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It looks like it’s over. Today the Senate voted against witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial. Without witnesses, the public will continue to have doubts as to Trump’s guilt. And without public pressure, the senators will vote to exonerate him. And life goes on. Or so it would seem. But in fact, the rule of law has been broken and lawlessness may ensue. If we can overlook a president bribing a country to help in his re-election, there isn’t too much left that’s worse — and a lot left that’s just as bad.

I don’t want to tell you that I told you so. No, I really do. Trump is in Jupiter, double Jupiter, a Grand Jupiter Trine that protects. People don’t usually have any desire to be committing crimes during this period because they are happy. But you have the occasional psychopath that doesn’t really distinguish between right and wrong.

As long as I’m bragging I also want to admit that I was wrong about Trump being the candidate in 2016. It should have been Chris Christie, but it also could have been Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. Christie fell apart. I’ve really never seen anyone in powerful Jupiter collapse quite so dramatically. There has to be a little cooperation on your part to allow Jupiter to work — obviously. You can fail in Jupiter, but it’s difficult and shocking. But the most shocking thing I’ve ever experienced was someone not in Jupiter rolling past the people that were. Donald Trump wasn’t. And he still won the nomination. I cannot explain that. And I’ve never seen it happen before or since.

However, during this election, 2020, Trump is in Jupiter. Therefore the only people that can beat him are other people in Jupiter. That would be Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer. I am really worried we are going to have a Democratic nominee that can’t beat Trump. Trump’s crazy win won’t likely happen again. That was an abnormality in the Universe.

I’ve been saying Trump is in Jupiter, but he’s proving it. He escaped The Mueller Report and it looks like he’s escaping being removed by impeachment. (Bernie Madoff was in Jupiter when he was committing his crimes, but it was over when he was sent to jail. Casey Anthony was in Jupiter when she was acquitted.) And I’m telling you now, that unless he is opposed by a candidate that can win, he will be president again. It’s very hard for me to write those words — and even harder to believe them. Astrologically, Trump will win. Please let the Universe right itself and make me wrong again.

And please do your part in getting the candidate you want elected. Your country depends on it.

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