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As I struggle with personal problems this weekend, a friend “betrayed me” on a small but significant level, I learned that Kelly Preston died at the same age as my mother, 57. And it made me think about the good people and the bad people. How many people do I really respect? And it’s way too few. How many people in my life, that I’ve known personally, would I aspire to be like? One of them was my mother who never hurt anyone. She was beautiful and gentle, the nicest, kindest person I’ve ever known, but with all that she didn’t fulfill her potential. She hung on my father like he was the Holy Grail, much like Kelly did with her husband, John Travolta, and consequently never had a voice of her own. Kelly and my mother both died way too young? Is there any connection with their choices and being the ones left behind?

Both died of a broken heart. Kelly and my mother died from putting other people first. They loved but not themselves, not enough. It wasn’t Kelly’s body that wasn’t healthy, it was her mind. Same with my mother. Kelly was a Libra Sun/Mercury with an Aries Moon. We don’t know her rising sign, but her Mars was in Leo, the show biz sign. She had no focal planets that, while they are negative, move us forward. The weakest point in her chart was her Venus — how she loved people was in its detriment in Scorpio. Scorpio Venus people love all the way with no in betweens. It isn’t healthy to give so much to a partner. This all or nothing Scorpio thing can mean, illness — your life blood drained with nothing left for you. Does one have a sense of this? Yes, of course. It slowly and insidiously is killing your soul. Does your partner have a sense of this? Yes, but your partner is too involved with their own needs to notice. But, then, you picked your partner.

In Hollywood, Travolta has a giant reputation as being a good guy. That’s right, my father was the same. A really good guy. I don’t remember ever hearing anyone say anything bad about him, and he was a car dealer so imagine that. And at home, too, my father never raised his voice. He and my mother didn’t fight. We were the “perfect” family. But no surprise, we weren’t. The same would have to be said for the Travolta’s. They were not what they looked like. It’s pretty well known in Hollywood that John has relationships as a gay man. And my Dad was a serial cheater. Two dysfunctional families. Both women sexually and emotionally unfilled.

At the time of her death, Kelly had her predictive Venus conjunct Neptune. Look for Neptune when there’s Cancer involved even though the Moon/Cancer/the 4th House represents Cancer, the disease. Neptune is things that are unseen and because it first touched her natal Neptune and then her predictive, it was there for years — hiding.

So being good can kill you. Being the person everyone else goes to doesn’t allow you to become the best person you could be. But then, neither does being the person who betrays their friends. Someone told me a long long time ago, it’s balance. Getting ahead and living a fulfilled life takes balance. Sending love to Kelly’s family and friends. She will be missed. But also wishing her more. Next time.

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