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Tuesday: I went to the Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit. The music sucked. No narration. Just a lot of his paintings on every wall, the floor — an amazing “slideshow.” And no air. It was almost hot and definitely no air flow. People weren’t on top of each other though. I’ve gone to many doctor’s appointments, had people over, gone anywhere I wanted to go including parties in the beginning of the pandemic in Bel Air where no one wore a mask but we were outside. I guess I quit being careful.

Thursday: Business as usual. I made a chocolate torte and listened to the Clubhouse app. Later still in my office waiting for a friend, I texted him I was shutting down. My throat was getting sore.

Friday: Sore throat on steroids. However I spoke with a lawyer to trademark and copyright Xtrology. I also spoke with friends and clients and client/friends. But I knew I was getting sick.

Saturday: The sore throat was gone. It felt like I had a head cold/sinus infection even though I don’t really know what that is. Dripping on steroids. A faucet. Many many anti-histamines. I also started taking FluBan, a holistic remedy mainly consisting of olive leaf extract. I supplemented with pomegranate/cherry juice and Tommy Chong’s CBD, Vitamin D and Vitamin C. Sleeping 24/7. Also pain pills, hydrocodone. One half at a time. These were key. This hurt.

Sunday: Chest congestion. No more dripping. Now I’m thinking Covid. And I’m worried where this is going to go. I’ve lost my sense of taste. So I reach out to friends for hydroxychloroquine for which I paid a ridiculous price because our government is not making this available. I also ordered it on the internet for $60.00, 30 pills? A questionable decision. I was advised not to take it — yet. Not unless I got worse. I took a shower, etc. in case I had a hospital in my future. Ordered Amazon.

Monday: The storm passed. Not much in the way of symptoms. I made the decision to continue to sleep. Eat Amazon. Watch “The Cook of Castamar.”

Tuesday: I’m back to work. Hired the new lawyer. Feeling very legitimized. Published the blog on Kathy Griffin. I take my last FluBan pill. By the evening I’m coughing up mucus — feeling like crap. Coughing scares me because, until I took FluBan, for twenty years I had bronchitis. Took Mucinex.

Wednesday: I’m cleaning which is my happy place. I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. FluBan does that. It cleans out your system? I’m writing this blog, talking to my copyright lawyer, texting/talking, designing new business cards, cleaning out email. Life is good. I feel powerful. There is nothing quite like the feeling I’m experiencing right now.

Don’t let other people pressure you how you care for your body. Be your own best friend. Sending out love because I’m really feeling it…

For a private consultation, please contact And please visit Xtrology on Facebook and Twitter. On Instagram, it’s xtrology_of_hollywood. is my personal site as is melanie of hollywood @mmof hollywood for Twitter. You can reach me at 323 217-8365. Questions are welcome.

UPDATE: Early outpatient treatment is I-MASK+. Hospital treatment is I-MATH+.

UPDATE2: I received the hydroxy today from It took a little over 4 weeks to get here. They look legitimate. I’m not recommending them. Just want you to know this might be a source. $60 for 30 pills. I’m not going to take these and, I didn’t take the others I got from a friend. Just FYI.

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