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I am an addict. A Sex and the City addict. I’ve watched every episode 20 times? I also first watched it as a motivator to get back out and date again. I am Carrie and equally in love with Mr. Big — a false god. So much so, I attracted a narcissistic demand avoidant man in Big’s likeness just after finishing the series. Yes, you can manifest.

Chris Noth has been accused of rape with two unconnected girls way too young for him. Also a famous model, Beverly Johnson, accused him of vicious threats to disfigure her. I would have predicted a Scorpio Moon but better yet a Scorpio Sun with Capricorn (Saturn conjunct)/Libra (Venus conjunct)/Gemini (in the 3rd House). His Moon is in Gemini with Capricorn (10th House).

I want to stop for a minute and explain to those of you who are interested in Xtrology, that Scorpio is the bad water sign. Gemini is the bad air sign. Capricorn is the bad earth sign and Aries is the bad fire sign. Combinations of these produce bad people.

Chris Noth is a Scorpio/Capricorn/Gemini Sun with a Gemini/Capricorn Moon. He also has a Scorpio stellium, Sun/Scorpio, Mercury/Scorpio, Venus/Scorpio and Saturn/Scorpio. And his Moon is in the debilitated sign of Capricorn. All those rules you learn mean something.

He can’t be a nice person. He was born for badness and few, if any, people rise above their astrological beginnings. They could. It’s not a death sentence. You have free will. What kind of person could use the genuine admiration of legions of women and be a creepy, predatory, gross imitation of the characters he plays?

Currently he has his predictive Sun opposition Jupiter/Uranus — your social position/the law and out-of-the-blue events. His predictive Mercury (communication) is square Saturn (restrictions) in the 3rd House of Communication. Chris Noth is over. The Universe has spoken.

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