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Everybody loves Jeff Bridges, the Dude, from The Big Lebowski. Such an outpouring of love upon hearing the news he has lymphatic cancer. You get kicked in the teeth, it does matter what your astrology chart shows. And this is no exception.

Jeff is a Sagittarius with Mercury conjunct. His Moon is in the intelligent sign of Gemini. He has Virgo rising and his Mars is in the same sign. It’s conjunct Saturn so he gets the benefit of that exaltation. Venus is in Capricorn, which I don’t mind, they won’t suffer losers. Three of his planets are focal, Saturn which is ambition, Mars which is determination times 100 and Neptune which lends itself to fuzzy thinking or at least seeing things the way you want to see them.

What’s happening that matters to Jeff right now? Nothing too bad. He has an inconjunct Venus to Uranus. Negative but not a big, big deal. And he has Mercury sitting on his Venus exact. While I have very little respect for transits, which every other astrologer uses, there is this unusual activity right now with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter conjunct. No doubt this is responsible for 2020 and all the disaster — as it applies to everyone in the world. I can’t tell you about the U.S. chart because I don’t believe the date we celebrate is actually the birth. So Jeff has this sitting right on his Venus along with the predictive Mercury. Profound and it will wake him up to the beauty of life. But not that lethal. And coming up: Predictive Mercury will change signs and conjunct his natal Jupiter. And that’s the Jupiter blessing. Jeff is not only going to be fine. He will come out of this with a renewed gratitude for the smallest things.

“This cancer is bringing on feelings of precociousness & gratitude & good old fashion love & lots of it, big time. I’m feeling so much of it coming’ my way, and man I appreciate it,” Jeff Bridges.

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