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I would like to think I explained Adele in my recently published blog. But then a lightning bolt! Two things will cancel out your Jupiter high. Drugs and toxic people. I wouldn’t exactly call her cancelled, no, maybe I would. Does Caesar’s Palace want her back and what about her fans? Apparently she has been talking to a high powered sports agent, Rich Paul, who encouraged her to act like a diva with out-of-control demands. He’s also her boyfriend and the agent for LeBron James — a heavy hitter no doubt. But one that has no knowledge of the entertainment industry. His relationship with LeBron appears to be born more out of friendship than anything else.

No one is luckier than Sagittarius ruled by benefic Jupiter. Rich Paul has Sun/Mercury/Neptune in Sadge. His Venus is in cold Aquarius. And his Mars is in Libra, the passive/aggressive placement conjunct Saturn/ambition and Pluto/anger/jealousy/passion. No focal planets.

Adele, stay away from people with Mars in Libra. At least don’t take advice from them. They are not always on your side. They get a perverse pleasure from messing you up. Apparently Rich Paul caused the NCAA to try to enforce the “Rich Paul Rule” where agents would be required to hold a Bachelor’s Degree. The requirement was later dropped after he threatened to sue.

Surprisingly the only aspect at work in Rich’s chart currently is predictive Sun conjunct Venus. I hate to say it, but it looks like he’s in love with Adele? I’m still suspicious as to what that means.

Jupiter will try to protect Adele, but even Jupiter has limits. Adele needs someone around her that can bring her back to earth. I almost didn’t publish the Adele blog. I wrote it while she was at the Griffith Observatory concert. I couldn’t explain the weird Morticia Addams outfit and her clackity clack fingernails in the Oprah interview. It didn’t mesh with her chart. Where did the down-to-earth Adele go? For her, the worst thing right now is to try to be someone she is not. Fame is not all about talent. It’s also about star quality. And real star quality is authenticity.

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