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She’s vile. And not even for a good reason like her mentally ill father who can be seen as a victim of his parents. Although I’m not saying she isn’t a victim, Trump seems very incestuous around her. But she’s an adult, married with her own children. So it’s time to grow up. It’s also way past the time she should be standing up for her values. But there is much reason to believe that Ivanka loves money more than anything else.

Ivanka Kushner is a Scorpio with her Mercury in Libra in addition to four other planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto creating a stellium. Her Moon is in truthful Sagittarius along with Neptune/Venus. Her Mars is in Virgo. She has no focal planets although Mars squares her Sadge planets. I don’t have her rising sign which would really be helpful here as much of her chart is mixed. It’s not that bad and not that good. I read an article just after Trump was elected that said Ivanka married into a Jewish family for money because she knew her father didn’t have any. That was her one and only reason for marrying a man whose sexuality is very questionable. I felt that article was spot on.

A Scorpio Sun sign is always going to look after themselves. But Moon in Sadge conjunct Neptune, well, Pisces it’s ruler, always cares about other people. She has some compassion. With Venus in Sagittarius, she is looking for a partner that is also a friend and who will allow her some freedom. Mars in Virgo is painstakingly careful. No red flags. She’s not a monster just brought up by a monster and very influenced by him. Then he becomes president. She couldn’t resist. Well, she could have. And she should have. But she didn’t. I’m having trouble with the true flaw in her character, but it seems to be she has no true identity — changes as the wind blows — opportunistic. Her friend from middle school characterizes her as superficial, arrogant and spoiled. Frankly for her thoughtless actions, I hope she ends up in jail. Here is what is going to happen.

Currently she has a predictive Sun/Mercury conjunction that is sextile Saturn. Nice. She’s on top of her ambitious plans. She thinks. Coming up immediate future: Predictive Venus will square Jupiter. Popularity over. Husband could be over. These two will not share ideas as to what returning to New York society looks like. World collapses. Judgment sets in. People that liked her before the Trump presidency will no longer have time for her. Jupiter is the law in a negative aspect. There is a big possibility that she will have some legal consequences that further make her an outcast. She will be fighting some sort of legal situation whether civil or criminal. Jail is possible. It happened to Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin who also had negative Jupiter aspects. All in all, bubble bursts.

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