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Whoopie Goldberg wasn’t wrong. She wasn’t right, but she wasn’t wrong. I’ve looked up race in the dictionary and nowhere did I find Jews as a race although it fits the definition. And Nazi Germany called it a race. She also didn’t minimize the horror of it. She was just talking semantics.

But I also am so completely over the Whoopie Reign of Terror. So Goldberg’s two week suspension is not making me mad. My body is none of her business. How can a Pro Choice woman pimp the vax? Which by the way is illegal under the Nuremberg Code. Normally, I like Whoopie Goldberg. She’s outspoken on The View — she’s your crazy auntie that everyone loves. But lately she’s shown her true colors as a tool for Big Pharma. While she never stops talking about the discrimination suffered by her people, she doesn’t want to recognize the jab as a violation of human rights. Isn’t that what slavery was? A violation of human rights and human decency? This is about Whoopie’s weakness, money. Isn’t it always? Fun fact. Slavery was about money, too.

You may have noticed the truth is slowly making it to MSM. There’s Joe Rogan who is now the point man for fair journalism. And has 11 million viewers to prove it. I even heard Ted Cruz say that it isn’t proper to appoint a Supreme Court Justice based on the color of their skin or gender. And, of course, it isn’t. It should be based on merit. Although these women look totally qualified. Actually, it was a political bribe to get Biden elected. What excites me is that we’re getting real. The censorship surrounding the pandemic is causing people to open their eyes.

Joe Rogan pointed out that the hospitals make money on Covid diagnoses. That’s not misinformation. A new review led by a professor from Johns Hopkins says lockdowns caused ‘enormous economic and social costs’ and concluded they were ‘ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument’ going forward. This was not peer reviewed. But you get my drift. What is being called misinformation was information that needed to be considered. And when do we start recognizing natural immunity? What is misinformation is calling it misinformation.

Whoopie Goldberg has a Scorpio stellium. Her Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Moon. Very Scorpio. And here’s the big news, she has Moon in Capricorn, too, due to Saturn conjunct her Moon. You don’t see this very often and you would expect a really nasty person. I don’t think Whoopie fits this description at all. She also has Mars in Libra. So she’s passive/aggressive. This is a woman who should be commended for taking a really challenging chart and overcoming most of the obstacles. With high minded Aquarius rising — that helps.

Currently Whoopie has predictive Mercury (your reputation) squaring the Moon (your feelings). And her predictive Sun (herself) square Neptune (lies). She’s getting killed. It isn’t about fair and unfair. It’s about your Xtrology chart. You can get away with murder if you are in the right aspects. And then the negative aspects come along and you get skewered for a relatively minor infraction.

Whoopie will survive this. Aspects change. Hopefully the Universe got her attention. This will last for the next two years. But she’s handling it like the classy woman she is. She’s saying nothing. We’re all out there doing the best we can. We’re all biased towards our own interests. But if we can stop that. If we really treat others the way we want to be treated. Blah. Blah. Blah. You get where I’m going…

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UPDATE: 02/22/22 Whoopie said on The View this morning that some people choose to have the vax and some people don’t — that she tried to get people to get it, but now it’s up to them. They get it or they don’t. You’ve got to admit, this woman is smart. She knows when it’s time to STFU.

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