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I’m starting a series on evil accountability, because as a society we’re just getting too comfortable doing bad things. It’s the Trump Effect. If our POTUS can do the things he does, too many to mention, then why can’t the rest of us? Well, no one can. Ever. Treat people as less. Even if it is just your employees. Just your employees! Ha! Are we kidding. This is where it starts. You can’t ask people for kindness if you aren’t practicing it yourself.

So just how evil is Ellen Degeneres? Let’s take a look. She has an Aquarius Sun/Venus. And here begins a problem. Venus does not like being in the coldest sign in the zodiac. So it operates badly here. Ellen is very afraid of connecting. She holds back when it comes to the most basic of relationships. She trusts no one. I think there are two kinds of Aquarians. The ones with Aquarius in Venus and the ones with Aquarius in Pisces. The first being scary people as they are prone to dismiss you. The second being the highest form of humanity — the two most kind signs — Aquarius Sun, Pisces Venus where it is exalted. Ellen is of the former. So she can cut a bitch. However, she has Pisces rising which means despite her tendency to ignore rather than engage, you can reach her. You can appeal to her ability to be compassionate. It’s in there.

Is she evil? No. She’s just got her own set of problems and with that comes her amazing level of power which is difficult for anyone to navigate. Looks like she could have done a better job. But back to the victim thing. If you don’t like working for her? Leave. If you get sexually harassed or don’t like a toxic workplace? File a complaint. Then leave. You’re the boss of you.

Ellen currently has predictive Mars (the Mean Guy) sitting on her natal Venus. I would have predicted it was trouble with her long-time companion, Portia de Rossi. But there you have it. Astrology tells you to beware, but can’t give you the exact circumstances all the time. Clearly, something was going south. That could have been predicted. And it happened. She needs to deal with it. I’m happy she’s not caving in to the pressure. Things go wrong, you fix them. Ellen will be okay and she will learn from the experience. The Universe isn’t mean, but it does exploit your weakness.

I give Ellen a -3 on The Evil Scale. She gets credit for The Ellen Fund that supports global conservation efforts for endangered species. And she gives away large sums of money to people that need it. We’ll see if she deserves this number after we see what happens at her workplace. Minus 5 is the highest number.

Have an un-evil day. You have free will. Make the right choice.

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