While I love the name Lilibet, I have to admit I do think it’s a little disrespectful to use the Queen’s private nickname — the one her recently deceased husband gave her — for her great granddaughter — without the Queen’s permission. It isn’t very Miss Porter. It isn’t very royal. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had their second child and they chose the name Lilibet Diana. It also seems like a convenient way to kiss up after The Oprah Interview. Because if you noticed, they steer clear of criticising Queen Elizabeth. This, too, is short sighted, because Charles will be king one day and most likely also William.

So what is the future of this little girl with two parents that both admit they are struggling with mental stability — truly not Miss Porter approved behavior? While it is to be admired that you don’t find shame in normal and understandable feelings, there are limits what the public needs to hear. You either want privacy or you have an unquenchable need for attention and, in Harry’s case, revenge for the injustices he perceives were inflicted on his mother — conveniently forgetting his mother was complicit.

Lilibet was born on June 4, 2021 at 11:40am in Santa Barbara. As a Gemini Sun/Mercury, she will be smart and educated. With her Sun in the 10th House of Capricorn/Career, she will undoubtedly have a big career. Leo rising means it could be in the public even in show business. She won’t be shy. The definition of Jupiter square the Sun is that her father doesn’t handle his problems maturely and this will greatly affect how she relates to men. (“He doesn’t like what he does, or the position he holds when the child is born.” Astrological Insights Into Personality) Her Mars is in its fall in Cancer so her energy can get easily squandered. Venus in the same sign gives her a love of family and very possibly a reverence for the monarchy. Moon in Aries shows an adventurous spirit — located in the 8th House means the Moon is also in Scorpio — a debilitated and extremely challenging emotional position.

My prediction for Lilibet. She’s smart and born pissed. She will not appreciate her lineage being taken from her. She will act out. Her great grandmother won’t be around long enough to welcome her into the family and her grandfather, King Charles, will be frosty as he fails to appreciate his son’s anger. Lilibet will be quite refined — on the surface delicate and unapproachable. Underneath, she will be constantly seeking new sensations — living a life of excess with great difficulty finding her purpose — continuing the family tradition.

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