, but your future, It’s Complicated!

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She’s vile. And not even for a good reason like her mentally ill father who can be seen as a victim of his parents. Although I’m not saying she isn’t a victim, Trump seems very incestuous around her. But she’s an adult, married with her own children. So it’s time to grow up. It’s also way past the time she should be standing up for her values. But there is much reason to believe that Ivanka loves money more than anything else.

Ivanka Kushner is a Scorpio with her Mercury in Libra in addition to four other planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto creating a stellium. Her Moon is in truthful Sagittarius along with Neptune/Venus. Her Mars is in Virgo. She has no focal planets although Mars squares her Sadge planets. I don’t have her rising sign which would really be helpful here as much of her chart is mixed. It’s not that bad and not that good. I read an article just after Trump was elected that said Ivanka married into a Jewish family for money because she knew her father didn’t have any. That was her one and only reason for marrying a man whose sexuality is very questionable. I felt that article was spot on.

A Scorpio Sun sign is always going to look after themselves. But Moon in Sadge conjunct Neptune, well, Pisces it’s ruler, always cares about other people. She has some compassion. With Venus in Sagittarius, she is looking for a partner that is also a friend and who will allow her some freedom. Mars in Virgo is painstakingly careful. No red flags. She’s not a monster just brought up by a monster and very influenced by him. Then he becomes president. She couldn’t resist. Well, she could have. And she should have. But she didn’t. I’m having trouble with the true flaw in her character, but it seems to be she has no true identity — changes as the wind blows — opportunistic. Her friend from middle school characterizes her as superficial, arrogant and spoiled. Frankly for her thoughtless actions, I hope she ends up in jail. Here is what is going to happen.

Currently she has a predictive Sun/Mercury conjunction that is sextile Saturn. Nice. She’s on top of her ambitious plans. She thinks. Coming up immediate future: Predictive Venus will square Jupiter. Popularity over. Husband could be over. These two will not share ideas as to what returning to New York society looks like. World collapses. Judgment sets in. People that liked her before the Trump presidency will no longer have time for her. Jupiter is the law in a negative aspect. There is a big possibility that she will have some legal consequences that further make her an outcast. She will be fighting some sort of legal situation whether civil or criminal. Jail is possible. It happened to Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin who also had negative Jupiter aspects. All in all, bubble bursts.

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Astrology is cycles. Good ones and bad ones. Sometimes people get really long good ones at the exact time they need it. Case in point. Trump. Why? I like to think that he earned it in another lifetime. It’s karma. Or you could argue it’s the randomness of the Universe. But that’s what we’re talking about here. Inevitably, the good ones end. And Trump is no exception. Here’s what the future brings.

Donald Trump is a Gemini with Leo rising. His Moon is in truthful Sagittarius and Mars in showbiz Leo. Trump’s Venus is in the home loving Cancer but conjunct Mercury, it’s a little chilly. However his Mars is in the 7th House which is the same thing as Mars in Libra as Libra rules the 7th House. So he’s passive/aggressive. This is a red flag and an extremely bad placement. Mars does not like being in this sign. It operates very badly. Using that same criteria, his Moon is in the 11th House which is Aquarius ruled. Moon in Sagittarius/Aquarius. Doesn’t get too much better than that. Generally people with strong Aquarius/Sadge are really decent people. Clearly he is not. I cannot find a reliable way to determine mental illness. Look for planets in their detriment/fall.

So the future? Trump will have, in two years, predictive Venus square Saturn. Due to his age and the constant rumors about his health, I would say, we’ll see him sick at that time. Exiting the White House won’t be that bad. He will still have some cache. But it will dwindle. It will seem like he’s going to remain a force to be reckoned with — that he could be the face of a social media outlet. But that won’t actually happen. He will slowly lose his voice. And his followers will wake up to the cult they joined. Trump will fall into a depression and be a shell of his former self. Strangely he isn’t through with Jupiter. Good times are coming, but I don’t think he will recover from the heavy hit he’s going to receive. He might die happy. He might not.

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I’ve waited as long as I can to write this blog. Because it pains me to do so. Xtrology was wrong about the 2016 candidate. It should not have been Trump. It should have been Chris Christie, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. But Chris Christy folded like a Crispy Creme. He couldn’t, even with Jupiter’s help, get up the confidence to win. Somehow Trump with, by far the worst chart of the bunch, won. I’ve never been able to explain it, well, the electoral college, voted for Trump. He really didn’t win. And maybe that’s the explanation. He didn’t win. Although it was not about the win, it was about how the poor-little-rich-boy got nominated?

Trump is not as bad a guy as you might imagine. He has a serious mental illness that most people can’t recognize because our mental health initiatives are so weak. He’s a malignant narcissist among other things. He’s an emotional child. He’s a liar. Gemini Suns often are. His is Mercury, Venus and Saturn are in Cancer and his Mars in show business Leo but conjunct Pluto (Scorpio). He actually has a humanitarian rising sign, Aquarius, that his Sun is also conjunct (Uranus). He has no focal planets. His chart isn’t truly evil, but his actions are. His Moon is in truth talking Sagittarius. Then how does he get so twisted? Neptune is squaring his Mercury? Mental illness is elusive. When planets are debilitated, yes. But in this case not so much.

I have found this — looking back on a former roommate. Watch for lying in a chart which is easy to spot. Liars with personality disorders can slip into some truly disgusting behavior. Normally you would look for anger. But it’s not always there as I’ve begun to realize. We think we can overlook lying as often that behavior is fairly transparent, but it’s a slippery slope. They tumble, without much encouragement at all, into truly despicable behavior — such as racism. And check this out. Trump isn’t really racist. He’s lying. Trump does not give a shit enough to care one way or the other. He plays to his audience. Haven’t you noticed? His opinions change with the wind. Geminis, when bad, aren’t twins. They’re two-faced.

Regarding the election: Joe Biden is a Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Notice the Venus/Mars conjunction. His Moon is exalted in Taurus and his focal planet is Pluto (all about right and wrong). For a Scorpio, he’s a pretty nice guy. I don’t hate him. He isn’t evil. He’s made some huge sacrifices, as Scorpio’s always do, regarding the death of family members. He isn’t personality disordered. Mostly, besides that being a lot of Scorpio, he’s old. Too old to be running for president. I blame the old men at the DNC. This is just the wrong candidate. Please recall that I have said all along we wouldn’t be having this discussion if Gavin Newsom were our candidate.

His chart right now has predictive Mercury opposing Jupiter. Biden’s message never really got out. If it had, this election would not be close. He also has predictive Jupiter inconjunct his predictive Sun. Two good aspects predictive Mars sextile Venus and the Moon should not be able to overcome Trump’s predictive Mercury sextile Jupiter despite the fact it is over. It has not been replaced with a bad angle. I will say the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter transit is opposing his Sun. But enough to lose? He defied astrology once. Could it happen again?

If you want this monster who separates children and parents, who is canoodling with Russia and North Korea, who is making money while in office (Jimmy Carter gave up his entire peanut empire to be president), who is killing our environment, who lies and bullies on a daily basis and most of all who is incapable of having any kind of empathy for anyone, then you get what you asked for. Trump is a trickster, and you got tricked. God save us all.

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