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I’m actually going to be relatively nice about this person. He just isn’t that bad. But he does lie and he isn’t smart. And he’s in a position he shouldn’t be in. Nobody should be listening to a thing he says. Today he was on The View. And, again, his answers were stupid and evasive. And he couldn’t be there alone. He had to drag along his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle. What was that conversation like? “No mommie. You have to go with me. I can’t go alone.”

Donald Trump Jr. is a Capricorn Sun/Venus. His Mercury is in Sagittarius where it’s in its detriment with Neptune conjunct. That’s the definition of a liar. Look no further. His Moon is in Virgo — not a bad position. And Mars is in the attention loving sign of Leo. No focal planets that while negative do make one interesting.

Not much is going on in his chart. He’s nobody. He’s unimportant. He isn’t even interesting. Why have him on a talk show? Possibly to show what the Trump administration is using for brain power. You couldn’t fuel an ant farm.

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UPDATE: He wrote a book, Triggered. I can’t stop laughing.


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I really like this woman. The more I listen to her, the sweeter I think she is. So I want to answer the question she continues to ask. Because I have a really great answer.

Carrie Ann Inaba is a Capricorn with Mercury conjunct. Her Moon is in Pisces and she is a great example of this. She’s a bleeding heart all the way. Her Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of humanity — again she’s infused with empathy. The most compassionate people are Pisces/Aquarius. A Sagittarius Venus means that she’s looking for a friend as well as a lover, but this is also her focal planet so she doesn’t believe that she is worthy of love. I really get that with her. Someone really screwed her up. She’s looking to rescue someone less fortunate than herself instead of filling up her own empty hole.

Currently predictive Mars is just leaving a conjunction with natal Saturn. That’s a bitch of an aspect. Mars always challenges on the highest level. Saturn is a restriction and many times it’s health which I understand she is having problems with — something with her immune system. However the aspect is over and there’s every reason to believe that she will see better health in the future. Her next aspect is predictive Mars sextile predictive Venus. And that’s love — that’s finding the one and only person who is your true soulmate. It’s all she talks about on The Talk and it’s just about to begin — not immediately necessarily but in the next two years. I’m so happy for her. She still has to be careful and watch who she picks. She has to overcome her insecurities and believe she deserves to be loved. Get rid of that old programming, girl. Wishing you all the best.

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This is my blog from November 13, 2018 where I predicted that on many levels this relationship was so wrong. And apparently it has crashed and burned. Why? As much as I would like to take total astrological credit. He’s a smoker. And add to that her lousy aspects. They didn’t have a chance.

“You haven’t lived until you have spent time around a chain-smoker. Meg Ryan, America’s Sweetheart, is marrying John Mellencamp. And it couldn’t be more stupid. The smoking thing alone! It takes about a week living with a chain smoker to start coughing. The second hand smoke is more toxic than the smoke itself. This is suicide. And there’s more.

Meg Ryan is a Scorpio, of course. The sweet gorgeous ones always are. She has three other planets, Mercury, Neptune and Venus also in Scorpio giving her a stellium. And her natal Jupiter squares them all — which is a sign she doesn’t understand social cues. Yeah, getting that. But besides being a difficult Scorpio with Capricorn rising, her predictive chart sucks. Is she desperate and looking for a man to save her? That I would understand, because this is a tough time. But her picker’s off. Currently she has her Venus, her love life, square to her Moon. That’s enough to not marry. Emotionally she’s an empty hole. You have to be careful what you fill it up with. Her predictive Sun is also sitting on top of natal Saturn. Not fun — a restrictive period. You’re just not feeling like you’ve got it all going. Then finally her predictive Mercury is squaring her natal Mercury/Neptune. Is someone lying to her? Taking advantage of her? Well, yes. She’s not in a space to be making good decisions. And didn’t she already break up with Mellencamp once? Smokers are drug addicts. They also usually have a bunch of other addictive behaviors. Just so questionable.

John Mellencamp might be the nicest person alive. He’s a Libra and they are charmers. And again a stellium. But Libra is the sign of passive/aggressive — which means passive anger. Really if you are blowing smoke into someone’s face, aren’t you hurting them? Do you care? Yes you are. And no you don’t. And it pains me to say it, but his Moon is Capricorn. Not all connections are good ones. His chart is in much better shape than hers with predictive Sun sextile Neptune. But in a couple of years, he has predictive Mars conjuncting natal Sun and later Saturn. He could get sick. He’s sixty-seven. He’s a mess.

Even if this is about money. It’s not worth it. Nothing is more important than your health. Meg needs friends now that tell her the truth. Or read this blog. I’m posting it to Meg’s Twitter/Instagram.”

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A man. A man telling you, you can’t get an abortion. No plan B? A gay man. Yes, I don’t really know that. He doesn’t live with Kim or does he? But that’s all you hear around here. Here being Hollywood. His boyfriend’s name is Ricardo or is it? So another completely crazy voice out there. One who has zero integrity. We’re going to stand for this?

I get that in order for Hollywood to be Hollywood, there has to be a certain amount of glitz. But come on. I’m just asking that it stay reasonable. Kanye West has dropped another “album.” I never understood him. But I have black friends that think he is genuinely talented. Sorry, no comment from white friends. Or is he just appealing to his base? Sound familiar?

Kanye West, don’t we all have a bi-polar friend — they keep it interesting — is a Gemini with Jupiter conjunct adding that element of luck. His Moon is in Pisces so he is not bound by the facts and the compassion is real. But it’s also a focal planet with the emotional element exaggerated.

Currently he has Venus sitting on his Jupiter soon to be replaced with Jupiter square his Moon. Feast. Then famine. In the meantime, shut up. Just shut up.

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UPDATE: Tonight on James Corden, Kanye took credit for showing people how to be married. That’s a stretch. Then something about his $65,000,000 tax rebate being because he is spiritual. I don’t even believe he makes that much money. But the real issue here is Kanye is mental. I need to stop judging him and ask that he find help. Praying for Kanye.


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It’s the new anthem for people that are involved in a narcissistic relationship. Selena Gomez’ “Lose You to Love Me.” Brilliant. If she wrote this song, then I know the dynamics of her relationship with Justin Bieber. This young girl did enough drugs to blow out her kidney. The pain. The unrelenting pain. Narcissists are toxic on a level that is hard to put into words. But if you’ve been there, you know. It’s insidious. It’s evil. You’ve never felt better and you’ll never feel worse. And here’s the kicker. It’s not their fault. They were so damaged as children that this is their defense mechanism. It can’t be fixed either. Anymore than you can “fix” a sociopath. It’s forever. The cure for you is to leave. To remove yourself. There is nothing else. And yet, you can’t stop thinking about them. They are so woven into your life, so intricately, you can’t ever eliminate their influence entirely. But you can heal. “I needed to hate you to love me.” Still…

Selena is a Cancer Sun. Already we know she is super sensitive and vulnerable to her emotions. Add to this her Moon as a focal planet. A focal planet by definition is a weak link. Your Moon is also your feelings — actually it’s Cancer’s ruler — in the sign of Aries which sounds pretty stable. But no. If it couldn’t get worse, Selena has a Grand Square — a pretty rare configuration which involves her Mercury (verbally abusive), Venus (nobody loves me), Mars (I must have my way), Saturn (limitless ambition) and Pluto (it’s either very right or very wrong). Count them. That’s six focal planets. She’s a grand mess.

What’s amazing about Selena? She’s not dead. Currently she has predictive Sun square Mars. It doesn’t get harder than this. However Jupiter is conjunct her Venus. So a reprieve for now. The future? The roller coaster continues. Life is tough. There’s no celebrity exemption.

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No one has seven planets in the same sign — unless you were born on the same day as Rachael Ray. Is this possible? Sun, Mercury, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all in Virgo. There is no doubt a person with this chart will be unusual. This configuration can’t make angles (other than a Mars/Neptune square) and she can’t have focal planets ( which are built on angles). So she is nice. She is very, very nice. And Virgos are the hardest workers in the zodiac so she is also a hard worker — a very hard worker.

Currently she is doing publicity for her new book, Memories and Meals from a Sweet and Savory Life. And with her current aspects, predictive Mars conjunct Jupiter just over and predictive Venus sextile Jupiter/Pluto just beginning, success is guaranteed. Couldn’t happen to a better person. I like her.

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We don’t talk about this a lot, because it doesn’t happen a lot. Your Sun can be on Saturn. This lasts for two years. But in order for Saturn to be on your Sun, it has to go out of its original sign which means you have to be born with a very high degree Saturn or low. Renee’s natal Saturn is 29 degrees out of 29 degrees and it moved to the next sign and sat on her Sun. Now what?

Saturn is one of the bad boys of the zodiac. Your life is going to get changed when it makes itself noticed in your chart. Renee took some time off and no doubt this was the reason. You are going to reevaluate, definitely. What I am really enthused about lately is how many people are plowing through these bad aspects, because Renee just finished a movie, Judy, and it looks like a tour-de-force performance. Negative aspects create negative energy which has the effect of weighing one down. So one has to dig deep. Maybe it’s not Judy’s demons she explored at all — maybe it’s her own.

Be very encouraged by this. Another great example of a person who defines their life and doesn’t let life define them. I will say, however, she won’t win the Academy Award — not on aspects this bad. But then, don’t count her out. Just don’t underestimate anyone who can succeed with Saturn on their Sun. It’s pushing past the karma that holds one back. It’s releasing the past. Who or what is squashing your energy and your ability to fly? Defy it.

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Just a normal Sunday reading The Daily Mail when I see a headline that Hillary Clinton is running for president. Okay, I’m listening. Very unlikely the publication came up with this on their own. Much more likely it was planted by Hil’s campaign. Hil’s campaign? Is is possible she is considering another run at the presidency? I hope so and here’s why.

In the last election, we had two presidential candidates that had no business running. Theoretically neither should have won. But as someone had to, Hillary got the popular vote and Trump the electoral college — really a split decision. Well times change. Energy is fluid. Today Trump is in for the fight of his life as he was impeached last week. And why did that happen since we know that has the blessed Jupiter chart? Actually he doesn’t. The predictive Venus that was conjunct his predictive Sun is recently over. And despite the fact he has another Jupiter aspect on the horizon, it doesn’t come in until October 22st. So he technically is in between aspects and vulnerable. But he won’t be vulnerable on election day 2020. Jupiter is back by then. Either we impeach him before that or he will run in the 2020 election. And the talking heads say the impeachment won’t remove him from office. Republicans still control the Senate. And the not-in-Jupiter blip doesn’t last very long.

Hillary had her predictive Sun/Mercury conjunct November 2016 and squaring her natal Neptune — a very negative chart for someone running for president. The fact that it was Neptune (deception) meant she didn’t see it coming. She was clueless. Hard to imagine, but isn’t that what happened? That aspect is over. Today she has her predictive Venus trine predictive Jupiter. Yes, that’s the one. That’s Jupiter in a positive aspect. That means she could win in the next election.

She has Jupiter and so does Trump. We’re still in that split decision arena. So how can we fix that if we’re lucky enough to even have that scenario? Just use one of the other candidates also in Jupiter as a running mate. That would be Oprah, Kamala or Tom Steyer. Stay away from Elizabeth Warren, because this just is not her time. Ditto Bernie. Don’t even think about Biden.

It’s really thought provoking. Hillary already ran against Trump once. This time she could fix her mistakes. Is it possible that this publicity tour she is embarking on to promote “The Book of Gutsy Women” is really testing the water for her candidacy? Could Hillary Clinton be considering a run for the President of The United States? Someone call Oprah, please!!!!!!!!!!!

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You can defy your astrology chart. You are always in charge. But we don’t. It’s the energy, stupid. You feel it so it affects you. Unless you are a person that is operating on energy that is artificial — like narcissists do. They’re faking most of what they would let you believe they feel. Not saying Jennifer Lopez is doing this, but, hey, how come this big romance is happening during a seriously negative aspect from her predictive Sun to her natal Venus?

Although you’ve got to give the girl credit, she’s thriving on negative aspects. I always admire that because it’s seriously hard to do. Jennifer’s a Leo so she’s in love with herself. And her Mercury is there with both being focal planets. Sun as a focal planet is narcissistic. Mercury as a focal planet is verbally abusive. Interesting that that old interview came out this week with her trashing other female celebrities?

I wasn’t expecting this, but she has Moon in Scorpio. Really that is just blowing my mind. Okay. News bulletin. There is just no way she’s as nice as she leads us to believe. I never see her as complicated. But she is. Super complicated. And really good at hiding it. Scorpio?

This blog was supposed to be about the great cycle Jennifer is in. She’s the Super Bowl half-time entertainment. But that is not what is happening here. Yeah, the Super Bowl. But you know those rumors about her and Alex Rodriguez being, surprise, another fake Hollywood publicity relationship? Well, makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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UPDATE: I just read an article about why Pink turned down the Super Bowl. Apparently whoever does it gets trashed. So are you following this drift?


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Normally, based on his astrology chart, I’m not Brad Pitt’s biggest fan. But lately? Is he acting adorable? And smart? Despite being accused by his wife, Angelina Jolie, of child abuse and self-admitted drug issues, Brad just finished two huge Hollywood movies, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Ad Astra. But even more incredible, his reputation couldn’t be better. Brad, how do you do it?

Brad’s a Sagittarius, but a really unusual one as his four other personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) are in Capricorn. And that much Capricorn really overwhelms the Sadge. And you might have noticed, one of those planets is the Moon which does not like being in Capricorn and causes the natives to behave badly. But ironically, it is also infused with crazy charm. It’s very difficult even for Libra to outcharm Capricorn.

So what are the issues he’s dealing with? I believe this may be the hardest one of them all — any negative aspect between Mars and the Sun as in Brad’s, predictive Sun conjunct predictive Mars. It creates some real doubt about who you are. Real ego deflation. Most of us will question everything. It’s quite humbling. In addition he has transiting Pluto and Saturn crossing his Capricorn natal planets. This is intense. Life is crumbling as he knows it. And yet he is being considered for an Oscar. Brad turned lemons into lemonade. And you can too if you realize that all negativity is just temporary energy. That’s what astrology is — a measurement of that energy. The good energy passes and so does the bad. If you want more info on that, get an astrology reading. In the meantime, hang in there. Be Brad Pitt.

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