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Nick Cannon. This is privilege. Astrological privilege. Nick Cannon is in the enviable position of having his predictive Sun and predictive Uranus sextiling natal Jupiter. And he’s feeling it. He feels like he can get away with anything. Only a truly demented person would spew hatred in these circumstances. Watch out for Nick Cannon. He’s dangerous.

Recently on his podcast, he made anti-semetic and anti-white remarks, “people without melanin are savages and animals.” We’re in the fight of our collective lives to bring this country together. We have an insane president, an out-of-control coronavirus, riots in the streets for the rights of the black culture and crazy weather that threatens people’s homes. Nick is piling on, because this is his joy. During a Jupiter period, you have the opportunity be happy. You get married, you get a better job, you start your own business, you get the opportunity of your life. Only a sick person would choose to attack.

Nick Cannon is a Libra with Sun/Moon/Saturn/Pluto. That gives him both a Capricorn Moon (Saturn conjunct Sun) and a Scorpio Moon (Pluto conjunct Moon). It’s difficult to explain how conjunct planets affect each other. Each causes the sign they represent to influence the planet they are next to. Very complicated. But bottom line, Nick has the two worst placements for a Moon position. And in the entirety of astrology, two of the most twisted aspects. Nick is scary. And with Mars in Scorpio, dangerous and potentially violent. Debbi Kempton Smith on Mars in Scorpio, “can carry out the kill with frightening detachment.”

Nick’s predictive Sun is conjunct Uranus (a malefic planet) sextile Jupiter. He also has predictive Mars square Jupiter. It too too good and very very bad. Keep an eye on Nick.

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