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Today Kathy Griffin announced that she has lung cancer despite the fact that she has never smoked. We all remember her as the girl holding the severed head of Trump and the outcry that created. It wasn’t in good taste, but we need people willing to take chances. With this one, she failed. But she also was targeted while the artist who created Trump’s head got off with hardly a mention. The backlash was cruel — keeping in mind that Kathy herself can be cruel. Her brand of humor takes many prisoners. If you’re going to dish it out, you have to be able to take it.

Kathy is a Scorpio with Mercury/Neptune conjunct. Her Moon is in the exalted sign of Taurus. Venus is in the friendly sign of Sagittarius and Mars in Cancer where it is in its fall. Her focal planet is Uranus so this allows her to take extreme chances. Some work. Some don’t. I wish I had her time of birth because her rising sign might lend information as to why she is so quick to criticize others.

Good news. Today, the Universe comes to her rescue with her progressed Sun literally conjuncting her progressed Jupiter with progressed Mercury right on its tail. Also progressed Venus will change signs and sextile natal Jupiter. She’s going to be fine even though predictive Venus is currently opposing her natal Uranus. Jupiter protects. Jupiter makes things right in your world. Again whether you deserve it or not. It’s the ultimate get-out-of-jail card.

Note to Kathy: Treat other people like you would like to be treated. I disliked Trump as much as anyone, but I never thought jokes were appropriate — not that I didn’t laugh. He was our president and, therefore, deserved some respect just for the office itself. Underneath this blessed Jupiter aspect, the progressed Sun is also sitting on natal Saturn. She’s going to dodge this, but in a few years Sun/Mercury will conjunct progressed Saturn. And that’s an aspect way nastier than the one that cancelled her. Saturn is your health. Saturn is depression.

Watch Kathy because, unless she understands this message and makes a U-turn, in five years, she will be right back in exactly the same space she is in now.

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