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These are the people you want to be. Meghan Markel, as we know her, is in a double Jupiter period with her predictive Mars sextile natal Jupiter and predictive Mercury conjunct predictive Jupiter. It’s double Jupiter. Prince Harry’s Jupiter is over but as no other negative aspect has replaced it, it’s still going strong. Let’s just call them Prince and Princess Charming. And all the talk about how hard it all has been for them? Not at all. Not even.

Harry and Meghan are walking on air. The most wonderful time in your life, when you can’t do anything wrong, is when you have Jupiter in a positive aspect. All this talk about them being pushed out of the monarchy. Bullshit. This is about money. Lots of it. The Sussexes have ascertained that they can make waaaaaaay more of it independent of the Queen. And they simply don’t care what the fallout is. They are blessed right now and taking advantage of every inch of it. And you can’t blame them. So many of us have these mega-cycles, and we do nothing. First, most of us don’t recognize them. And second, we don’t know what we want. Harry and Meghan know what they want — to be crazy rich. That measly $2 million allowance. Forget it!

Harry is a Virgo Sun/Mercury. His Moon is in the exalted sign of Taurus. He’s centered. Venus is in its rulership in the sign of Libra, and Mars is in the wanderlust sign of Sagittarius. He has no focal planets. In many ways, he’s a simple guy, however that gives him a lot of squares. So he has a temper.

Meghan, on the other hand, is beyond complicated. Her Sun is in the money loving sign of Leo along with her Mercury. Her Moon is in the charming sign of Libra. But here’s where it gets messy. Conjunct her Moon is Saturn (Capricorn), Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Pluto (Scorpio). So are you catching that she has a Capricorn Moon (as Saturn conjuncts it) and a Scorpio Moon (as Pluto conjuncts it) — the two most difficult placements for a Moon. Meghan has both of them and Libra and Sagittarius, too. Complex? I would say so. Deep? Yes. Difficult? Very. Venus in Virgo conjunct Harry’s Sun — sexy. Her Mars, though, is in Cancer in its fall. Therefore it doesn’t allow her energy and focus to operate well in this position.

What you must understand about Megan is with a Moon that complicated, emotionally she is never really happy. There will always be an enemy. When there isn’t, she will create one. Currently Harry is all in with her fanning the flames of his obsession with the media causing his mother’s death (which they didn’t). She is also encouraging him to rebel against his family. At the moment he quite likes her approach. He’s in Jupiter and this all feels good to him. And it is. For now. What he doesn’t know and can’t know is that this is Meghan’s calling card. She’s likes trouble. You have only to look at her relationship with her own family to get a preview of how she will deal with his family. And the warning about Jupiter is that you tend to overdo. Jupiter is excessive even in a good aspect.

But now, they’re hot. Super on fire. If you think Jupiter is a great place to be, try being in Jupiter with someone else. It’s magical. No one is running them out of town. They have their track shoes on. They’re taking advantage of a great opportunity. And again, because of Jupiter, they may be handling it with the best possible results. Jealous? How can you not be? But just one caution. It doesn’t last forever. It just feels like it is going to.

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UPDATE: I’m not the biggest fan of Piers Morgan, but he summed this up today, January 20, 2020, “Spare me your patriotic crocodile tears, Harry, you didn’t have to quit. You chose to ditch the Queen, the monarchy, your military comrades and your country… to become a royal Kardashian and keep Meghan happy.”

UPDATE2: Meghan Market, the Duchess of Sussex, filed a Cease and Desist today (January 21, 2020) against several media outlets for taking pictures of her while she walked in a park. This is Meghan at her best — never happy — always looking to blame.

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