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So The Monarchy asked the new entrant to their family not to talk to the press — not to talk to Oprah Winfrey? Are they abusing her? Are they crushing her identity? Is this racist? No, none of the above. This is a woman, Meghan Markle, that has a fundamental need to make trouble. While other children were playing with dolls, this woman was planning a coup — all her life. She sat by quietly. She did what it took to be acceptable to society so when the time was right — when she was in a position of power, she could strike.

Not at all dissimilar to Donald Trump. It’s called the long con. Think about it. We all kind of liked him. He didn’t seem like such a bad guy, and then wham! Once he had power, he abused it in every way his twisted brain could think of. Meghan like Trump is a polarizing figure. With a Capricorn Moon and a Scorpio Moon, Meghan is a destroyer. No question about it. And it makes for great TV. Deep down we all love the drama she brings, but look what happened to The United States under The Donald. Admit it. That was fun for awhile. But he took down a country. Meghan is taking down an empire. Harry is little more than Melania in this scenario.

We have a lot of work to do in this world, but it is time we look at damaged people and stop encouraging them! I should say charming and damaged people. It’s a lesson I learned the hard way. Watch out for the entertainers. In fact the more you instantly like someone, the more you are becoming vulnerable to them. Why do they need you to like them? Why are they trying so hard? What’s in it for them?

There are many personality disorders. But they operate the same. The brain is not functioning the way it is supposed to. Compassion, integrity, the fundamental idea of right and wrong — missing. People whose brain has been disturbed have one mission — their own survival. And to add to the problem, their perception is off. They can’t rightly assess the situation. It truly is a nail that thinks the world is full of hammers. So Meghan Markle walks into the Queen’s palace and she sees danger — even when there is no danger present. No one could help her. No one could make her feel safe and comfortable. It would take years of therapy for that — and even then…

I seriously say to you that if you’re always dealing with someone who is never happy, or someone who is constantly screwing up, or someone who is always hurting themselves, this is harsh, walk away. You will find that there is no fixing it. A mentally disturbed person needs fresh meat every single day. It’s an ongoing battle to feed their troubled souls. They hurt themselves or they hurt others.

I’m still wondering what Meghan Markle is complaining about? Who did what to her? People weren’t there enough for her? No one defended her? And may I ask, defended her against what? Entering The Royal Family comes with criticism. No one could have removed all the criticism for her. You need to know this going in. Why do you think Harry looked so long for a woman willing to deal with the pressure of being royal? He was looking for someone with relentless ambition and the same lack of coping skills his mother had. Because we, the public, made Diana into a saint instead of realizing that she, too, had some big emotional issues. The first thing she did upon entering The Firm was throw up. The Palace knew Diana was binging. They supplied her with food. They knew literally from day one, it wasn’t going to end well. Harry wanted someone as screwed up as his mother so he could save her. And we all do that — try to fix the problems we grew up with — Meghan Markle must have looked like a glass of water in the desert. Harry fixes Meghan and in doing so, he fixes his beloved mother.

Except that is not going to happen. Give it time. He will pack his bags and head back to his family — the people who do genuinely love him. He can’t win this battle. He’s going to realize he can’t make the mother of his children happy — just like his own mother was never happy. Pattern successfully repeated. And, you know, it’s not his job. He was just a child, and he still is. There is still that child in all of us that wants to make it better. In time, he will concentrate on his own children. It’s only the future we can fix.

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UPDATE: Just saw the Oprah interview March 7, 2021. Yes, the Firm should have assigned a full time psychiatrist to Meghan. The tabloids were cruel but expected. There is more that could have been done. But I stand by my blog. Moving to California didn’t change anything. However, now that the relationship with The Royal Family is severely broken, all is magically well. The fairy tale is back on track. And if you buy this story, I have a bridge in Brooklyn.

UPDATE2: Piers Morgan lost his job for saying that Meghan Markle is not speaking the truth. It’s his opinion. But the race card is getting played. Don’t stand by and allow our 1st Amendment to be challenged. Our country was founded on this premise. We need dissenters. It must be a two-way conversation or we’re living under a dictatorship. You may not like what he said but fight for his right to say it.

UPDATE3: Caitlin Flanagan in The Atlantic called Harry a rescue chicken. Now that’s funny!

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