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Everyone is all riled up today because Elizabeth Warren gave a tour de force performance last night at the Democratic Debate. People are generally rooting for her that she took charge and held the other candidates accountable. But, and this is a big one, unless she is going to be the candidate, all she did is hurt the Democratic Party. Should we be applauding or cringing?

Liz is a Cancer with Uranus (giving her a little Aquarius leaning) conjunct her Sun. And to further that extreme sensitivity, her Moon in Taurus (exalted there) is her focal planet. Touchy, touchy. Venus is in its rulership in Cancer, but more Cancer! Mars is in intelligent Gemini. Not an evil or crazy chart but her feelings are close to the surface at all times.

Now the big question. Can she be the Democratic candidate? Her chart is extremely negative. Just ending, predictive Venus conjunct Neptune. Normally this is a secret or a lie, but it’s over. The predictive Sun is conjunct the malefic planet Saturn — normally a depressing time, but at least restrictive on a huge scale. However, even more important her predictive Sun is square natal Mars. This, to me, is as bad as it gets. Mars is malefic and angry and violent at times.

So all that raging last night? If Elizabeth were going to be the candidate that might have shown she has spunk. But if she isn’t, and I say that she isn’t, she is simply hurting the other candidates. If the Democrats lose, Elizabeth Warren will be part of the reason. There are three other debates. It is highly likely that even at the next one, people won’t be singing her praises, they’ll be calling her a toxic bitch.

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