If you don’t already love astrology, I’m going to show you why you should. This is Prince Harry straight out of the book. The book being “Astrological Insights Into Personality,” by Betty Lunsted.

This is one aspect in an entire chart. Prince Harry’s natal Sun is squared by his natal Mars.

The Mars aspect will always be speaking about the stronger parent. So in Harry’s case, it is his father. “Sun square Mars indicates a tendency to act against oneself. In psychological terminology, this is an indication of a self-destructive type.”

“With Mars square the Sun, it looks like Dad is not functioning on a constructive level when the child is born. Not that he is unkind, but more that he is being unkind to himself.” The child with this aspect is born where, “The father is doing something that is not good for him.” In Harry’s case, Charles was married to a woman he didn’t love and didn’t understand, his mother, Princess Diana.

“Children who have absorbed the negative energy that occurs when Mom and Dad are not liked or approved of by the neighbors tend to have little fear when they grow older …they have very little sense of danger.”

“Self destruction can take place many ways — it can manifest as a dead brain, or in relationships that don’t include trust, or in emotional relationships that cause so much internal misery that we don’t want to face it. We can fall in love with hopeless alcoholics, or junkies or people who cannot treat us lovingly in return — these are part of the self-destruct syndrome. It ties in with the concept of self-worth. We don’t think we can have it all.”

“When Mars squares the Sun, there is an interesting energy at play. It’s called, ‘I act against myself, my spiritual self, sometimes my own needs.'”

“He [We’re talking about Harry here] may be able to look back and see the difficult life he made for himself in the same way the father did.” In other words, Harry married his mother.

Just one astrology book. Just one aspect.

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