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I loved Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming. It really helps you understand who she is. And you’re going to like her. If you have a person with a lot of squares, too many focal planets or too many planets that are debilitated or in their fall, you get drama. Want to guess? Michelle doesn’t have these. (These bad aspect people aren’t hopeless, just challenged.) It’s easy for Michelle to be Michelle. She’s effortless.

Michelle is a Capricorn Sun/Mercury. Her Moon is in the compassionate sign of Pisces along with her Venus where it is exalted. Her Mars is in the other humanitarian sign of Aquarius conjunct Saturn — which gives it the qualities of Saturn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn/Saturn. No focal planets. Not that many squares. (We all have some squares. Too many planets not to.) Again just a nice person. Classy. Lots of that forgotten trait of integrity. No hint of personality disorders that you see in so many famous people.

Currently, not much going on in her chart. Her predictive Sun/Mercury are conjunct. Both are positive planets. Her predictive Mars is trine Neptune. Predictive Venus is trine Uranus. Very creative, loving and energizing. She can do whatever she wants right now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michelle! Thanks for being such an icon.

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