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She is the greatest of all time, but she also is human. Does Simone Biles get a day off from being the leader of Team USA? As an astrologer, I look to astrology for the answer. Why did she quit the Olympics?

Simone is a Pisces, the most sensitive of all the signs. She sucks up the energy from her environment. And she says that social media gets her down. No doubt. So don’t read it when you’re competing. That’s solved. Her Mercury and Venus are also in Pisces. Moon is in Gemini. Pluto in Sagittarius and finally Mars in Virgo. Get it? A Grand Square. Yesterday when I ran this chart, it was going to be an example of a person with a Grand Square that was making it work. They’re hard to navigate. They give you too many issues to deal with every time you open your eyes. But they also propel you. And, clearly, Simone has made hers work. Until now?

She has the movie star combo — Sun as a focal planet is the Universe revolves around me. Venus as a focal planet is nobody loves me. It’s a constant state of who am I? She also has Mercury as a focal planet which usually is very rough style of communication but I’ve also seen it make other people want to abuse you verbally. However it plays out, it’s communication going wonky. With Mars as focal, she has the determination of a bulldozer. It has served her well. But the Moon as a focal planet, even in the intelligent sign of Gemini, is overly sensitive emotions.

Today she said, “‘I feel like I’m also not having as much fun. This Olympic Games, I wanted it to be for myself, but I came in and I felt like I was still doing it for other people. It hurts my heart that doing what I love has been kind of taken away from me to please other people.” She may be in a personal crisis. But I don’t see it in her chart. Her Jupiter was over a couple of years ago but as no other negative aspect has replaced it, she’s still in it. There are two inconjuncts. These are not hard angles and as such shouldn’t get in her way. But maybe Simone, being the fragile person she really is underneath it all, it’s just wearing on her.

So what’s the answer? Nothing is actually happening here. Simone needs a little hand holding. She’s done this all by herself for a very long time. People are saying she’s getting too caught up in her ego — others that she has a difficult past. No doubt about that. But she needs to put that on hold and power through as she has done so many other times. She’s a champion. Not a quitter. She’ll regret this. There is time for therapy later. I think she needs a lot of it and maybe a complete and total break. My only question is will she hurt herself competing as she is no doubt emotionally exhausted. Looking at her Xtrology chart, no. She should be fine.

But let’s remember, astrology/Xtrology is not perfect. It’s just an indication of the energy around you. It’s a decision she needs to make herself. My advice? Simone, don’t blemish your sterling rep. Pick yourself and power through as only the really great champions can do. It’s not for anyone else, it’s for you. Don’t listen to the liberal virtue signalers. You’re not them. You’re the GOAT.

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