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Ozzie Osbourne told GMA today that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s a disease of the central nervous system. The cause is unknown. But likely it has something to do with Ozzie’s history with alcohol and drugs. And it’s painful. I didn’t know that. Louise Haye says Parkinson’s is created by fear and an intense desire to control. And the pain by guilt which always seeks punishment.

Ozzie is a charmer. He’s Sagittarius with the positive, exuberant, outgoing personality that comes with it. And his Scorpio rising, gives him the dark, intense, sexy, magnetic persona. Venus/Mercury/Saturn conjunct his Sun adds complication. Fodder for the bad boy. And with Uranus as a focal planet, a quirky, don’t-rein-me-in, rebel attitude. Moon in Virgo. Mars in Taurus. You’ve got to love him. That is unless you are married to him as Sharon Osbourne is. Then he’s trouble. Lots of it. As a rock and roll superstar, Ozzie’s fun. As a husband, he’s been the cause of a lot of heartache.

With today’s diagnosis, we find Ozzie’s predictive Venus opposing his Pluto and Mercury inconjunct it. I wouldn’t have suspected such a dire prognosis with these aspects. Despite the fact, you don’t want to mess with Pluto as this is the planet where much karma is reaped. But it’s just an opposition/inconjunct. Difficult but not that dramatic. That’s today. The future, however, is challenging in a way that is consistent with a serious illness. His predictive Mercury (which rules the nerves) will square Neptune. Hidden illnesses. And he will also have his predictive Sun opposing Uranus. Surprises. The symptoms of the illness started a little early, but it was coming all along. Ozzie seems to be very reality based. He’s not running away. And looking at his chart, it will stay for a very long time. This is a difficult chapter in Ozzie’s and his family’s life.

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