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If Sharon Osbourne gets fired from The Talk, she should sue. Regarding the incidents on The View, it is Sharon that is experiencing racism. If people would stop for a minute, they would realize there isn’t anything she said that started this nightmare. They are calling her a fragile white woman and saying she’s using her tears and her privilege to play victim. That’s reverse racism.

This is what would happen if Sharon sued. The Meghan and Harry interview could be used as evidence. And if Meghan did lie, Piers Morgan saying Meghan lied would be the truth. Are you following me? Here are a few of Meghan’s inconsistencies:

  • Meghan lied about the last time she saw her half-sister
  • Meghan lied about when her half sister began using the last name Markle
  • Meghan lied about how many times she has traveled with her passport before 2019
  • Meghan lied about never Googling The Royals and having no knowledge of the family
  • Meghan lied about getting married 3 days before the big wedding
  • Meghan lied about the reason her son doesn’t have the title of prince
  • Meghan lied about never reading press on herself when clearly she’s obsessed with it

    This could be brought up in a lawsuit to defend Sharon who only said that she stands behind Piers Morgan. And Piers Morgan said he doesn’t believe a word Meghan Markle said. Nothing racist about any of this.

    Piers Morgan is an Sun/Mercury/Venus in Aries so his Sun has components of Gemini and Taurus. His Moon is in the compassionate sign of Pisces. They’re suckers for a sob story. However he does has Saturn conjunct so we’re back at the Capricorn Moon thing. Admittedly he can be a touch cruel in his assessments and gets a kick out of his ruthless appraisals. His Mars is in Virgo. No focal planets. Not a perfect guy at all. I’m surprised he isn’t a little more charming with his laser-like observations.

    As far as Piers’ future: He currently has Mars opposition Saturn — a pretty brutal aspect, however, in one year, he will have his predictive Sun sitting on Jupiter. And the good times begin. And not long after that his predictive Venus conjuncts his predictive Jupiter. This is double Jupiter — and the reason Meghan Markle is experiencing very little clapback. So don’t count Piers out. He will be coming back with a vengeance.

    Sharon Osbourne is a Libra Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Neptune. And if you remember that any conjunct planets bestow the characteristics of those planets. So Sharon’s Sun is also Gemini, Capricorn and Pisces — complications for the person who has it. They don’t always know who they are. Her identity can be tied to another person. She can go along. Pluto is her only focal planet and it makes her very invested in right and wrong — her concept of right and wrong, but nevertheless she will adhere to the rules of society rigidly or not at all. This is the portrait of a woman who doesn’t understand herself very well, but it’s totally unlikely she is carrying out any vendettas against other people. Not a mean bone in her body — just a sloppy mouth that blurts things out without thinking due to Mars in Sagittarius.

    Sharon’s future is in question. Her chart says there are things to work out with predictive Mercury inconjunct her natal Moon and predictive Sun inconjunct predictive Jupiter. Inconjuncts means an adjustment is needed. I think Sharon needs to stop defending herself and go on the attack. It will matter how she handles this as she has predictive Venus opposition Mercury in the future. Not clearing this up now will haunt her tomorrow. Call a lawyer, Sharon. A good one.

    I stand by my opinion that the Queen was thrilled to have a member of the Royal Family with black heritage that represents so many in her Commonwealth. Elizabeth II is getting trashed lately, but this is a smart woman who rarely makes a misstep. Imagine saying the White House is racist. Our government represents everyone. It can’t be racist. (Donald Trump aside.) Neither can The Monarchy. That is simply not a concept they can or would ever considering embracing. Racism is for stupid people. And the people in this post aren’t stupid.

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    UPDATE: “Megan was allowed to share her ‘truth’, as she branded it, to Oprah Winfrey without even the slightest hint of scrutiny. That’s despite the fact she unleashed a dossier of ludicrous claims that defied long-dated protocols, historical fact and basic believability…” Dan Wootton for MailOnLine.

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