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I got the birthday of the Iranian general Trump just assassinated. And I took a look at this man who is characterized as a terrorist who has killed countless Americans. I think you’re going to be as surprised as I am at what I found.

Qasem Soleimani is a Pisces Sun/Moon and Mercury. Pisces is a water sign known for their compassion. His Moon is in its rulership in the sign of Cancer. And his Mars is solidly placed in Taurus. So there must be something else that makes him evil. His focal planets are all outer planets: Saturn making him highly ambitious, Uranus making him think outside the box and subject to erratic behavior and Pluto who sees things very black and white, right and wrong. So there must be something else? He has a Grand Water Trine giving him great powers of intuition. I don’t have his time so I don’t know his rising sign. But even with Scorpio rising (ruled by Pluto and its potential for violence), this is not necessarily an evil person. This is a person who loves his country and is willing to fight for it. Even willing to die for it. He is missing air signs, but that only tells us he doesn’t overthink things. He operates mostly from his heart (water).

Is it possible that this man is a savior in his country despite the fact that we see him as the devil? And even more important, can his death help organize Iranian citizens against America? I say the answer to that question is yes. Killing Soleimani has great potential to create an international enemy that wants revenge for their hero’s death.

Soleimani had, on the day of his death, a positive Jupiter trine from predictive Jupiter to predictive Sun. He was in the blessed Jupiter period. Should he have died? No. You would not expect him to die under these influences — that is unless he wanted to die — unless he knew what the political fallout of his death would be. He will be elevated to martyrdom. He will be further worshipped. His death will have consequences for The United States — possibly deadly ones.

We have a narcissistic president who has told us a sure way to win an election is to start a war with Iran. He was talking about Obama, but really that’s how he thinks. Are you buying this as a coincidence? Why can’t we just invoke the 25th Amendment of the Constitution and remove him — before he starts WWIII? Why isn’t our government taking this more seriously? Why aren’t you?

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