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You would think wouldn’t you that Sun conjunct another person’s Moon would mean compatibility. And it does. But not as much as it tends to fool people into believing it does. This is happening with Jason Sudeikis, a Pisces Moon, and Olivia Wilde, a Pisces Sun. They met. It was like looking into a mirror and voila! They got married and had children. But there is whole lot more going on here.

Jason is a Virgo Sun with a Grand Earth square. This means he has more than the three focal planets — at least four which is too many. His, Sun, he’s the center of the Universe, his Mars, things need to be his way, his Moon, he is ultra-sensitive and you must take notice, and his Neptune, it could be this way or that depending on how he wants it to be. So he’s complicated. And, thus, hard to be in a relationship with. His Sun is Virgo, Venus in Leo, Mercury in Libra and Mars in Gemini. That in itself is not that bad. Just watch out for Grand Square people.

Olivia is a Pisces Sun and Mercury. Her Venus is in the cold sign of Aquarius, Moon in chilly but smart, Gemini. And then there’s this. When Mars conjuncts three outer malefic planets, watch out. Hers only conjuncts two Saturn and Pluto, but still. Care must be used. Can she be mean? Her focal planets are the Sun and Mercury, words can be used cruelly.

These are two difficult people despite Virgo and Pisces being quite compatible and the Sun/Moon connection. They both would be better off with people who also aren’t so demanding. But not that bad either. There’s a lot to work on here, but they have children, I wouldn’t give up this marriage for a man, we’re talking the Harry Styles rumor, who probably is just looking for publicity as his hetero status is up for grabs.

I predict Jason and Olivia will get back together. And they should. The publicity is great and not impossible that it’s planned. These two could torture each other well into the future and will — married or not.

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