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I haven’t made it a secret that my favorite people are Aquarius. Look in any astrology book and you will find very little negativity regarding this sign. Aquarius is the sign of humanity. They want to make the world a better place. While Aries is out tilting at windmills, Taurus is counting their money, Gemini is figuring out a complicated problem, Cancer is baking a cake, Leo is strutting their stuff, Virgo is cleaning out their closet, Libra is flirting with the pharmacist, Scorpio is retaliating against a minor slight, Sagittarius is talking, Capricorn is bragging about an accomplishment and Pisces isn’t sure what they are doing as they have once again changed their minds, Aquarius is helping a little old lady across the street.

Amy Coney Barrett is an Aquarius Sun. Her Mercury is in Capricorn, Moon in its rulership in Cancer along with Mars in its rulership in Aries, Venus is exalted in Pisces. Are you loving this woman? Well not just yet. She has five focal planets: The Moon making her highly emotional, Mars making her bulldozer determined, Mercury giving her a harsh manner of speaking, Uranus ponying up an odd way of processing information and a love of the unusual and Pluto, this one really fits, it’s all about right and wrong. But five focal planets is too many. It makes people a little too invested in calming down their excessive needs with little time to focus on the task at hand.

Amy wants what she wants. She doesn’t mind voicing her opinion, and I don’t mean the opinion of the law, I mean her own opinion which is often influenced by her extreme emotions. I would not pick this as the astrology chart of an academic. This woman is dynamic. Behind the scenes? These focal personalities are large. They want expression. Her biggest downfall will be creating drama just so the limelight is back on her. She eats that stuff up. If she is forced to stay quiet, there will be negative internal juices looking for expression. Perhaps, she can do this in her private life and leave her work life unscathed? But it will be a constant challenge. She’s not evil in the normal sense but her neediness looms big.

As far as her chart tells us, she has two outer planets in a trine which only happens when one of them is at an extremely high or low degree at birth. That would be her Saturn at 29 degrees which has moved to the sign of Gemini and now is trining Pluto. Because this is an unusual event, it is entirely possible she will be confirmed. And as these are two generational planets, she may make a mark many women will have to live with far into the future. This could easily be history in the making.

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