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Kaiser, the main bitch, who writes for Celebitchy is the most racist person on the internet right now. It’s very easy to know how she’s going to feel about something — is the person white? Yup. That’s the criteria. Apparently she is Indian and a rageaholic. Someone or more than one person made her feel less than because, according to her, she is ethnic. And she’s out to get white people. Must have been a white person, you think? Here’s the bottom line on that. Whatever evilness is reigned down upon you, you bring to yourself. It’s because you hate you. I had an Indian friend, Amin. He looked like a terrorist. For real. Swarthy times one thousand. But he had such a gentle spirit that he could walk through an airport and never got a sideways glance. He knew it. He laughed about it. First you have to like yourself.

Kaiser is a Virgo and has the perfect job for someones who likes to criticize. I started reading this blog to keep abreast of what celebrities are doing. She is an amazing writer with one of the best vocabularies out there — all the latest words and she knows how to use them when I still can’t pronounce them. And then The Meghan Thing came along — Meghan Markle. And and I’ve talked about this before, some people sit in wait (we call them opportunists) and then their turn comes i.e. Donald Trump, i.e. Meghan Markle. You never knew the level of venom swirling churning and burning, and then comes THE OPPORTUNITY to unleash it.

So this became Kaiser’s cause celeb. She went ballistic defending Meghan. I think we all know by now that Xtrology got that one right. Meghan is a minefield of hate. She colluded to ruin her husband’s relationship with his family much in the same way she destroyed her own. She recognized an angry Harry and fueled that fire to become royalty. With a Moon in both Scorpio and Capricorn, she knew the way in. And not for a moment did she ever consider what the way out would look like. (Donald got impeached twice!) Or did she ever consider that these people that she claimed treated her so badly paid for a $45 million wedding with the whole world watching. Yeah, they really hated her??? I’m waiting for Harry to walk away. A little known fact. Those kids belong to the Queen. She says they return to England and buh bye.

Today Kaiser is bashing Aaron Rodgers for choosing not to put an experimental vaccine in his body. Biden has called it The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated. Clearly if you want the vaccine, you do it for you. People that have it can get the virus and can give the virus. Unless you want this country to turn into a totalitarian state, you have to allow people to make their own choices about their bodies. Your body, your choice. But Aaron is white, right?

And let me just say, the MSM (Mainstream Media) is censoring everything. No one is allowed to say that being unvaxxed is better. There is one argument which is that Covid symptoms are lessened in the vaxxed. But I highly doubt that is actually true. And the herd immunity theory? So many people in Los Angeles are not vaxxed. But you don’t know that because of the across-the-board censorship. Most of my clients, who are intelligent people, are unvaxxed. We talk about it all the time.

We’re waiting for the virtue signaling to end. And by the way, Robert Kennedy is not wrong. This is the phenomena that propels ugliness. It’s a way for your overweight McDonald’s eating girlfriend to feel she is in a superior position to your avocado toast eating thin self. We’re a country/world desperate to feel better about ourselves. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. People overlooked what they knew was going on because the Jews controlled the money. So they stuck their heads in the sand. Same thing with McCarthyism. Friends turned on friends over the possibility of communist sympathy. Why? Because it made them feel like they had a leg up. Superior. This in the name of righteousness. When in fact Jews have the right to make money and live as they please and people have the right to believe in communism or any religion they please. And let’s not forget AIDS. Do you remember how we cast out gay men? This nastiness is called SELF-HATRED. People who won’t allow others to live their lives without interference are themselves self-hating.

I had dinner last night with the country’s most sought after decorator/architect, a client and a friend, at Yamashiro. Clearly, suffering for my choices. He’s helping me with a full on campaign to bring Xtrology to the public forum — and with it a lifestyle which is completely centered on nature and returning to the mind/body connection. What you think goes in and what you see in the mirror is the manifestation. Simple. And yet outrageous in our current environment that looks to Big Pharma for solutions.

So back to the little people — the haters. Kaiser and the blog, Celebitchy, spew racist venom and don’t encourage opinions. If you disagree, you’re toast. Not of the avocado kind. Or is it? Let people be who they are — until they are enlightened and change. Or not. We’re all on a journey. Celebrate your freedom and your ability to make an independent decision. Until you no longer have that freedom.

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