Even I, at times, doubt astrology. And then this happens. Bill Cosby has been released from prison where he had a 30-year conviction for sexual molestation. He’s no less guilty. But there is a technicality in the law that overturned his sentence. Or is it the law? Or is it the power of the Universe. Let’s explore that possibility that this has everything to do with astrology and while you might be saying he had the money to hire the lawyers to look for the loophole. A reasonable thing to say. Without the right energy on his side — he still wouldn’t be free.

Bill Cosby is a Cancer Sun/Mercury/Pluto so Scorpio is an influence here. His Moon is in benign Virgo. His Venus in cold Gemini and Scorpio shows up again in Mars. This is not a particularly bad position except that it is Scorpio. And all sexual deviation is ruled the Pluto/Scorpio/8th House. Not the worst chart I’ve seen. To be honest the lies and the selfishness show up more in his numerology. Well, Aries rising, there is that. Also too much mother. And this translates often to homosexuality or just sexual perversion — a sexual connection to the mother being very inappropriate. The aspect in astrology is his natal Neptune square his natal Venus. The definition is: “Sex is dirty. The native may project personal values onto others and likes to force his morality on others. This is the good boy who goes around killing the painted girls…” Astrological Insights Into Personality. (By the way, Meghan Markle was also has this.)

What’s happening today? Bill Cosby just came out of a devastating aspect — predictive Mars square predictive Saturn. It’s over. In its place is the blessed predictive Mercury trine natal Jupiter. It doesn’t make him innocent in any way. But it makes him free. Jupiter protects you, answers your most plaintive wishes, and restores your happiness — whether or not you deserve it.

As much as man thinks he is in control of his destiny, and, of course he is — real power is found in the angles of your astrology chart which can be known to you from birth. What appears to be a startling outcome, isn’t to those of us who access the tools available through astrological progressions. Ninety-nine percent of astrologers use transits for predictions and, I’ve been in this field for 30 years now, they don’t work. Period. If your astrologer uses transits. Run. You’re wasting your money.

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