I used to brag that I was the most liberal person on earth. In high school, my best friend was gay and my family didn’t like it at all. In fact, it may have had a totally negative impact on my relationship with my father who once asked me if I was becoming gay — as though I was being indoctrinated — and behind that insinuation so much more that went unsaid. This is the same family where not a racist word was not allowed. Where I could have brought home a person of color without consequence and quite the opposite, it would have been applauded. But gay, never.

We’re heading into some really scary territory. I cannot comprehend the current liberal censorship thinking. Elon calls it, “the woke mind virus.” Also are there only two sexes? Pick a lane. And how about an open conversation about the vaccine? Because while my values weren’t appreciated growing up, I was allowed to have them even at great cost to me. Twitter, which Elon just purchased, is a “liberal authoritarian bullying hellscape.” This according to Dan Wooten in Daily Mail. Today is a crucial day in getting our American values back via the richest man in the world. An oxymoron? That part makes me smile, because billionaires are quite into telling us what to do.

Elon Musk may be the earth’s savior. He is Cancer with Mercury there also. Not surprisingly he has a Grand Air Trine. And you pretty much will not find a person interested in the success of our planet without a little Aquarius. His is his Mars and in the 8th House of Scorpio. His Moon is in Virgo in the 3rd House of Gemini conjunct Pluto. He has Gemini rising. His focal planets are the Moon and Pluto.

I’m surprised there is so much emotion in the chart of this unusual Cancer man with a Scorpio Mars and Moon. Don’t mess with Elon. He is mean enough to take it and, kind enough to care. But most of all, smart enough to see through the bullshit. I’m not positive he is the man for the job, but I am sure he just might be.

Currently, Elon has his predictive Venus sextiling his natal Venus which happens for all people around his age. But it’s still positive and loving. Not much xtrologically on the horizon. Blue skies ahead…

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