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It wasn’t even me that originally looked up Dr. Fauci’s chart. It was a friend who got very suspicious about his level of “sainthood” while watching him stand next to the Orange Cheeto. And she was right. A little astrology knowledge and you become an amateur detective.

Dr. Fauci is a Capricorn with Mercury in Sagittarius which is in it’s detriment. You would think that truthful Sadge would be a good placement for Mercury but Gemini rules it so it’s opposite sign is debilitated there – probably meaning Sadge’s don’t shut up & say too much. His Venus is also in Sadge. Okay. Mars and the Moon are in Scorpio — the latter being in it’s fall. Fall or detriment — both debilitated meaning they don’t operate well in those signs because the qualities of the planet don’t match the qualities of the sign. But the Moon placement is especially heinous. Walk away from these people. Up to no good. First of all they have exaggerated sexual inclinations. They go low. Then knowing how far they went, they do penance. Besides Moon in Scorpio, he also has Mars conjunct the Moon. There is just no way he isn’t very, very angry. The best he could possibly do is hide it as Scorpio is very good at that. Anger equals up to no good especially if it is hidden.

So do you still believe that Fauci is a saint? I promise you that is simply not possible. Currently he is in the enviable favorable Jupiter period as his predictive Venus is sextile his predictive Jupiter. So he is untouchable just as his pal, Trump is. Together they are laughing at our inability to decipher the pleasure they get out of destroying us. This is a Scorpio quality especially for Moons and negative Scorpio Mars aspects (conjunctions are negative when the planet is malefic). Scopes says that Fauci in his position with the NIH (National Institute of Health) helped finance the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That would make him responsible for the very virus he is railing against. Just would be nice if he mentioned that while he’s telling us today, that the virus is his “worst nightmare” and warning us that it “isn’t over yet.” Hypocritical much?

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