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Didn’t her husband die last July in a very well documented and tragic example of the Covid-19 pandemic? We all watched Nick Cordero fight a very public battle with the deadly virus. Public because his wife, Amanda Kloots, documented every step of his struggle. Within six months, Amanda took that insta-fame and turned it into a job on The Talk. Don’t you need a little more time mourning the tragedy of a lifetime? Or is she just so well-adjusted she can bounce right back?

Amanda Kloots is a Pisces with Mercury conjunct. Her Moon is in the challenging sign of Capricorn — a relationship warning by itself. Her Venus is in the chilly sign of Aquarius. And here is the kicker: Her Mars is in debilitated Libra conjunct two malefic planets Saturn and Pluto. No focal planets. We often talk about bad boys. Well, let’s be fair. This is a bad girl.

What tipped me off to take a look at Amanda was her jumping the line for a Covid vaccine at the healthy age of 38. She has an elaborate explanation of how she managed this by waiting in line to see if there were any “leftover” vaccine. But now, I’m guessing, she has an appointment for the 2nd shot. Rationalize taking that from someone over 65, compromised or an essential worker? And she posted it on Instagram. Thirsty much?

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