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Need a little inspiration? You want to know the definition of powerful? Real raw power.

I saw Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood on television last week singing songs from their home. I love Trisha. She is the nicest woman alive. So I just assumed she had a son-of-a-bitch of a husband — a real jerk who was probably cheating on her. I nevertheless was inspired by their sincerity and both are amazing performers. So I watched an A&E biography about him. Now really impressed, I ran his astrology. I don’t ever remember a chart quite like this.

Garth Brooks is an Aquarius with six planets in Aquarius — Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars/Saturn/Jupiter. It’s really difficult to comprehend how these planets interact. Each one that is conjunct another influences it. So his Sun (ruled by Leo) is influenced by Mercury (ruled by Gemini), Venus (ruled by Libra), Mars (ruled by Aries), Jupiter (ruled by Sagittarius) and Saturn (ruled by Capricorn). And then apply that to each of the other planets also. It’s a little like he is universal — a little bit of everything — keeping in mind, there is no more humanitarian sign than Aquarius. His Moon is in the kindest sign of all, Pisces and the other sign known for compassion — all but Saturn coming from the 9th House, Sagittarius’ house. Mind blown? He has no squares. He has no focal planets. Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) opposes all his Aquarius planets as it is in the sign of Leo. Pluto opposes his Moon. Garth could rule the world. No, Garth should rule the world.

Currently his predictive Mars is sitting right on his natal Jupiter — almost over and predictive Venus sextile predictive Jupiter is over. There will be a question about his love life. Some tension as his predictive Venus is square natal Mars. I don’t see anything breaking up Trisha & Garth, but if anything can, it will be now. Sometimes you see this when someone is cheating — even emotionally. However, all couples that stay together, go through negative times. The strong relationships make it. I’m also impressed that Garth’s first wife is a friend. That tells me a lot about him.

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UPDATE: Garth Brooks biography, A&E “The Road I’m On.”

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