I’ve been working on a new website. And I’ve been planning to move my blogs to Substack where they will continue to be free for now. But sometime in the future, I may begin a subscription service after 13 years of my blog being free. I hope you’ll move over with me. Go Daddy has lost 700+ blogs twice now. Going to Substack also ensures my blogs are safe.

I’m asking the designers if my RSS will move with me — the thing that notifies you I’ve written a new blog. Just know one thing, this is so much more complicated than someone like me can understand. Right now I don’t know the answer.

When I get to Substack, I intend to do a lot more writing. And I am also writing a book, A Nightmare Made in Heaven, (working title) in which I will teach you to recognize a negative person from their astrology chart. Don’t forget that Xtrology warned you about Anthony Fauci, Megan Markle and Johnny Depp long before their true personas were public knowledge. We all have that boyfriend/girlfriend that we wish we knew was toxic!

And I will have in-person classes on my book at my office in Hollywood!!!

In the meantime, remember that you can make an appointment to have your chart done in person or on the phone by contacting melanie@xtrology.com. Or texting me at 323 217-8365. I welcome your questions or comments.


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