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Way to start the New Year! Hilaria Baldwin is a perfect example of everything that is right about astrology. As Alex Baldwin’s wife and mother to his five children, she had a perfect opportunity to be a social media influencer. And as many people in the public eye do, she hedged a little about her background — ostensibly to make herself more interesting. It’s a little lie about her heritage as a Spaniard when she actually has no Spanish origins at all. Apparently New Yorkers were aware of this slight exaggeration and just ignored it — that is until someone decided to out her. And here is where Xtrology comes in. This could have been avoided along with the embarrassment and name calling. Grifter? Oy. I’ll show you why.

Hilaria Baldwin (her real name is Hilary) is a Capricorn with her Mercury there also — which is interesting because Alex is an Aries and these marriages almost never happen. There is no attraction. This is a square angle. Getting interesting? Alex also has a natal Grand Square consisting of his Mercury (verbal abuse), Venus in the super cold sign of Aquarius (nobody loves me), Mars (my way or the highway) and Neptune (it is what I think it is). And two of these planets Venus/Mars which are our “love” planets are conjunct. I don’t know where to start about the craziness this creates. One thing, these people are often gay. But when not, they have a very weird idea about sexual love from not needing it really at all to attracting strange situations. So you can guess which on this is. Alex likes his exaggerating wife and way too many children for a man his age. It distracts from what he isn’t. Which is a super mess.

For Alex, the attention being focused on Hilaria is just what the doctor ordered. He attracts unstable women (his first wife is Kim Basinger) so the spotlight doesn’t get focused on his problems — which are vast. Her media empire leaves him to what he does best. He’s a very talented actor/host. He doesn’t have to really participate at home — since it has a life of its own. He just has to show up.

But here’s where I would have warned Alex. Hilaria has the dreaded Mars in Libra. She will pull the rug out from under — even at her own expense. And that is where we are today. Xtrology could have warned her that this was coming. She currently has predictive Mars conjunct predictive Saturn. The old definition of ruination I still like, because that’s what happens. She would have gotten away with this forever (New Yorkers don’t care) but for this. And it’s just starting. Two more years. Could have been avoided.

To Alex, I would say, your faux marriage is crumbling and won’t last under this pressure. And now you have five children to take care of — not that you don’t love them, but your future, It’s Complicated!

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