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Everyone has their day. But you hope that you’ve just accomplished something noteworthy when your Jupiter kicks in. This is happening to Charlize Theron. She just finished a movie, “Bombshell” where she plays Megyn Kelly in and around the Roger Ailes and especially Fox News culture of sexual harassment. And word is, she’s fabulous. So will she win all the awards starting with tonight’s Golden Globe?

Charlize is a triple Leo with her Sun/Mercury/Moon there. Her Venus is in Virgo and Mars in Taurus. Focal planet is the ever ambitious Saturn. Virgo rising.

Looks like the answer is yes. This is Charlize’ year (without doing everyone else’s chart). She will undoubtedly win some of the awards and really it’s time for her to win them all as her predictive Venus is trine her natal Jupiter. It’s Jupiter time. We all get it sooner or later in our lives. But if you are prepared for greatness, it pays off even bigger.

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UPDATE: Charlize Theron didn’t win the Golden Globe, Renee Zellweger did. So how do I explain this? I can actually. I haven’t seen the movie and I was listening to several of my readers talk about it. They influenced me. They were raving. Big mistake. The answer may be that this isn’t a great movie and Charlize isn’t a great actress (in this movie). It could be that Jupiter got her a nomination for a substandard performance. That’s the Jupiter effect. Or it could be that she will still win awards going forward. I recommend that in the future I see the movie before I write a blog.

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