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I didn’t believe a minute of Adele’s Oprah interview — much like the Harry and Megan interview, her friends and neighbors, by the way. Adele’s weight loss looks very much like barometric surgery. And yet she tells Oprah, it’s just working out in the gym, she isn’t concerned what her weight. I don’t believe it. You don’t waddle out in a sewn-in drag queen mermaid dress from another era at skyhigh Griffith Observatory, with serious hair and makeup, without some previous thought about how others will perceive you. I’m not even going into the matching outfits during the interview — her and Oprah and the clickety clack of the dueling fingernails. What message that was sending!?!?!

And then there was the main subject of the interview, her divorce. It turns out she was only married a few months — although she was with this man a lot longer. But how does this not smack of narcissism? It is all about her. She complains he is lazy. But she knew that going in. It’s almost like she married him so she could write another divorce album. All about her. And if she is really primarily concerned about her child, why is her child in the background of her album at all? That’s exploitive. Oprah asks her, so is this a divorce album? And she answers, yes, a divorce from myself.

Adele is a Taurus Sun with Jupiter conjunct — the most favorable combination in all of Xtrology. With this, the native gets extra privileges all her life. Clearly it didn’t keep her father from walking out when she was a child, but there wasn’t too much struggle in her mammoth success. Taurus overall is one of the most stable of all the signs. It rules the voice. Obviously. Her Moon is in truthful Sagittarius. Obviously. It has been part of her appeal But her Mercury is in lying Gemini. No questions answered directly. Always talking in a circle. No real answers to what part she contributed in her failed marriage. Adele’s focal planet is fixed Mars which is a stubborn resistance to anything but her way.

All-in-all, Adele’s chart says she is someone you can like even though right now she looks like the biggest narcissist on the planet. She would be a great girlfriend. She’s not a liar, but there’s a level of deception. She’s down-to-earth, but she’s caving to Hollywood’s superficial standards. Maybe it’s her Cancer rising. Not the easiest of rising signs. I find always they are envious of other people with a unique ability to feel the world makes it easier for others than it does for them — regardless of the facts.

Currently Adele is still on a Jupiter high which started in 2016. Another question as to how this marriage is so emotionally draining. A man you marry in Jupiter is the man you’ve waited all your life for. And why on earth would Adele, at the height of her career, compromise? Because one thing we know about her is that she knows how to ask for what she wants. Also during this time, predictive Mars is trining natal/predictive Neptune. This aspect can make you feel like you are floating through the Universe on a cloud of dreams. And yet, Adele disclosed to friends, she wasn’t happy. My question: Adele, what does make you happy?

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UPDATE: January 21, 2022, Adele cancelled opening night at Caesar’s Palace minutes before she was to perform. Her fans are cynical regarding the excuse she is using. Some think it’s stagefright. Again she has Jupiter conjunct Sun natally. She is in predictive Jupiter. Even transiting Jupiter is conjunct her Mars. She is an enormous international success. Can I be honest? I don’t get her as a songwriter. Great voice, yes. But there’s the one good song and the rest all sound the same to me??? Only someone with balls of steel can stand before a large crowd and sing ten songs that sound alike?

UPDATE2: With the Trump catastrophe, the Covid mind fuck, and global warming, I’m now seeing charts of what used to be normal people acting like off-the-chart divas. I had a carpet layer stand in the middle of my apartment on the day of my appointment and announce, he doesn’t move furniture. He was paid $600 extra to just move the furniture. It was also the wrong carpet?!?!? I told him he couldn’t cancel. He told me he could. And he did.

UPDATE3: The world really is coming to an end. I wish the world had an Xtrology chart. But the world doesn’t have a birthday. Please watch Don’t Look Up and take it seriously.

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