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I don’t know why I am so disappointed that Prince Harry has taken a charmed life & trashed it on every level. Perhaps it’s because he and Meghan Markle were both in Jupiter, very unusual for two people to have it at the same time, when they got married in a $45 million wedding with the next King of England walking her down the aisle — at the urging of the next Queen, Camilla. It was a magic moment. A real life fairy tale.

Here’s what I do know. Capricorn rising is a bitch of a rising sign. Not one person who has this had a good childhood. We all thought Diana was an attention seeking emotionally damaged victim, but didn’t we believe that she was a wonderful mother? Harry tells us through his behavior that the answer to that is a big no. Diana was so busy with her own interior drama that she virtually ignored her children. So what we have in Harry is a classic narcissist. Fantasies of unlimited success with little or no actual skill set. A belief in being superior/entitlement. A desperate need for attention. A perception that everything is a threat. This happens to emotionally sensitive children that don’t feel loved. They are not picked up and held when they need to be. So they re-wire their little brains to no longer have needs. They are all powerful. Amazing. Perfect. Brilliant. They now need no one. And, shockingly, they have zero compassion for others.

I wish there was one marker in astrology for narcissism. But no such thing exists. You need to look for the same negative traits that create all negative behavior. And there are many. In Harry’s case, though, not that many. He started out as the person he wants you to believe he is: Mars in Sagittarius, fair and truthful. Uranus conjunct Mars and Mars in the 11th House (Aquarius), a universal need for world betterment. Mars conjunct Neptune (Pisces), compassion for his fellow man. His Moon is exalted in Taurus. Venus is in its rulership, And Mercury is conjunct his Virgo Sun which would normally be very self critical. No focal planets. Is there hope for Harry? Maybe, because with this level of ego love you would expect a worse chart. But the near future is bleak.

By August, he will be coming off a Jupiter high. And here’s what lies before him. His predictive Sun will conjunct Pluto, the destroyer. The masquerade is over. People will now be on to him and his complete fabrication that he is making a difference in anyone’s life — especially the Queen who he believes he has a special relationship with where she tells him things she tells no one else. Okay? Get it? He’s claiming to be her protector when actually he is the worst thing that has happened to the monarchy since his mother, Diana. Yes, there’s Andrew. But he isn’t trying to take others down.

The negative power of Capricorn is what you see in rising signs. So to understand the Capricorn mind, ruling the 10th House of Career, you need to understand their mindset. They must get ahead. They must succeed. They can be incredibly charming as we have seen so often from Harry, but bottom line, it’s a need for status and position at any cost. You might say, he was born a prince, isn’t that enough? No. Not if you are constantly reminded that you will never succeed higher than your brother who will one day be king. Where is the respect? Why isn’t it you? A desire to be just as important and just as admired turns into a lifelong obsession. But you’re cute. Right? Tell these people that don’t understand you and never will, goodby. Why not try Hollywood?

Harry and Meghan, after their successful trip to Africa, could have lived there and worked there and done exactly what they claim to want to do — accomplished big things and really made a difference. They would have been world famous admired and protected. But narcissism is a mental illness. It undermines virtually everything you do. And Jupiter is over. So the pass he’s been getting is also over.

This is a sad story of how innocent ignored children get personality disorders. But once they have them, that brain wiring is very hard to decode. And just when you think at least he has his American family, and exactly at the same time he is getting the Pluto aspect, his predictive Venus is squaring his Mercury. And that will be the loss of love due to loss of reputation, bad decisions, disappointment, his standing in the community. Yes, it may very well mean the exit of his wife who didn’t sign on for the critical world scrutiny she is being subjected to. She’s not a savior. She’s an opportunist.

Will Charles, who may be king by that time, take him back with open arms? Harry may go back. And he may take his children because he can. But Pluto is going to take him to the ground before it builds him back up. The very people he is trashing now are the only people that can save him.

The big question. Is Harry happy? Currently, he thinks he is. Narcissists live a life of self-promoting lies. Is he capable of turning on Meghan and his children if his made up world is threatened? Yes. Totally. It isn’t his fault. Remember all powerful.

And he’s losing his hair. Pardon me if I laugh. Don’t mess with Mother Nature! She’s the real queen!

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