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There is this guy, Colin Kaepernick, that started a fuss by first sitting during the national anthem and then kneeling, instead of traditionally standing, as a protest against racial injustice, police brutality and systematic oppression. Not everyone agreed with this method. The people he was working for at the time, the San Francisco 49er’s weren’t too impressed. They fired him. So who is this guy? Is he a good guy trying to highlight a national problem or is he a self-centered opportunist trying to get a little attention for himself?

Colin is a Scorpio Sun with Pluto conjunct — sort of a double Scorpio. His Venus is there also. His Moon is in the confrontational sign of Aries ruled by the planet Mars. His Mercury is in Libra and so is his natal Mars. Libra here is in it’s fall, and it is a red flag in an astrology chart. Mars in Libra people are passive/aggressive. This an another way of saying passive anger. They have secret hostility, and they find a way to make themselves the good guy while stirring up others. This is as good an example of that as you are going to find. Passive/aggressive people can also misplace their anger and are willing to hurt themselves in pursuit of it. His focal planet in Neptune means that he doesn’t always see things clearly.

Colin’s black father abandoned him before he was born and his white mother gave him up for adoption to white parents with two white children. Therein lies the seed of his discontent. Chances are, he was never the victim of white privilege and most likely benefited from it as he grew up in a white household.

This is a person who spent most of his life seething quietly inside. (Know any Scorpios?) Until something triggered him. His predictive Mars (the meanest, baddest of the planets in predictive work) is conjunct (sitting right on top) of Pluto. Both Mars and Pluto (Aries and Scorpio) are all about revenge. Anyone else would be planning a coup, but this man is passive. You have to admit he’s done a good job of riling people up — getting people to argue among themselves about an issue that by itself is non negotiable. You don’t mess with the national anthem or the flag.

What does the future hold? The above aspect does not go away for some time — years – which is to say the anger only grows. And in the meantime, predictive Mars conjuncts his Sun — usually a crisis of identity. And would that be a surprise based on his childhood? We can stay stuck on making him a saint for kneeling when he should have been standing or we can send him healing, because his problems and the reason behind his protests lie largely with himself. He has a lot to work through. The aspects he is experiencing are frightening. Mars is violence. Pluto is death. Neither of which has to happen. Either of which can happen. Both are transformational.

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