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The Blame Game. You’re in charge of your life. You can’t change it without being in charge of it. Sometimes it gives you cancer. Sometimes you’re born a slave. Accept it. Accept your challenge with grace and dignity. Don’t rail against it. Embrace it. Because you have a better chance of surviving it if you do. Because this is how the Universe works.

I watched STREET FOOD ASIA the other night about women selling vendor food in the street. Woman that were given nothing in the true sense of nothing. Women that are revered by the people that patronize their food stalls. And I was struck by their happiness, contentment and feelings of making a contribution that changed the lives of others. But most of all, their dignity in the face of challenges that break most of us. Not one of them, with the only time probably in their entire lives when someone wanted their opinion, not one complained. They talked of their hardships and of wanting to give up. They talked of the difficulties, the despair and the lack of a future. But not once did they say that it was someone else’s fault. Many stories. Same conclusion. They overcame difficulties, and it made them happy every single day. Each one said, they would work until they no longer could. Working towards their goal gave meaning to their life — empowerment. They felt, wait for it, blessed.

I’m watching President Obama giving a eulogy for Congressman John Lewis — two of the most respected men in our history.

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