Prepare to be shocked. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s Senior Counselor, is not a nice person. I watched her on Bill Maher’s, Real Time, where she admitted the insurrection at the Capitol was wrong, but couldn’t bring herself to actually admit Trump and his Clown College Administration was wrong. Lately she has been bickering with her daughter, Claudia Conway, who claimed today that her mother posted a picture of her naked on Twitter. How could a mother do that do her daughter? Would Kellyanne do a thing like that?

Kellyanne is a Capricorn Sun. My first guess. Gloriously complimenting her ruthlessly ambitious Sun is her Mercury and Venus in chilly Aquarius. No sentimentality here. Her Moon is in the exalted planet of Taurus giving her a very calm demeanor. Hard to knock her off balance. Her final personal planet, Mars, is in red flag super negative Libra. Her focal planets are: Sun, the world spins around me; Mercury, I use my words as weapons; Venus, nobody loves me. So that means debilitated Mars is also a focal planet. Could Kellyanne post a naked pic of her daughter? She could. That Mars makes her want her way, everyday, all the time.

Currently, Kellyanne has her predictive Mars just leaving a square to Mercury explaining her current situation — bad publicity. However her Sun is trine Jupiter. With this super positive aspect, I’m surprised she is experiencing such negative press. But trust this, she’ll survive it. Already her daughter is recanting — most likely after a talk with her father, George Conway, who is the only one still on social media. He posted her take back. If Kellyanne did post the underage pic, she could go to jail. Not going to happen. Thank you, Jupiter.

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