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Thomas Markle isn’t a great guy, but don’t parents get some credit for all the parenting things they do? Bringing up a child, an eighteen year commitment, seems like a big deal to me. He didn’t abuse her. She had food on the table. By all accounts her childhood was pretty normal. Can’t she cut him a break? All fathers embarrass you. You always have that family member. I say give him some money. Write a check. Shut him up. Unless there is more to this…

Thomas Markle is a Cancer Sun/Moon/Saturn. Cancer Sun people are sensitive water signs of the cardinal variety. And it’s complicated, because their feelings will dominate your life as they dominate their lives. For some of the natives, you are walking on eggshells every day all day. And even the ones that seem normal, not really, they don’t miss anything. Every nuance. Every gesture. They pick it up and process it. The adult ones can navigate successfully with great insight into the nature of the Universe, but if you get a cosmic baby, you’re going to suffer the effects of their ups and downs.

You may remember Saturn conjunct the Moon is the same thing as a Capricorn Moon — the most difficult (in addition to Scorpio) in the zodiac. Where to start? First, they are charming to the max. Libra Suns have trouble keeping up with this Moon sign when it comes to dazzle. If someone is saying all the right things and you are feeling heard like you never have before, it could be the Capricorn Moon sucking you into their orbit. So Markle has a sensitive Cancer Moon with Capricorn influence — you have to know this man is a bundle of hurt if things don’t go his way. He’s going to make your life as miserable as he feels his is. Happy, he’s a joy. Unhappy, he will drag you down with him. So if this is a family member, learn to deal with it so it doesn’t become an ongoing never-goes-away problem. That is if you’re a grown up with grown up emotions. And if you’re not? Now we have a legendary clash. That’s what happens when you’re as needy as he is.

So what are the aspects involved in this drama — that can help or exacerbate the situation? Markle’s predictive Sun is square his natal Moon, probably since I don’t know the time — but likely given the situation. And as he already has natal Moon problems, this really is just icing to a pot boiling over. Mr. Sensitivity is Mr. Hyper-sensitivity. There are several good aspects, but usually it’s the bad ones that dominate. Unless people are willing to compromise and I wouldn’t start with Thomas, it will become and stay a battle of the wills.

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