She shows up and suddenly everything that was running well, runs badly. This is what personality disorders are. It’s why they are called mental illnesses — meaning not healthy although they should be called emotional illness. It is emotional dysfunction that has been embedded into the synapses of the brain of a otherwise healthy person. This is a child who was born sensitive and then was not nurtured. Now this person is on a mission — to make others as unhappy as they are. You know one. We all have them in our family. You’ve dated one. The person that doesn’t call you back. The person that like to cheat. The person that makes you feel like you’re not enough. Guess who is not enough? Ever. And they’re out to prove they are — at your expense.

Meghan Markle is Leo Sun/Mercury. Her Moon is in the every-so-charming sign of Libra but along with Saturn conjunct which gives her the toxic Capricorn Moon. But also conjunct Pluto adding the curse of the second most run-as-fast-as-you-can aspect in a chart — the dreadful Scorpio Moon. Mars is in it’s fall in Cancer — not good. The negative side of Cancer is that they are envious. Her Venus is in Virgo. They’re earth. Can be sexy.

Today Meghan is in the best cycle she will probably ever see in her life. And she’s using it to its fullest. She’s destroying her husband, Prince Harry. She’s ruining his relationship with his royal family. He is choosing her just as she planned. Predictive Mars is sextile native Jupiter. And predictive Mercury is conjunct predictive Jupiter. This is a sad scenario to watch. But this information is available at Xtrology. Don’t get married without taking a look at your prospective partner.

Prince Charming did not meet his princess. He met a woman he will spend the rest of his life trying to understand. He won’t believe she is destructive even though it will be right in front of his eyes. His wise grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, wants nothing more than for him to be happy. And she, with all her power, is helpless. Harry lost all his patronages today. Stripped of his identity.

You have someone like this in your life. Wake up. Smell the coffee. All you can do is walk away.

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