There’s a rumor going around that Meghan Markle left England because she couldn’t stand walking behind (literally) Kate Middleton. I have to say I think there is truth to this. It was going to be a lifetime of being second. Meghan didn’t go to all that trouble to marry Harry — only to never be the lead actress – never to be the star. She saw her best best to return to North America. It would be all hers. She would be Queen of Canada and/or The United States in her mind. So how is that going to turn out?

Her timing was excellent. She might have had some inclination that the Universe was on her side as things were going quite well. She married a prince. I totally remember being in Jupiter when I was in high school. I knew it. I could do no wrong. Things just went my way all the time. I felt charmed. However at the time I didn’t know it was just an astrology cycle and it would come to an end. In my case, with a crash. And keep in mind, we all hit the bad cycles even Madonna, even Mel Gibson, even Bernie Madoff. When does the world stop for Meghan?

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is a Leo Sun/Mercury. Her Venus is in Virgo and Mars is in its fall in Cancer so it doesn’t operate well there. But why is she such a complicated cookie? It’s her Moon which is in Libra, a charming placement. However it is conjunct Saturn (Capricorn), Jupiter (Sagittarius), Pluto (Scorpio). Her Moon is involved in a stellium (four planets) and two of them are the Moon’s detriment and fall. One cannot have this much crazy Moon stuff going on and be normal. If Harry had come to me before the wedding, I would have said run. This is going to be a person whose moods you cannot keep up with. Too much Moon stuff. Too much negative Moon stuff. Very likely we are talking about a personality disorder. I’ve heard her described as a narcissist. That is entirely possible. She just cannot operate on a normal basis when all of this is swirling around all of the time. She’s a problem child. You would think, wouldn’t you, that the Royal Family would have an astrologer? This is astrology 101. There are people that are just too much trouble. They will make your life hell. You can’t love it away. You probably know what I’m talking about because we all have that relationship with the crazy person — the one that won’t allow your life to be happy. Probably in your own family.

Today Meghan is in the most blessed cycle. Her predictive Mars is sextile natal Jupiter while predictive Mercury is conjunct predictive Jupiter. It doesn’t get better astrologically. And yet, there is a lot of negativity. Harry and Meghan have left his native country and as of today taken up residence in Malibu, California. Along with this move, he has given up a great deal of the royal status he was born with. All this in the name of making money without the monarchy’s limitation. However, they are experiencing a flood of criticism — more than I would expect with her aspects. Harry’s are similar although over but without anything negative replacing them. They should be flying. And yet they are not without criticism. This is due to bad decisions on the part of these two people. Some can handle great fame and fortune and some cannot. Kevin O’Leary on her abandonment of full time royal duties, “Big mistake. Big. Huge” from the movie, Pretty Woman. And the royal biographer,”Their choice of priorities smacks more of spoilt teenagers….” The future still looks bright, but President Trump has just denied them $10 million in U.S. security. Better get going on that manifesto to be independent. Your blessed lives depend on the decisions you are making.

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