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Honestly, I didn’t think Shannon Doherty would make it through her last battle with cancer. Her aspects were negative and predictive Mars was sitting on transiting Pluto. But she defied the odds and survived with the help of a terrific support system. The question is, can she do it again?

Shannon is an Aries Sun, the brat of the Universe. And isn’t that how we think of her? Her Moon is in Scorpio in its fall & we’ve talked about this a lot, it’s a difficult placement. There’s anger involved with Pluto. And I’ve always thought cancer and anger were close relatives. Venus in Pisces is exalted. So for all her flaws, she is a loving, giving person. Mercury is in Taurus. That makes her stubborn along with Mars as a focal planet — stubborn like a bulldozer. She’s going to need that now. Two other focal planets are Neptune which can cloud your vision and Jupiter which causes overindulgence.

Her current aspects are predictive Venus opposing her Moon. Emotionally she’s drained as anyone going through this would be. Pluto the planet that tried to kill her a couple of years ago is going out of orb. A negative aspect from Pluto usually accompanies death. So will this be yet another reprieve? It’s entirely possible.

She is also involved in some kind of insurance situation. I would tell her to hold on to her energy for the fight of her life. This is not where she wants to expend it. If only she could put that on hold and turn her total focus to restoring her health. Honestly, Shannon, you did it once. You fought a powerful fight, and you won. Put 100% of your attention to your health as this is a serious situation. Anger is your enemy now.

Please send Shannon positive thoughts for a speedy and effortless recovery!

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