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In a spectacular tragedy, Kobe Bryant, long time member of the L.A. Lakers and 5-time champion, died today in a helicopter crash along with his 13-year old daughter and seven others. Could Kobe have known this ahead of time?

This man, who is held is very high esteem by his peers, is a member of the hard working community of Virgo. With Saturn conjunct, Capricorn also serves as an influence adding to his earth element determination. Mercury is in the sign of Leo giving his speech a show biz flair. Venus and Mars are conjunct in Libra (in addition to Pluto) which triggers off a double Libra influence for Mars. His Moon is exalted in Taurus. Mercury is the focal planet.

I would expect to see a strong transiting Pluto influence as Pluto rules death, but for Kobe it comes in the form of his natal Pluto/Mars (death/all forms of travel) being conjuncted by predictive Mercury (short trips). Predictive Mars is also opposing his natal Moon. Mars is the bad boy of the predictive zodiac. It creates an atmosphere of violence on some level. So there is reason to expect a challenge — despite the fact the transiting Pluto/Saturn could be considered out-of-orb of a square. Still it would be well to treat these powerful aspects with respect — to use great care in travel — which is not to say that Kobe didn’t. Care and caution work sometimes and other times the negative energy is too strong.

Group accidents depend on the astrology charts of all involved. And really I never get to look at these as the birthdays aren’t available. But each of the nine people had to have a chart that would support death at this time. Maybe someday we’ll have a computer program that makes a determination that the group is safe to fly. Don’t smirk — in the future when people take astrology more seriously.

Nine souls have moved to the astral plane. Rest in peace to them all.

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