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You’ve heard me talk about Alex Baldwin before in my blog, ALEX BALDWIN BAD BOY. The rumor is that he shot this beautiful female cinematographer in the face??? That’s personal. And even if he didn’t, why is he pointing a gun at at someone, other than another actor, anyway? Were there two bullets fired? A director also got shot.

Alex Baldwin has a Venus/Mars conjunction (in the same sign). Therefore Mars is also in Venus’ ruler Libra. Mars in Libra is a big red flag! It’s passive/aggressive at its worst. I don’t believe in accidents. Something was going on with this woman. I wonder if we will find out what it was. Venus/Mars conjunctions mess with your sexuality. And, come on, he’s a 63-year-old man with 6 young kids. He isn’t working with normal especially since he also has a Grand Square. As a side note, Aries, his Sun, rules firearms and for that matter, violence.

His Xtrology chart isn’t really that bad. There is a yod to his predictive Mars. Yods are karmic. So did he know this woman from a prior lifetime? Do they have history? Because regardless of the circumstances, he killed her.

I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill some?” Tweeted by Alex Baldwin 9/22/2017 The movie he’s in, Rust, is about a wrongful death. Seems very karmic to me…

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Tuesday: I went to the Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit. The music sucked. No narration. Just a lot of his paintings on every wall, the floor — an amazing “slideshow.” And no air. It was almost hot and definitely no air flow. People weren’t on top of each other though. I’ve gone to many doctor’s appointments, had people over, gone anywhere I wanted to go including parties in the beginning of the pandemic in Bel Air where no one wore a mask but we were outside. I guess I quit being careful.

Thursday: Business as usual. I made a chocolate torte and listened to the Clubhouse app. Later still in my office waiting for a friend, I texted him I was shutting down. My throat was getting sore.

Friday: Sore throat on steroids. However I spoke with a lawyer to trademark and copyright Xtrology. I also spoke with friends and clients and client/friends. But I knew I was getting sick.

Saturday: The sore throat was gone. It felt like I had a head cold/sinus infection even though I don’t really know what that is. Dripping on steroids. A faucet. Many many anti-histamines. I also started taking FluBan, a holistic remedy mainly consisting of olive leaf extract. I supplemented with pomegranate/cherry juice and Tommy Chong’s CBD, Vitamin D and Vitamin C. Sleeping 24/7. Also pain pills, hydrocodone. One half at a time. These were key. This hurt.

Sunday: Chest congestion. No more dripping. Now I’m thinking Covid. And I’m worried where this is going to go. I’ve lost my sense of taste. So I reach out to friends for hydroxychloroquine for which I paid a ridiculous price because our government is not making this available. I also ordered it on the internet for $60.00, 30 pills? A questionable decision. I was advised not to take it — yet. Not unless I got worse. I took a shower, etc. in case I had a hospital in my future. Ordered Amazon.

Monday: The storm passed. Not much in the way of symptoms. I made the decision to continue to sleep. Eat Amazon. Watch “The Cook of Castamar.”

Tuesday: I’m back to work. Hired the new lawyer. Feeling very legitimized. Published the blog on Kathy Griffin. I take my last FluBan pill. By the evening I’m coughing up mucus — feeling like crap. Coughing scares me because, until I took FluBan, for twenty years I had bronchitis. Took Mucinex.

Wednesday: I’m cleaning which is my happy place. I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. FluBan does that. It cleans out your system? I’m writing this blog, talking to my copyright lawyer, texting/talking, designing new business cards, cleaning out email. Life is good. I feel powerful. There is nothing quite like the feeling I’m experiencing right now.

Don’t let other people pressure you how you care for your body. Be your own best friend. Sending out love because I’m really feeling it…

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UPDATE: Early outpatient treatment is I-MASK+. Hospital treatment is I-MATH+.

UPDATE2: I received the hydroxy today from It took a little over 4 weeks to get here. They look legitimate. I’m not recommending them. Just want you to know this might be a source. $60 for 30 pills. I’m not going to take these and, I didn’t take the others I got from a friend. Just FYI.


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Today Kathy Griffin announced that she has lung cancer despite the fact that she has never smoked. We all remember her as the girl holding the severed head of Trump and the outcry that created. It wasn’t in good taste, but we need people willing to take chances. With this one, she failed. But she also was targeted while the artist who created Trump’s head got off with hardly a mention. The backlash was cruel — keeping in mind that Kathy herself can be cruel. Her brand of humor takes many prisoners. If you’re going to dish it out, you have to be able to take it.

Kathy is a Scorpio with Mercury/Neptune conjunct. Her Moon is in the exalted sign of Taurus. Venus is in the friendly sign of Sagittarius and Mars in Cancer where it is in its fall. Her focal planet is Uranus so this allows her to take extreme chances. Some work. Some don’t. I wish I had her time of birth because her rising sign might lend information as to why she is so quick to criticize others.

Good news. Today, the Universe comes to her rescue with her progressed Sun literally conjuncting her progressed Jupiter with progressed Mercury right on its tail. Also progressed Venus will change signs and sextile natal Jupiter. She’s going to be fine even though predictive Venus is currently opposing her natal Uranus. Jupiter protects. Jupiter makes things right in your world. Again whether you deserve it or not. It’s the ultimate get-out-of-jail card.

Note to Kathy: Treat other people like you would like to be treated. I disliked Trump as much as anyone, but I never thought jokes were appropriate — not that I didn’t laugh. He was our president and, therefore, deserved some respect just for the office itself. Underneath this blessed Jupiter aspect, the progressed Sun is also sitting on natal Saturn. She’s going to dodge this, but in a few years Sun/Mercury will conjunct progressed Saturn. And that’s an aspect way nastier than the one that cancelled her. Saturn is your health. Saturn is depression.

Watch Kathy because, unless she understands this message and makes a U-turn, in five years, she will be right back in exactly the same space she is in now.

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She is the greatest of all time, but she also is human. Does Simone Biles get a day off from being the leader of Team USA? As an astrologer, I look to astrology for the answer. Why did she quit the Olympics?

Simone is a Pisces, the most sensitive of all the signs. She sucks up the energy from her environment. And she says that social media gets her down. No doubt. So don’t read it when you’re competing. That’s solved. Her Mercury and Venus are also in Pisces. Moon is in Gemini. Pluto in Sagittarius and finally Mars in Virgo. Get it? A Grand Square. Yesterday when I ran this chart, it was going to be an example of a person with a Grand Square that was making it work. They’re hard to navigate. They give you too many issues to deal with every time you open your eyes. But they also propel you. And, clearly, Simone has made hers work. Until now?

She has the movie star combo — Sun as a focal planet is the Universe revolves around me. Venus as a focal planet is nobody loves me. It’s a constant state of who am I? She also has Mercury as a focal planet which usually is very rough style of communication but I’ve also seen it make other people want to abuse you verbally. However it plays out, it’s communication going wonky. With Mars as focal, she has the determination of a bulldozer. It has served her well. But the Moon as a focal planet, even in the intelligent sign of Gemini, is overly sensitive emotions.

Today she said, “‘I feel like I’m also not having as much fun. This Olympic Games, I wanted it to be for myself, but I came in and I felt like I was still doing it for other people. It hurts my heart that doing what I love has been kind of taken away from me to please other people.” She may be in a personal crisis. But I don’t see it in her chart. Her Jupiter was over a couple of years ago but as no other negative aspect has replaced it, she’s still in it. There are two inconjuncts. These are not hard angles and as such shouldn’t get in her way. But maybe Simone, being the fragile person she really is underneath it all, it’s just wearing on her.

So what’s the answer? Nothing is actually happening here. Simone needs a little hand holding. She’s done this all by herself for a very long time. People are saying she’s getting too caught up in her ego — others that she has a difficult past. No doubt about that. But she needs to put that on hold and power through as she has done so many other times. She’s a champion. Not a quitter. She’ll regret this. There is time for therapy later. I think she needs a lot of it and maybe a complete and total break. My only question is will she hurt herself competing as she is no doubt emotionally exhausted. Looking at her Xtrology chart, no. She should be fine.

But let’s remember, astrology/Xtrology is not perfect. It’s just an indication of the energy around you. It’s a decision she needs to make herself. My advice? Simone, don’t blemish your sterling rep. Pick yourself and power through as only the really great champions can do. It’s not for anyone else, it’s for you. Don’t listen to the liberal virtue signalers. You’re not them. You’re the GOAT.

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I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. But what I am is a dedicated researcher. A dog with a bone you might say. I don’t quit until I get the answer. To make Xtrology work, I ran, easily, 10,000 charts (over many years) and I compared and contrasted. I took a theory that began in 300 BC by Ptolemy and upgraded in the 1,800’s by Placidus at which time it was called Secondary Progressions. You can find it in Wiki and it’s not a bad definition. The first thing I figured out is that transits don’t work for predictions. 99% of astrologers use transits. I call my theory predictive not secondary progressed because it is second to nothing. I took Ptolemy/Placidus’ theory and made it work. They needed computers. I had the advantage of computer as I started my love of astrology just as computers became available — 1991.

It’s taken me over a year to have an opinion on the pandemic. But I am ready to put my research out there for the people that read my blogs. Here is what I have found.

The vaccination is toxic and most likely has long term consequences. I do understand what they are and how they happen, but you can research that yourself. There are many deaths that are not being reported. My next door neighbor died the night of the 2nd shot. A friend’s grandmother died two weeks after getting the shot. She was 95, but in perfect health. I only know three people who have had Covid. A client of mine got it — never went to the hospital. And two friends from Kansas City got it from their granddaughter. Never went to the hospital. Two people died of the shot. Three people got sick from Covid-19.

I kept noticing that poor people and people from sketchy neighborhoods were getting sick and dying. I live in the middle of Hollywood and we’re doing fine. Here’s something I read that made me think. Covid is a toxin that loves other toxins. So if you’re a person with a lot of glyphosates in your body from crappy food, especially fast food, you’re a petrie dish for Covid. If you are toxic, you are the person Covid-19 is looking for. It will kill you if it can. And needless to say if you are old, and fat and toxic, you’re even more at risk. Why aren’t we being told that our state of unhealth is a risk factor? The No. 1 way to survive Covid is to upgrade your immune system. You know the drill. Vitamin D and zinc. Exercise. And clean up your diet.

And what if you do get Covid? There are treatments. The rule is that if there is a treatment, there should not be a vaccine. So the treatments are being censored and labeled false news. But keep in mind, even if you do everything our government is telling you to do, you can still get sick. You still need a treatment. I am going to do nebulized hydrogen peroxide, Ivermectin, and/or hydroxychloroquine. I’m not afraid of this virus. It can be treated — even for someone like me that is immune compromised.

So there you have it. You can get the vaccine and put your future immune system at risk. You can get sick and not have the information to keep you from long haul complications or death. Or you can eat a clean diet, not get the virus, skip the vaccine. Win/win — knowing that you still have an element of risk but you will never go to the hospital because you will treat yourself at home.

I’m 100% perfectly okay with being tested, wearing a mask, sanitizing your environment.

If you eat fast food as a steady diet, you are overweight, diabetic, old, living in tight spaces, doing work where you are constantly exposed, you may choose the shot. Hopefully the shot doesn’t kill you, because it can. Ironically, the people that need the shot the most are also people at risk from the shot.

Or you can research the possibilities, be informed, and still decide on the shot. You are a smart person and you make this decision. As long as you have thought it through, I respect your choice. I know people that believe this is the only way to eradicate the virus. I would rather see the virus stay and just treat it like you would a cold — keep in mind I know what immune compromised feels like. The polio argument? There wasn’t a known treatment. (There actually was, but no one took it seriously. Watch the movie, “Sister Kenny.” That is, if you don’t mind challenging conventional thinking. Or you believe, it’s all about the money.)

Dr. Joseph Mercola has been my go-to doctor for many years before the pandemic. I didn’t see any reason to stop believing him. Today he was named No. 1 on the “Disinformation Dozen” by the CCDH — whoever they are. Congratulations to Dr. Mercola. Now his message will get out to millions more people along with his his book, “The Truth About Covid-19.” Your health is worth a few minutes of your time.

That’s it. People don’t believe astrology works. People don’t believe there is a treatment for Covid-19. I’m a rebel! But I’m also living the dream. Seriously. I wake up in the morning — not first thing — and I thank the Universe for allowing me to fulfill my purpose talking to clients that are some of the most fascinating people in the world — in a locale whose beauty blows me away every second of every day. I am not perfectly healthy. Working on that. But I totally believe I will find the answer. I don’t look my age or sound my age. Or feel my age most of the time. I’m doing something right.

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UPDATE: This is from Dr. Mercola’s newsletter, “One of the MATH+ creators, Dr. Joseph Varon, who leads the COVID-19 unit at United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) in Houston, has been trying to get the word out about the success of MATH+, but has been censored by the media.” This protocol will save your life.

UPDATE2: Early outpatient treatment is I-MASK+.


Even I, at times, doubt astrology. And then this happens. Bill Cosby has been released from prison where he had a 30-year conviction for sexual molestation. He’s no less guilty. But there is a technicality in the law that overturned his sentence. Or is it the law? Or is it the power of the Universe. Let’s explore that possibility that this has everything to do with astrology and while you might be saying he had the money to hire the lawyers to look for the loophole. A reasonable thing to say. Without the right energy on his side — he still wouldn’t be free.

Bill Cosby is a Cancer Sun/Mercury/Pluto so Scorpio is an influence here. His Moon is in benign Virgo. His Venus in cold Gemini and Scorpio shows up again in Mars. This is not a particularly bad position except that it is Scorpio. And all sexual deviation is ruled the Pluto/Scorpio/8th House. Not the worst chart I’ve seen. To be honest the lies and the selfishness show up more in his numerology. Well, Aries rising, there is that. Also too much mother. And this translates often to homosexuality or just sexual perversion — a sexual connection to the mother being very inappropriate. The aspect in astrology is his natal Neptune square his natal Venus. The definition is: “Sex is dirty. The native may project personal values onto others and likes to force his morality on others. This is the good boy who goes around killing the painted girls…” Astrological Insights Into Personality. (By the way, Meghan Markle was also has this.)

What’s happening today? Bill Cosby just came out of a devastating aspect — predictive Mars square predictive Saturn. It’s over. In its place is the blessed predictive Mercury trine natal Jupiter. It doesn’t make him innocent in any way. But it makes him free. Jupiter protects you, answers your most plaintive wishes, and restores your happiness — whether or not you deserve it.

As much as man thinks he is in control of his destiny, and, of course he is — real power is found in the angles of your astrology chart which can be known to you from birth. What appears to be a startling outcome, isn’t to those of us who access the tools available through astrological progressions. Ninety-nine percent of astrologers use transits for predictions and, I’ve been in this field for 30 years now, they don’t work. Period. If your astrologer uses transits. Run. You’re wasting your money.

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Not fascinated by astrology yet? This should help. Britney Spears has been in a conversatorship for the last thirteen years. One, according to her, she has not wanted. Also one where she has been treated as little more than a slave — not being allowed to take care of herself personally, remove her IUD so she could conceive or get married.

Big question: Did Britney have a complete breakdown due to mental illness in 2009? (See “Britney Spears Poster Girl For Bad Cycle.”) I definitely question that premise because she was experiencing the most destructive cycle — an astrological cycle. It was her progressed Mars square her progressed Sun. These aspects, no matter who you are, will make you question yourself. Literally you, the Sun, are being attacked by the energy of the most destructive planet in the zodiac, Mars. People who are emotionally stable will do better at handling this. People who are emotionally vulnerable will have their world rocked. It’s not permanent. It’s temporary. You should recover.

My personal experience: Predictive Mars squared my natal Venus, loved ones. My father died. I was so emotionally crippled that for minimum one year and closer to two, I couldn’t function. I could barely take care of myself. I couldn’t work. My boyfriend paid the bills. I would open my eyes in the morning and a wave of depression would wash over me. I wasn’t mentally ill. I was crushed by a profound loss. Sort of a funny ironic note: The building I lived in was next to an insane asylum. Literally, my bedroom window looked into their windows. Early one morning, I went out in red lace panties and a black and white polka dot sleep shirt and climbed on the truck that was unloading supplies. In a crazy blind rage, I threw boxes off the truck. They were making noise, and I couldn’t sleep. People break down. People are pushed past their limits. Shit happens.

This is why astrology is so important. Britney got labeled when she was just having a human experience. My guess, she was overworked. She was exhausted when this aspect began. And she lost her ability to cope. She shaved her head. I got to have my breakdown in private. Britney was exposed. However, it’s possible the conservatorship worked for the first few years. She may have needed some guidance at that time. After that, it was more about the money than anything else. Logically when she returned to work, she was stable. Mentally damaged people can’t hold down high profile jobs as successfully as she did.

Today, Britney is leaving another cycle that was very seriously negative. Her natal Saturn, the planet of restriction, for the last two years (which I predicted in “BritneySpears Is Our Girl Crazy or Being Taken Advantage Of?”), has been square her predictive Sun.

This conservatorship is over. I don’t know the details of how that will happen. But it’s time. It’s possible during the last 13 years, Britney could have gotten out sooner. But for whatever reason, she wasn’t ready. Now she has spoken because the change in energy gave her confidence, strength and hopefulness that may not have been available to her before.

By the way, Britney is a nice girl. She is Sagittarius with Uranus/Neptune conjunct. So an overlay of Aquarius/Pisces. Her Moon is in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. She has no focal planets. Her rising sign is Libra. She has very little water in her chart which may account for her high tolerance to pain. She spends very little time feeling sorry for herself.

If you’re one of those people that think that the future is not bright, you may just be trudging through difficult aspects that dampen your spirit. Don’t give up. Energy shifts. Life is a series of ups and downs — mountains and valleys. Want to know what is happening in your chart, your life? Xtrology can predict your future. Within certain limits. Astrology can’t tell you that a man named Bob will knock on your door. But it can tell you when you have the best opportunity to move forward and when you are in a period of research and development. I write this free blog to prove that truth — 12 years July 4th.

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While I love the name Lilibet, I have to admit I do think it’s a little disrespectful to use the Queen’s private nickname — the one her recently deceased husband gave her — for her great granddaughter — without the Queen’s permission. It isn’t very Miss Porter. It isn’t very royal. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had their second child and they chose the name Lilibet Diana. It also seems like a convenient way to kiss up after The Oprah Interview. Because if you noticed, they steer clear of criticising Queen Elizabeth. This, too, is short sighted, because Charles will be king one day and most likely also William.

So what is the future of this little girl with two parents that both admit they are struggling with mental stability — truly not Miss Porter approved behavior? While it is to be admired that you don’t find shame in normal and understandable feelings, there are limits what the public needs to hear. You either want privacy or you have an unquenchable need for attention and, in Harry’s case, revenge for the injustices he perceives were inflicted on his mother — conveniently forgetting his mother was complicit.

Lilibet was born on June 4, 2021 at 11:40am in Santa Barbara. As a Gemini Sun/Mercury, she will be smart and educated. With her Sun in the 10th House of Capricorn/Career, she will undoubtedly have a big career. Leo rising means it could be in the public even in show business. She won’t be shy. The definition of Jupiter square the Sun is that her father doesn’t handle his problems maturely and this will greatly affect how she relates to men. (“He doesn’t like what he does, or the position he holds when the child is born.” Astrological Insights Into Personality) Her Mars is in its fall in Cancer so her energy can get easily squandered. Venus in the same sign gives her a love of family and very possibly a reverence for the monarchy. Moon in Aries shows an adventurous spirit — located in the 8th House means the Moon is also in Scorpio — a debilitated and extremely challenging emotional position.

My prediction for Lilibet. She’s smart and born pissed. She will not appreciate her lineage being taken from her. She will act out. Her great grandmother won’t be around long enough to welcome her into the family and her grandfather, King Charles, will be frosty as he fails to appreciate his son’s anger. Lilibet will be quite refined — on the surface delicate and unapproachable. Underneath, she will be constantly seeking new sensations — living a life of excess with great difficulty finding her purpose — continuing the family tradition.

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If you don’t already love astrology, I’m going to show you why you should. This is Prince Harry straight out of the book. The book being “Astrological Insights Into Personality,” by Betty Lunsted.

This is one aspect in an entire chart. Prince Harry’s natal Sun is squared by his natal Mars.

The Mars aspect will always be speaking about the stronger parent. So in Harry’s case, it is his father. “Sun square Mars indicates a tendency to act against oneself. In psychological terminology, this is an indication of a self-destructive type.”

“With Mars square the Sun, it looks like Dad is not functioning on a constructive level when the child is born. Not that he is unkind, but more that he is being unkind to himself.” The child with this aspect is born where, “The father is doing something that is not good for him.” In Harry’s case, Charles was married to a woman he didn’t love and didn’t understand, his mother, Princess Diana.

“Children who have absorbed the negative energy that occurs when Mom and Dad are not liked or approved of by the neighbors tend to have little fear when they grow older …they have very little sense of danger.”

“Self destruction can take place many ways — it can manifest as a dead brain, or in relationships that don’t include trust, or in emotional relationships that cause so much internal misery that we don’t want to face it. We can fall in love with hopeless alcoholics, or junkies or people who cannot treat us lovingly in return — these are part of the self-destruct syndrome. It ties in with the concept of self-worth. We don’t think we can have it all.”

“When Mars squares the Sun, there is an interesting energy at play. It’s called, ‘I act against myself, my spiritual self, sometimes my own needs.'”

“He [We’re talking about Harry here] may be able to look back and see the difficult life he made for himself in the same way the father did.” In other words, Harry married his mother.

Just one astrology book. Just one aspect.

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There was a big dust up at The View when Sheryl Underwood confronted Sharon Osbourne with the accusation that her association with Piers Morgan and his comment that Meghan Markle is a liar made them both racist. Sharon was visibly shaken and anyone would have been. This coming out of nowhere. But always look at the bigger picture. It’s never what it looks like on the surface.

Sheryl Underwood, and for that matter the entire Black community lately, is looking at life from the viewpoint of a nail with the world made up of hammers. But the truth is I’m as white bread as it comes, and I have been discriminated so many times I can’t count. There is discrimination everywhere. You’re too fat. You’re too thin. You’re too smart. You’re too stupid. You’re too rich. You’re too poor. And I’ve been the victim of reverse discrimination.

My last year in college I was taking a business class. We had to do all these stupid group projects. My group had two black girls who I knew already had some attitude going on because I hadn’t liked a black movie, Remember the Titans. Because it was about football and it sucked. So I asked one of the girls to star in our final grade presentation thinking that would get her to show up. It didn’t. When the time came, she refused to do it. I talked to my teacher who was aware of the situation and she agreed to take my grade down from A to A- instead of flunking me. Bad enough I lost half a grade point? No! I got a letter from the Dean’s office saying I had physically hit one of the two girls — without any due process — which the college prided itself on — at least in the handbook. That blew over quickly because I wasn’t on campus that day. But what if I had been on campus? I don’t want to even think about that. Nothing was ever done to my accusers. And guess what? I didn’t care. I didn’t pursue it. Be Jackie Kennedy. Be bigger than your haters.

If Black people had the power, they wouldn’t treat us any better than we’ve treated them. THAT’S THE TRUTH. If Black people are as good as us, then they’re not better than us. It’s a human problem. It’s a problem of society and the values we hold out as desirable. People have flaws. All people do. What we need to do is grow the fuck up. And this bitching all the time? It’s dividing us at a time when we need to come together.

Sheryl Underwood is a revenge seeking Scorpio Sun/Neptune/Venus. However her Moon is in the compassionate sign of Pisces. Mars in Sagittarius just like Sharon which is the reason for her equally acerbic mouth. Mercury is in charming but sometimes forked-tongued Libra. Three focal planets including the movie star combo: The Sun, the world turns around me and Venus, no one loves me. Focal Neptune is fuzzy thinking or convenient thinking. She’s not a horrible person, but she does hold grudges like all Scorpios do. I’m guessing Sharon pissed her off somewhere down the line. But didn’t she and Sharon just get Marie Osmond fired? That little discriminating tidbit has been completely swept under the rug.

Currently Sheryl has her predictive Mercury square Jupiter. As much as it looks right now that she got away with murdering Sharon’s career, I predict this is not over. Sharon will come back, perhaps, very slowly — or she may retire happily in England — because she didn’t do or say anything racist. All the while the nails will continue to call her names. There’s a word for that. And anyone who watched Sheryl, like I did, will remember she betrayed her friend.

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UPDATE: Piers Morgan in The Daily Mail today, April 6, 2021, called for Sheryl Underwood to be fired for her unfounded accusation of racism against Sharon Osbourne. I agree.