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Isn’t it interesting how our thoughts can become reality? I think Prince Harry never felt royal if we are to believe that his father is not Prince Charles. Princess Di wasn’t smart but she was clever. The first child had to be of royal lineage. But the second one? I’ll bet by that time, she wasn’t having sex with Charles. She was pissed, and she did what she pleased with no thought to how it might impact her child, Harry, leaving him without a drop of royal blood and a father that isn’t his father and who will be king one day. That’s a head trip for anyone.

Here’s how it went. Harry, looking to defy the The Firm, he isn’t going to be king and he’s constantly reminded of that, brings home a black American actress. In the shadows no more. But the Queen in all her brilliance realized that Meghan was an asset to the monarchy. Because in so many ways she could have been. You’re wrong if you think that Queen Elizabeth isn’t sharp. She runs her kingdom like a military operation. And does it with dignity and class. She welcomed Meghan. That must have been disappointing if you’re trying to be rebellious. So what could a man/child that thinks that he’s not getting his share of the limelight, whose ambition has been on hold until this moment, possibly do to rock the world?

Prince Harry is a Virgo Sun/Mercury. His Moon is in exalted Taurus. Venus is in its sign Libra. Mars is in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune (Pisces), conjunct Uranus (Aquarius). It squares his Sun/Mercury. Temper. Temper. He’s a good guy, if boring. No focal planets. But wait, he has Capricorn rising. Please remember the signs work badly in the ascendant position. So here we go: Cap equals ambition. And where does this lucky fellow take his desire to be important. Harry was always a grown up — old before his time. There is a lack of security inherent in his personality with no lack of deserving to be noticed. And would you believe in this definition there is a dread of entering the world — a resistance to his birth and the conditions that surround it, and wouldn’t you know it, we’re back at the not-so-royal thing — the whiny little bitch thing. Because Harry was born into a life most can’t imagine. But it wasn’t enough. Not for Harry.

Capricorn rising is born with a sense they are meant for something great. But Harry also sees himself as a William’s doormat. A Capricorn wall went up. When Cap can’t deal, they ignore. He found a person who matched his need to rebel — another person who had her own birth issues coming from a black mother and a white father. No one else could understand him — to be born into a family where you’re different. And with both people in astrologically blessed Jupiter, it really was a match made in short-lived heaven.

Now, living in a loaned house in California, recently having given up their Sussex Royal brand, allowing Harry to fulfill his subconscious desire to give the finger to the monarchy for a birth event only his mother could have staged, these two are floundering. Interesting that they wanted to walk away from the Royal Family but also wanted to make a living off it. This is a plan devised by a bratty, privileged child. Not a well thought out plan by a mature adult. To date, they have earned no income. They are surviving on favors from friends.

The book, “Finding Freedom”, which is clearly written with their permission, is playing on the Nelson Mandela autobiography, “Long Walk To Freedom”. Seriously? Piers Morgan, “Tone deaf, hypocritical, narcissistic, deluded, whiny brats.” Privileged by birth. Privileged by astrology.

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