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I admit it. I’ve been confused. Please remember that astrology isn’t wrong. That would be me. So this is what is happening. One factor that seems to dominate the current electoral season is name recognition. In this climate, people are not looking for a newcomer. I wish I could look at the chart of The United States for that one, but I don’t believe we have the right date. July 4,1776 doesn’t work. So why the country is in this mood? No answers for that.

We’re left with two viable candidates, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. They’re old. But apparently old is good right now. The horror show that has been Donald Trump requires the security that known people bring to the table.

As I’ve talked about, there are three people with the enviable Jupiter chart, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer. This is how this is going to play out if Biden wins. Kamala will be his Vice President so this is her Jupiter reward. (As of this date he has not picked anyone.) Pete clearly endorsed Biden only after he got the position he wanted — so a cabinet spot? Tom Steyer entered the race late and never gained any traction. I imagine he will continue his good work with much more name recognition. Not exactly clear how Jupiter is benefiting him, but confident it is. And even Mike Bloomberg will win, without a Jupiter chart, since his goal was to remove Trump.

Elizabeth Warren, who effectively removed Bloomberg from the race with her shrewish grilling, has the worst chart of the bunch. The only way Elizabeth would ever be president is to be Bernie’s VP and Bernie die in office. Bernie’s chart is that bad, and I still worry about his health. So Biden in a spectacular sweep, with little money and no on the ground presence, will be the Democratic candidate. That’s the Jupiter promise.

But here we go again. Trump has the best chart for the general election. I’m not going to say that Biden will win. And yet it makes the people around him make sense. It fulfills their charts. So, I’m still confused. Is Trump so awful that Jupiter can’t save him? He survived the Mueller Report. He survived impeachment removal. He has stumped me before. Astrology is perfect. Xtrology isn’t because it depends on me. Am I missing something? I’ll let you know. You could let me know. Let me hear from you.

Maybe the god known as Obama will step up at the last minute?

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