At the Oscars in Hollywood last night, Will Smith got upset at what he perceived to be a smear against his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, when Chris Rock said her hair looked like G.I. Jane II. It was an insensitive remark since she has been very honest that she is having a problem with alopecia. I don’t know if Rock knew this or not. I doubt he did this on purpose. But Will Smith handled it by going onstage and slapping Chris and then yelling at him from the audience. What’s really going on here?

Will Smith is a Libra with Gemini Rising which means he makes up his life as he goes along. And then there is a Scorpio Moon which at the very least gives him an exaggerated sense of jealousy. It is conjunct Neptune and in the 6th House. He has no focal planets. His Mars is also conjunct Pluto — more Scorpio.

Right now Will has his predictive Sun conjunct predictive Neptune. That’s drugs. His predictive Uranus is conjunct his natal Sun. That’s unusual activity — out-of-the blue. And he just got over a predictive Mars squaring his Venus — another dose of jealousy — which he doesn’t need because he has a lot natally. This is a negative chart full of negative energy.

This outburst was prompted by drugs. And I’m really suspicious, what drug? Because a lot of strange things are happening in the Universe right now. There is hitting and pushing. And killing? I read about another incident every day. Hollywood is playing this off as though it was staged or just not that big a deal. Will Smith wanted to apologize and cry while accepting his Oscar in an unhinged speech? No, this was real. There was no rehearsal that included this.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Listen to yourself. Watch what you are doing and if you are doing things that are not normal for you, look to the only real help there is. Watch what you are putting in your body. That includes toxic food, all toxins especially prescription pills. And stay away from toxic people.

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UPDATE: 4/7/22 From Dr. Mercola’s newsletter, “Pfizer, Novartis, Eli Lilly, Incyte and Exact Sciences sponsored the 2022 Academy Awards…

Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia areata… Isn’t it amazing, then, that Pfizer, a primary sponsor of this year’s Oscars, is working on an alopecia drug?

…it would put a whole new spin on the concept of subliminal advertising.”

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