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Not fascinated by astrology yet? This should help. Britney Spears has been in a conversatorship for the last thirteen years. One, according to her, she has not wanted. Also one where she has been treated as little more than a slave — not being allowed to take care of herself personally, remove her IUD so she could conceive or get married.

Big question: Did Britney have a complete breakdown due to mental illness in 2009? (See “Britney Spears Poster Girl For Bad Cycle.”) I definitely question that premise because she was experiencing the most destructive cycle — an astrological cycle. It was her progressed Mars square her progressed Sun. These aspects, no matter who you are, will make you question yourself. Literally you, the Sun, are being attacked by the energy of the most destructive planet in the zodiac, Mars. People who are emotionally stable will do better at handling this. People who are emotionally vulnerable will have their world rocked. It’s not permanent. It’s temporary. You should recover.

My personal experience: Predictive Mars squared my natal Venus, loved ones. My father died. I was so emotionally crippled that for minimum one year and closer to two, I couldn’t function. I could barely take care of myself. I couldn’t work. My boyfriend paid the bills. I would open my eyes in the morning and a wave of depression would wash over me. I wasn’t mentally ill. I was crushed by a profound loss. Sort of a funny ironic note: The building I lived in was next to an insane asylum. Literally, my bedroom window looked into their windows. Early one morning, I went out in red lace panties and a black and white polka dot sleep shirt and climbed on the truck that was unloading supplies. In a crazy blind rage, I threw boxes off the truck. They were making noise, and I couldn’t sleep. People break down. People are pushed past their limits. Shit happens.

This is why astrology is so important. Britney got labeled when she was just having a human experience. My guess, she was overworked. She was exhausted when this aspect began. And she lost her ability to cope. She shaved her head. I got to have my breakdown in private. Britney was exposed. However, it’s possible the conservatorship worked for the first few years. She may have needed some guidance at that time. After that, it was more about the money than anything else. Logically when she returned to work, she was stable. Mentally damaged people can’t hold down high profile jobs as successfully as she did.

Today, Britney is leaving another cycle that was very seriously negative. Her natal Saturn, the planet of restriction, for the last two years (which I predicted in “BritneySpears Is Our Girl Crazy or Being Taken Advantage Of?”), has been square her predictive Sun.

This conservatorship is over. I don’t know the details of how that will happen. But it’s time. It’s possible during the last 13 years, Britney could have gotten out sooner. But for whatever reason, she wasn’t ready. Now she has spoken because the change in energy gave her confidence, strength and hopefulness that may not have been available to her before.

By the way, Britney is a nice girl. She is Sagittarius with Uranus/Neptune conjunct. So an overlay of Aquarius/Pisces. Her Moon is in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. She has no focal planets. Her rising sign is Libra. She has very little water in her chart which may account for her high tolerance to pain. She spends very little time feeling sorry for herself.

If you’re one of those people that think that the future is not bright, you may just be trudging through difficult aspects that dampen your spirit. Don’t give up. Energy shifts. Life is a series of ups and downs — mountains and valleys. Want to know what is happening in your chart, your life? Xtrology can predict your future. Within certain limits. Astrology can’t tell you that a man named Bob will knock on your door. But it can tell you when you have the best opportunity to move forward and when you are in a period of research and development. I write this free blog to prove that truth — 12 years July 4th.

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