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Need a little inspiration? You want to know the definition of powerful? Real raw power.

I saw Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood on television last week singing songs from their home. I love Trisha. She is the nicest woman alive. So I just assumed she had a son-of-a-bitch of a husband — a real jerk who was probably cheating on her. I nevertheless was inspired by their sincerity and both are amazing performers. So I watched an A&E biography about him. Now really impressed, I ran his astrology. I don’t ever remember a chart quite like this.

Garth Brooks is an Aquarius with six planets in Aquarius — Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars/Saturn/Jupiter. It’s really difficult to comprehend how these planets interact. Each one that is conjunct another influences it. So his Sun (ruled by Leo) is influenced by Mercury (ruled by Gemini), Venus (ruled by Libra), Mars (ruled by Aries), Jupiter (ruled by Sagittarius) and Saturn (ruled by Capricorn). And then apply that to each of the other planets also. It’s a little like he is universal — a little bit of everything — keeping in mind, there is no more humanitarian sign than Aquarius. His Moon is in the kindest sign of all, Pisces and the other sign known for compassion — all but Saturn coming from the 9th House, Sagittarius’ house. Mind blown? He has no squares. He has no focal planets. Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) opposes all his Aquarius planets as it is in the sign of Leo. Pluto opposes his Moon. Garth could rule the world. No, Garth should rule the world.

Currently his predictive Mars is sitting right on his natal Jupiter — almost over and predictive Venus sextile predictive Jupiter is over. There will be a question about his love life. Some tension as his predictive Venus is square natal Mars. I don’t see anything breaking up Trisha & Garth, but if anything can, it will be now. Sometimes you see this when someone is cheating — even emotionally. However, all couples that stay together, go through negative times. The strong relationships make it. I’m also impressed that Garth’s first wife is a friend. That tells me a lot about him.

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UPDATE: Garth Brooks biography, A&E “The Road I’m On.”


There’s a rumor going around that Meghan Markle left England because she couldn’t stand walking behind (literally) Kate Middleton. I have to say I think there is truth to this. It was going to be a lifetime of being second. Meghan didn’t go to all that trouble to marry Harry — only to never be the lead actress – never to be the star. She saw her best best to return to North America. It would be all hers. She would be Queen of Canada and/or The United States in her mind. So how is that going to turn out?

Her timing was excellent. She might have had some inclination that the Universe was on her side as things were going quite well. She married a prince. I totally remember being in Jupiter when I was in high school. I knew it. I could do no wrong. Things just went my way all the time. I felt charmed. However at the time I didn’t know it was just an astrology cycle and it would come to an end. In my case, with a crash. And keep in mind, we all hit the bad cycles even Madonna, even Mel Gibson, even Bernie Madoff. When does the world stop for Meghan?

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is a Leo Sun/Mercury. Her Venus is in Virgo and Mars is in its fall in Cancer so it doesn’t operate well there. But why is she such a complicated cookie? It’s her Moon which is in Libra, a charming placement. However it is conjunct Saturn (Capricorn), Jupiter (Sagittarius), Pluto (Scorpio). Her Moon is involved in a stellium (four planets) and two of them are the Moon’s detriment and fall. One cannot have this much crazy Moon stuff going on and be normal. If Harry had come to me before the wedding, I would have said run. This is going to be a person whose moods you cannot keep up with. Too much Moon stuff. Too much negative Moon stuff. Very likely we are talking about a personality disorder. I’ve heard her described as a narcissist. That is entirely possible. She just cannot operate on a normal basis when all of this is swirling around all of the time. She’s a problem child. You would think, wouldn’t you, that the Royal Family would have an astrologer? This is astrology 101. There are people that are just too much trouble. They will make your life hell. You can’t love it away. You probably know what I’m talking about because we all have that relationship with the crazy person — the one that won’t allow your life to be happy. Probably in your own family.

Today Meghan is in the most blessed cycle. Her predictive Mars is sextile natal Jupiter while predictive Mercury is conjunct predictive Jupiter. It doesn’t get better astrologically. And yet, there is a lot of negativity. Harry and Meghan have left his native country and as of today taken up residence in Malibu, California. Along with this move, he has given up a great deal of the royal status he was born with. All this in the name of making money without the monarchy’s limitation. However, they are experiencing a flood of criticism — more than I would expect with her aspects. Harry’s are similar although over but without anything negative replacing them. They should be flying. And yet they are not without criticism. This is due to bad decisions on the part of these two people. Some can handle great fame and fortune and some cannot. Kevin O’Leary on her abandonment of full time royal duties, “Big mistake. Big. Huge” from the movie, Pretty Woman. And the royal biographer,”Their choice of priorities smacks more of spoilt teenagers….” The future still looks bright, but President Trump has just denied them $10 million in U.S. security. Better get going on that manifesto to be independent. Your blessed lives depend on the decisions you are making.

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I’m obsessed. I admit it. I do not like Elizabeth Warren. She’s capable. She’s intelligent. It’s her morals and ethics I disagree with. And it is the No. 1 qualification for being president. I don’t like the fact that she wouldn’t shake Bernie’s hand in front of millions of people. I don’t like her attacks on Mike Bloomberg, who really is a good guy. Not perfect. That won’t happen with anyone. But much more good than bad. She effectively blew him out of the race for president with her vicious attacks.

Asked why she hasn’t endorsed a candidate. She says she’s focused on this crisis — the coronavirus crisis. Bullshit. The reason is she’s now looking to being VP because her ambition is endless. She is putting her attention grabbing needs before the good of the country. She whispers when she talks. That creeps me out. I wonder what a psychologist would say about that.

Elizabeth Warren is a Cancer Sun/Venus/Uranus. Cancer people are sensitive. As water signs, they soak up the energy around them. Her Mercury and Mars are in Gemini — the sign that lies especially in Mercury despite it’s rulership there. But she’s smart. Too smart. She can do a lot of good if you lock her in an office. Her Moon is exalted in Taurus. She can keep her cool. Libra rising makes some people find her pleasant. It squares her Sun meaning there’s a lot going on underneath that you don’t see. And Libra as charming as this sign is, the rising sign always brings out the negative qualities. For Libra it is passive/aggressive anger. Liz is deeply angry.

Currently Warren has predictive Venus conjunct predictive Neptune – actually just over. That’s all about lying. Predictive Mercury has also just left a square to Uranus. More lying. Her natal Neptune is also squares all the Cancer planets. She was born a liar. I think she’s lying about the kind of person she really is. She’s small. She’s petty. She’s does not have the emotional constitution to hold a high office. Also her predictive Sun is conjunct predictive Saturn. This can translate into health problems. It’s also a restriction. And it’s depression. She’s suffering from profound depression. She can’t bring herself to admit that she lost. Her ego won’t allow it. Her giant, out-of-control ego. The Moon is her focal planet. She’s way too invested in her feelings. She’s been quiet because she’s devastated that her charade didn’t work as planned.

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I admit it. I’ve been confused. Please remember that astrology isn’t wrong. That would be me. So this is what is happening. One factor that seems to dominate the current electoral season is name recognition. In this climate, people are not looking for a newcomer. I wish I could look at the chart of The United States for that one, but I don’t believe we have the right date. July 4,1776 doesn’t work. So why the country is in this mood? No answers for that.

We’re left with two viable candidates, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. They’re old. But apparently old is good right now. The horror show that has been Donald Trump requires the security that known people bring to the table.

As I’ve talked about, there are three people with the enviable Jupiter chart, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer. This is how this is going to play out if Biden wins. Kamala will be his Vice President so this is her Jupiter reward. (As of this date he has not picked anyone.) Pete clearly endorsed Biden only after he got the position he wanted — so a cabinet spot? Tom Steyer entered the race late and never gained any traction. I imagine he will continue his good work with much more name recognition. Not exactly clear how Jupiter is benefiting him, but confident it is. And even Mike Bloomberg will win, without a Jupiter chart, since his goal was to remove Trump.

Elizabeth Warren, who effectively removed Bloomberg from the race with her shrewish grilling, has the worst chart of the bunch. The only way Elizabeth would ever be president is to be Bernie’s VP and Bernie die in office. Bernie’s chart is that bad, and I still worry about his health. So Biden in a spectacular sweep, with little money and no on the ground presence, will be the Democratic candidate. That’s the Jupiter promise.

But here we go again. Trump has the best chart for the general election. I’m not going to say that Biden will win. And yet it makes the people around him make sense. It fulfills their charts. So, I’m still confused. Is Trump so awful that Jupiter can’t save him? He survived the Mueller Report. He survived impeachment removal. He has stumped me before. Astrology is perfect. Xtrology isn’t because it depends on me. Am I missing something? I’ll let you know. You could let me know. Let me hear from you.

Maybe the god known as Obama will step up at the last minute?

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Everyone is all riled up today because Elizabeth Warren gave a tour de force performance last night at the Democratic Debate. People are generally rooting for her that she took charge and held the other candidates accountable. But, and this is a big one, unless she is going to be the candidate, all she did is hurt the Democratic Party. Should we be applauding or cringing?

Liz is a Cancer with Uranus (giving her a little Aquarius leaning) conjunct her Sun. And to further that extreme sensitivity, her Moon in Taurus (exalted there) is her focal planet. Touchy, touchy. Venus is in its rulership in Cancer, but more Cancer! Mars is in intelligent Gemini. Not an evil or crazy chart but her feelings are close to the surface at all times.

Now the big question. Can she be the Democratic candidate? Her chart is extremely negative. Just ending, predictive Venus conjunct Neptune. Normally this is a secret or a lie, but it’s over. The predictive Sun is conjunct the malefic planet Saturn — normally a depressing time, but at least restrictive on a huge scale. However, even more important her predictive Sun is square natal Mars. This, to me, is as bad as it gets. Mars is malefic and angry and violent at times.

So all that raging last night? If Elizabeth were going to be the candidate that might have shown she has spunk. But if she isn’t, and I say that she isn’t, she is simply hurting the other candidates. If the Democrats lose, Elizabeth Warren will be part of the reason. There are three other debates. It is highly likely that even at the next one, people won’t be singing her praises, they’ll be calling her a toxic bitch.

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Ben Affleck describes what it feels like to have a Scorpio Moon, “People with compulsive behavior, and I am one, have this kind of basic discomfort all the time that they’re trying to make go away,” he said a couple of Sundays ago during a two-hour interview at a beachside spot in Los Angeles. “You’re trying to make yourself feel better with eating or drinking or sex or gambling or shopping or whatever. But that ends up making your life worse. Then you do more of it to make that discomfort go away. Then the real pain starts. It becomes a vicious cycle you can’t break. That’s at least what happened to me.”

This is a reblog from August 20, 2018:

“This is serious and no joke for a guy that hardly knows how to take a joke.

Ben Affleck is a Leo Sun. (See “Ben and Jen Rumors True?”) But the fun stops there. He has Cancer rising. All the negative signs are difficult as rising signs because that’s where the negativity comes in. I find that Cancer rising always thinks their life is not as good as everyone else’s. Yes, I said that. Ben has a Scorpio Moon which really is just another way of saying PERSONALITY DISORDER. Not really. But really. And Mars is his focal sign — all about his way. No picnic here.

But wait. I have a warning for Mr. Affleck. And this is as serious as a heart attack. Actually I shouldn’t say that. It’s not a joke. By the first of the year he will have his predictive Mars sitting on natal and predictive Pluto. Two evil planets: Predictive Mars and Pluto, Pluto, Pluto. (Not in a good aspect, but definitely in a bad one.) And at the same time (when Mars changes signs), he will also have Mars square Jupiter. This guy needs a heads up. He thinks his life sucks. No, that was a warm up for what is to come. All that good fortune he has experienced will go up in smoke. This is a completely clueless guy walking into a shit storm. You treat your life like you’re above it all, and life has a nasty way of proving you wrong.

And that tattoo! How high were you?”

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I’m getting older but not necessarily wiser. Actually lazier. I thought, don’t kill yourself doing all these charts. Wait until there are just a few candidates left. So I did that. And apparently my bias led me to not do Pete Buttigieg’s chart at all. I thought no one in the midwest is going to vote for a gay man. I openly said we are not ready. Sometimes you do just love being wrong.

Pete Buttigieg is the earth sign Capricorn which rules that 10th House of Career. Capricorns are the goat climbing the rocky mountain. Tough as nails. His Mercury is in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius along with his Venus. His Moon is in the truthful sign of Sagittarius. Mars is in Libra is not a great placement — very passive/aggressive. This is his only true weakness. He keeps his anger inside. Right now I’m onboard with a president S(ing)TFU — you know what I mean. There are no focal planets. And he has Virgo rising, a sign I like because they are smart, and they miss nothing. He has two loaded houses, the 2nd House of Money and the 3rd House of Communication. He’s not crazy or weird. He’s a regular person. Why he wants this job I don’t know.

And here’s the news (to me). Buttigieg is in Jupiter! Trump is also in Jupiter, a Grand Jupiter Trine. I believe only someone else in Jupiter can beat him. Pete has a completely positive chart with predictive Venus sitting on his natal Sun which will make people fall in love with him.

I also like Bloomberg, because money speaks volumes. But I was looking at his chart yesterday and just feeling depressed. He doesn’t have the chart to beat Trump. Bernie has a death chart. It’s going to be a miracle if he makes it to the election. He should be home taking care of himself. Why isn’t he releasing his medical records? I thought, we don’t have a viable candidate.

Buttigieg is still gay. But Obama was black. Don’t underestimate the American people to pick the best person for the job. If we don’t get this election right, in four years we may not be having elections. Buttigieg is young, he is normal, he has served his country, and he’s in a loving relationship. We can handle this. I predict we will. I predict Pete Buttigieg will be our next president. In the midst of all this craziness, we need someone sane. And he’s already proving it in two states, Iowa and New Hampshire. Let’s see what happens in Nevada. I’m excited for the first time in this contest. I have hope. We can be saved. The Democrats have a candidate that isn’t falling apart (Kamala) or entering too late (Steyer). Oh, and just as a little more motivation to vote for Buttigieg. He will be in Jupiter all four years unlike Obama who went out of Jupiter six months in.


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Honestly, I didn’t think Shannon Doherty would make it through her last battle with cancer. Her aspects were negative and predictive Mars was sitting on transiting Pluto. But she defied the odds and survived with the help of a terrific support system. The question is, can she do it again?

Shannon is an Aries Sun, the brat of the Universe. And isn’t that how we think of her? Her Moon is in Scorpio in its fall & we’ve talked about this a lot, it’s a difficult placement. There’s anger involved with Pluto. And I’ve always thought cancer and anger were close relatives. Venus in Pisces is exalted. So for all her flaws, she is a loving, giving person. Mercury is in Taurus. That makes her stubborn along with Mars as a focal planet — stubborn like a bulldozer. She’s going to need that now. Two other focal planets are Neptune which can cloud your vision and Jupiter which causes overindulgence.

Her current aspects are predictive Venus opposing her Moon. Emotionally she’s drained as anyone going through this would be. Pluto the planet that tried to kill her a couple of years ago is going out of orb. A negative aspect from Pluto usually accompanies death. So will this be yet another reprieve? It’s entirely possible.

She is also involved in some kind of insurance situation. I would tell her to hold on to her energy for the fight of her life. This is not where she wants to expend it. If only she could put that on hold and turn her total focus to restoring her health. Honestly, Shannon, you did it once. You fought a powerful fight, and you won. Put 100% of your attention to your health as this is a serious situation. Anger is your enemy now.

Please send Shannon positive thoughts for a speedy and effortless recovery!

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It looks like it’s over. Today the Senate voted against witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial. Without witnesses, the public will continue to have doubts as to Trump’s guilt. And without public pressure, the senators will vote to exonerate him. And life goes on. Or so it would seem. But in fact, the rule of law has been broken and lawlessness may ensue. If we can overlook a president bribing a country to help in his re-election, there isn’t too much left that’s worse — and a lot left that’s just as bad.

I don’t want to tell you that I told you so. No, I really do. Trump is in Jupiter, double Jupiter, a Grand Jupiter Trine that protects. People don’t usually have any desire to be committing crimes during this period because they are happy. But you have the occasional psychopath that doesn’t really distinguish between right and wrong.

As long as I’m bragging I also want to admit that I was wrong about Trump being the candidate in 2016. It should have been Chris Christie, but it also could have been Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. Christie fell apart. I’ve really never seen anyone in powerful Jupiter collapse quite so dramatically. There has to be a little cooperation on your part to allow Jupiter to work — obviously. You can fail in Jupiter, but it’s difficult and shocking. But the most shocking thing I’ve ever experienced was someone not in Jupiter rolling past the people that were. Donald Trump wasn’t. And he still won the nomination. I cannot explain that. And I’ve never seen it happen before or since.

However, during this election, 2020, Trump is in Jupiter. Therefore the only people that can beat him are other people in Jupiter. That would be Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer. I am really worried we are going to have a Democratic nominee that can’t beat Trump. Trump’s crazy win won’t likely happen again. That was an abnormality in the Universe.

I’ve been saying Trump is in Jupiter, but he’s proving it. He escaped The Mueller Report and it looks like he’s escaping being removed by impeachment. (Bernie Madoff was in Jupiter when he was committing his crimes, but it was over when he was sent to jail. Casey Anthony was in Jupiter when she was acquitted.) And I’m telling you now, that unless he is opposed by a candidate that can win, he will be president again. It’s very hard for me to write those words — and even harder to believe them. Astrologically, Trump will win. Please let the Universe right itself and make me wrong again.

And please do your part in getting the candidate you want elected. Your country depends on it.

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Thomas Markle isn’t a great guy, but don’t parents get some credit for all the parenting things they do? Bringing up a child, an eighteen year commitment, seems like a big deal to me. He didn’t abuse her. She had food on the table. By all accounts her childhood was pretty normal. Can’t she cut him a break? All fathers embarrass you. You always have that family member. I say give him some money. Write a check. Shut him up. Unless there is more to this…

Thomas Markle is a Cancer Sun/Moon/Saturn. Cancer Sun people are sensitive water signs of the cardinal variety. And it’s complicated, because their feelings will dominate your life as they dominate their lives. For some of the natives, you are walking on eggshells every day all day. And even the ones that seem normal, not really, they don’t miss anything. Every nuance. Every gesture. They pick it up and process it. The adult ones can navigate successfully with great insight into the nature of the Universe, but if you get a cosmic baby, you’re going to suffer the effects of their ups and downs.

You may remember Saturn conjunct the Moon is the same thing as a Capricorn Moon — the most difficult (in addition to Scorpio) in the zodiac. Where to start? First, they are charming to the max. Libra Suns have trouble keeping up with this Moon sign when it comes to dazzle. If someone is saying all the right things and you are feeling heard like you never have before, it could be the Capricorn Moon sucking you into their orbit. So Markle has a sensitive Cancer Moon with Capricorn influence — you have to know this man is a bundle of hurt if things don’t go his way. He’s going to make your life as miserable as he feels his is. Happy, he’s a joy. Unhappy, he will drag you down with him. So if this is a family member, learn to deal with it so it doesn’t become an ongoing never-goes-away problem. That is if you’re a grown up with grown up emotions. And if you’re not? Now we have a legendary clash. That’s what happens when you’re as needy as he is.

So what are the aspects involved in this drama — that can help or exacerbate the situation? Markle’s predictive Sun is square his natal Moon, probably since I don’t know the time — but likely given the situation. And as he already has natal Moon problems, this really is just icing to a pot boiling over. Mr. Sensitivity is Mr. Hyper-sensitivity. There are several good aspects, but usually it’s the bad ones that dominate. Unless people are willing to compromise and I wouldn’t start with Thomas, it will become and stay a battle of the wills.

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