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Where have I been the few months? Killing myself on Twitter tweeting and building my followers base. I hit 8,000 in 6 months, and it was nothing but work. Also understanding the culture and cult of Twitter. How to write the tweet itself? To answer comments (many of which are hatefully negative)? How often to tweet? How many times to tweet? Unlike Instagram and Facebook, I began to really appreciate this forum and seemed to understand it immediately. I’ve been in a Twitter coma. And then two days ago, I was suspended for the tweet pictured above– defending Jimmy Kimmel.

I’m not paranoid so I believe I might just have used the word “racist” and a celebrities name together and triggered off the algorithm. But even if that is true and my account will be reactivated, it’s not just my personal account which is (melanieofhollywood @mmofhollywood), it’s my business also on Twitter, Xtrology. I will have been on Twitter with eleven years July 4, 2020. So I’m pissed, but not defeated.

I’m am concerned that we are being censored — that Black Lives Matter and the coronavirus are being turned into an opportunity to silence us. There may be no place left where our voice can be heard without adhering to someone’s corporate agenda. But I still have my blog. And while I’ve been hesitant to be political, I think we no longer have a choice. We’re fighting for the survival of the United States as we know it. If our 1st Amendment rights are taken away from us, that will leave us in the unfortunate position of being a 3rd World Country. Think it can’t happen? It is happening right now.

For a private consultation, contact And please visit Xtrology on Facebook and Twitter. It’s melanie_of_hollywood on Instagram. And now @mmofhollywood also on Twitter.

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